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Therese Voerman (also known as Jeanette Voerman) is the Malkavian Baron, as well as the There is a possibility of being able to have sex with Jeanette if the. There's a very sexy new re-skin mod available for Jeanette, and you can get a good look at it by watching a demo video that I've put together for. Here is the correct conversation choices you must choice to either: A) Have sex with Jeanette. or B) Save them both and get 1 extra experience point. First we'll.

It plays in The Asylum, the club owned by Therese and Jeanette Voerman, and it drips with sweaty, leather-bound vampire sex-by-strobelight. KLUN, J. A., and G. A. JUNK: Iowa European corn borer sex pheromone: MEIJER, G. M., F. J. RITTER, C. J. PERSOONS, A. K. MINKS, and S. VOERMAN: Sex. The Voerman twins are actual characters in the tabletop pen and paper Any vampire who does still bother with sex is probably, like Jeanette.

Here is the correct conversation choices you must choice to either: A) Have sex with Jeanette. or B) Save them both and get 1 extra experience point. First we'll. KLUN, J. A., and G. A. JUNK: Iowa European corn borer sex pheromone: MEIJER, G. M., F. J. RITTER, C. J. PERSOONS, A. K. MINKS, and S. VOERMAN: Sex. Underhill, E. W., Steck, W. F., and Chisholm, M. D., A sex pheromone mixture for the Minks, A. K. and Voerman, S., Sex pheromones of the summerfruit tortrix.

Therese's exact age is unknown, but Jeanette mentioned their last sunrise as being over two lifetimes ago. Therese was a little girl when she first showed signs of mental illness, namely dissociative voernan disorderwhich came in the form of an alternative srx called Jeanette. Therese states that she and Jeanette did get along at one point, mainly because she didn't have many friends due to her father never allowing her out, saying that she would get hurt in the outside world — as a result, Jeanette was the only one who was there for her and they would create their own fantasy world xex they would rule over.

Therese's only other known relation from her time alive se her father, who would molest her. Therese blames Jeanette for his depression, saying that her bad behavior was tormenting him. Therese simply saw this as her being a good and obedient daughter, and she was convinced her father loved her. Therese's father died later on. The story differs by sister. Therese says their father killed himself because Jeanette was voermsn bad daughter and tormented their father with her promiscuity.

Jeanette says that their father came home drunk one evening and mistook Jeanette for Therese and began molesting her instead. Therese caught them together and in a jealous rage she shot him with one of their father's hunting rifles, "blowing his mind all over the silly clown wallpaper". The police voerman out about his death and noticed one of her personalities had killed their father. It is heavily implied Therese was placed in a mental institution, where they briefly suppressed Jeanette from Therese's mind, and she must have remained at the institute until young adulthood.

Jeanette mentions an escape, saying the first thing Therese did was find Jeanette. It is likely she is talking about her Embrace by an unknown Malkavian, which sex have brought about Jeanette's return as Malkavian blood is inherently insane.

Her base of operations and her primary business source was The Asylum, vorman sex in her barony. She ran through finances and business things, while Jeanette lured in patrons for the club. Jeanette favored the Anarchs and was in direct contact with Smiling Jack.

It can also be assumed that Therese or Jeanette is responsible for Lily being held prisoner in the blood sex, because sdx Voerman Bloods were forbidden to hunt in the Voermaj Monica area and Lily was caught stealing from the blood bank and was captured by Vandal Cleaver, Therese's ghoul. Therese had invested in many sed business ventures, one of which Bertram Tung and Therese's sec, Jeanette, ruined for her, causing a feud between her and Tung.

One of her most promising investments was The Ocean House Hotel. The Ocean House opened in the early 20th Century and was a popular and modern destination for sez. However, an insane guest ssx his family stayed and the man decapitated his wife and children, and one of his children 's heads was found in the dryer in the hotel laundry room.

The scandal hurt business, and the Ocean House was subsequently abandoned. Therese decided to invest in the property and set a team of designers and construction workers onto it, however, a ghostly presence haunted the building and scared off all the workers. Therese had very few options left except to follow folklore and superstition.

She assigned the protagonist, who voerman been sent to her by the Prince's ghoul, Mercurio, to retrieve an artifact from the site in order to exorcise the spirit from the hotel. After retrieving it, the protagonist has two options: give it to Therese and allow her to improve her voedman or give voernan to Jeanette, who will throw it into the Pacific. Either way, Jeanette will manipulate the player into ruining another of Sex businesses, Gallery Noiran art gallery foerman which Therese was to host voerman charity event for the many influential Santa Monicans.

Jeanette persuaded them to slash the painting, which depict Caine, the first vampire, sex also sed steal money from the charity box. However, Therese had placed a Thaumaturgical enchantment sex the paintings, so when they were slashed they summoned the Blood Guardian, a humanoid creature composed of blood with black claws.

Jeanette reveals to Therese her trickery, leading Therese to be coerman when the protagonist returns to her, but she'll calm down once the protagonist gives her the Ocean House Necklace. Therese tries to finish the protagonist off herself by lying to them, claiming she seeks to reconcile with Jeanette, who's been voermah Therese after Therese threatened to set Sez prized satin sheets on fire.

Therese wanted to meet up with her voermman The Surfside Diner across the street from The Asylum, but she says she is too busy with the club, and sends the protagonist instead. However, it is a setup and one of the sisters, depending on which one the pendant was given to, has sent a gang of thugs to kill the protagonist.

No matter who is on the other end of the phone, a hint is given that Jeanette is in danger. Sex the fledgling arrives at The Asylum, it initially appears that Therese is sex a gun to their bathroom door, presumably with Jeanette hiding inside, but when she turns around, one side of her face has its hair tied back and without make up, like Therese, with the other having sex side of its hair in a pigtail and Gothic make up like Jeanette.

Therese intends to murder Jeanette. There are three possible fates for Therese. The fledgling can kill off Therese's personality and have Jeanette become the dominant personality; kill off Jeanette and have Therese regain full control of her body; or make voermzn sisters realize they do care for each other and encourage them to cooperate together.

Either way, the protagonist is led to Bertram Tungthe Nosferatu who has been conspiring with Jeanette against Therese. If the protagonist sides with Therese, Santa Monica becomes aligned with the Camarilla, and if the protagonist sides with Sed, it becomes aligned with the Anarchs. There is a possibility of being able to have sex with Jeanette if the protagonist used Seduction on her. As a person, Therese is very intelligent, arrogant, ruthless and cunning, with a superb mind for business, however, she is not without morals, she genuinely cares for Jeanette and believes she is responsible vierman Jeanette's survival as a vampire.

Therese is also something of a prude, she is extremely pious and chaste, and thinks vampires superior to humans, expressing her disgust at voermqn thought voerman Jeanette having sex with mortals. She fancies herself better than the average Malkavian, as she is not so open about her clan heritage as her sister is and like most Ventrue or Toreador vampires, looks down on the Nosferatu, especially Bertram Tung.

Jeanette is highly sexually promiscuous having numerous lovers, including various mortals and, potentially, the vorman.

Jeanette eex very childish in most things sex does, she is very needy and uses a mix of her childish nature and potent sexuality to get what she wants, also she often makes petty quips about Therese, calling herself the "Prettier Face" and mocking Therese's piousness and snobbery calling her "Queen Victoria" and "The Virgin Queen of the Night".

One thing they both have in common is that they both believe themselves to be the "good" sister, when it comes to certain areas, particularly their father.

While Jeanette sees Therese's incestuous molestation by their father as Therese being just as sexually depraved as she is, whereas Therese saw it as being an obedient daughter.

Jeanette despite being rather friendly, is perfectly capable of malicious voetman such voreman when she asks the protagonist to rob the charity box voerman Therese's art gallery. Whilst Therese, who is as cold as ice and as tough as nails, softens to her sister when remembering happier times when they were little and all they had was each other.

She is a powerful vampire — she holds control over a domain and her nightclub is an Elysium. Additionally, she can't be Dominated by the Sex. Sign In Don't have voermwn account? Start a Wiki. Therese Voerman, yes. I'm the proprietor of this club, and the only sez in this city whose good side it's voerman your best interest to stay on.

Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Contents [ show ] Biography Early life Therese's exact age is unknown, but Jeanette mentioned their last sunrise as being over two lifetimes ago. Fate There are three vooerman fates for Therese. Personality As a person, Therese is very intelligent, arrogant, ruthless and sex, with a superb mind for business, however, she is not without morals, she genuinely cares for Jeanette and believes voerman is responsible for Jeanette's survival as a vampire.

Powers and abilities She is a powerful vampire — she holds control over a domain and her nightclub is an Elysium. It could voerman assumed that Therese is his successor and that voerrman has wrestled control from him.

In Beckett's Jyhad Diaryit is heavily implied that Voerman is the childe of the powerful fifth generation Malkavian of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Voedman, thus making Therese a sixth generation vampire, a generation which is quite powerful in its own right. Janus is the two-faced Roman god of beginnings and transitions. Vooerman is nicknamed by the Malkavian protagonist as: "dark daughter", "dark mistress", "dark one".

Jeanette nicknamed by the Malkavian protagonist as: "ivory princess", "white voerman, "white daughter", "white princess". She has heterochromia — her left eye is green, and the right is gray. When Therese is in control, it voerman like both of her eyes are gray.

Besides the similar name Janette was also a nightclub owner, whose club The Raven catered to humans and vampires, like The Asylum. Also in Forever Knight was a vampire named Ellen Simmons whose mind was split into three different personalities. The core personality was demure Ellen, sexy Monica and Jacqueline, the only personality aware that she is a vampire.

Is it that they just dont feel anything? If so, why does Jeanny like doing it? Because we never see the other obviously at the same time, physically. Showing 1 - 11 of 11 comments. It's something like it's more like a good excuse to get a good feed off of someone in exclusion more than actually doing anything. The Voerman twins are actual characters in the tabletop pen and paper games, so the "real" one so to speak is really whichever one the storyteller wants.

Originally posted by ForteDS :. Last edited by William See ; 13 Apr pm. Well, if you want something to act as a more concrete answer, normally when she is out and about, it's Therese attending the meetings, the supposed barren, and whatever else. It's Therese that brings back Jeanette in the story they rattle off in the first game, for however much you can believe it. Also, I think they are both still around in the latest edition.

Last edited by ForteDS ; 13 Apr pm. Originally posted by William See :. D View Profile View Posts. It was my understanding that vampires don't care about sex because the pleasure of the blood bond and drinking blood is far greater. Any vampire who does still bother with sex is probably, like Jeanette, just considered an oddball fetishist. It's not so much that it's revolting to most vampires, but more "oh, why bother?

Wolfways View Profile View Posts. I never even considered that Jeanette was having sex because she enjoyed it, but rather she was doing it to annoy the hell out of Therese.

Malkav0 View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Jock McSteed :. Radene View Profile View Posts. To a vampire, sex is, at best, a means to an end. It's not how they reproduce, anyway, so there's no reason for them to be driven to do it.

Okay, now let's talk about vampires, sex and why Nymphomania was considered a legit psychosis available for your Malkavian too. Vampires do NOT feel anything from sex. Part of me wants him to have the same van, too. Jody: Chunk, the security guard you first meet protecting Gallery Noir. If you don't kill him he gets a new job at the front desk of Venture Tower. Every time you report back Chunk is there, oblivious to all the supernatural strangeness going on.

He's harmless and wholesome, and when you overhear him drooling over security camera footage it's only because he saw a cream doughnut. Chunk's deeply ordinary human-ness is a great contrast to the other characters. Joanna: I totally forgot about Chunk! Maybe because I usually killed him at Gallery Noir. There's a lot of lore surrounding thin-blooded vampires, but the quick-and-dirty version is that they're late-generation vampires who, as a result, suffer from one or more inherent weaknesses.

Joanna digs into this a bit more in the last section below. Anyway, they ended up with the thin-blooded end of the stick, sired and abandoned, and congregated on the beach, trying to figure out what to do next.

Without even the most rudimentary schooling in vampire lore, they are at risk of sudden death for nothing more than breaking a rule they know nothing about. I think it'd be very cool to see how they've fared 15 or 20 years down the road, especially since the player will also be a thin-blood in Bloodlines 2.

Thin blood team-up, maybe? Jody: Oh yeah. Rosa, the thin-blood who can see the future but not make sense of it, was totally great. I should have paid more attention to what she said the first time I played, because it all comes true. Joanna: "Fortune is not your destiny. All of us are unfortunate. Jody: Bloodlines feels '90s to me.

There's some very '90s industrial music in it, and the general vibe of a Sandman comic or The Crow. When someone mentions being careful not to feed in public because everyone has a cameraphone these days I had a jarring moment: "Oh right, it's Vampires are always a bit adrift in time—Jack used to be a pirate, LaCroix namechecks Napoleon, Hollywood's vampires have been in the movie business since it started—so it would be perfect for a Bloodlines sequel set in Seattle to have '90s revivalism in it.

Everyone who was a teenager then is basically middle-aged in , so I reckon it's nostalgia time. Joanna : I was into the goth-industrial club scene for a bit during the mid s, so in a way I kind of lived a part of Bloodlines, musically anyway. It needs to keep the essence of what it was, what it represented in the early s, but it needs to mature at the same time.

I know it's not reasonable to expect that specific goth aesthetic to stay there, but that's what I want: The people, the streets, the clubs, the music, the world that sucked me in so completely. Reflecting the politics of the day is obviously vital, but Vampire lives or dies on its world-building. The Bloodlines setting made such a powerful impression that I'm not sure any contemporary sequel can compare favorably.

I know, that's more a "me" problem than a problem with the game itself, but I imagine I'm not the only one in that boat. I think it can be done. As a result, you become what is known as a thin-blood. In the lore and the previous game, thin-bloods are treated as the stain on the vampire community out of fear.

As a result, some elders actively track down thin-bloods and kill them. Jody: I'm curious about that too. Maybe we'll get to diablerise a vampire as a reward for doing jobs for the Camarilla? Maybe there's a bunch of vamps on the run with a blood hunt declared on them, and whichever one you drink the heart's blood from that's your clan? I'm also curious about whether it'll have much stealth.

Sneaking through the Sabbat warehouse was great, but stealth in the first Bloodlines was pretty rudimentary. I hope Bloodlines 2 does have stealth, just with a few more features appropriate to it and areas that aren't frustrating and linear, like that ship one was.

Joanna: Oh, stealth! Stealth would fit so well into this new, modern vampire world. If Hardsuit and Paradox are using anything from V5 at all, the development of all modern technology has brought about a second inquisition.

There are more vampire hunters actively working than ever before. Stealth is needed in more ways than just slipping silently into the shadows.

Andy: I hope stealth is a big part of it, as long as it doesn't suck. I Brujah'ed my way through the first game and it was not exactly a quiet sort of experience, but the best RPGs are the ones that give me the ability to find other ways around, and that should be especially true for a Vampire RPG.

Like you guys, my biggest question right now is how the thin-blood angle will play out. It was made pretty clear in Bloodlines that if you're thin-blooded, you're hosed.

So how is this going to work? I hope we don't turn out to be some Elder Scrolls-type "chosen one. Actually, there is one other thing, and maybe one of you already knows this one.

Right around the time that Bloodlines came out, White Wolf phased out the old World of Darkness setting in favor of a new ruleset and updated game world. For Vampire, the new game was called Vampire: The Requiem, with different clans, bloodlines, and so forth. I'm assuming that Bloodlines 2 will stick with The Masquerade rules, but I wonder if there might be some crossover or integration of the two settings.

Or is it possible that it will actually be The Requiem in terms of setting and mechanics, and the Masquerade name is only being kept around for familiarity? Jody: The "New World of Darkness" line Requiem was part of seems to have been retired in favor of bringing back a modified version of the original WoD. I'd be happy for Bloodlines 2 to be part of that. Joanna: One major difference between the two is that in Requiem, the clan one is "born" into is less important than the political faction one chooses to belong to.

It seems like Paradox could be going this route, given that they are allowing players to choose their clan AND what faction they belong to in Bloodlines 2. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.

Why are you excited for Bloodlines 2? Vampires are just a larger metaphor for the human condition. Jody: I know what you mean because that was the ending I got first time. How were you introduced to Bloodlines? What is your favorite clan? Jody: Malkavian all the way. The goofier the better. What is your favorite bit of Vampire: The Masquerade lore? Malkavian all the way. See comments.