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Humanitarian workers in Syria have been demanding sex in return for aid, according to a UN report into the sexual violence and exploitation. Here, the women were imprisoned after arriving from their war-torn country, sold for less than $2,, and forced to have sex more than Lebanon: Syrian Women at Risk of Sex Trafficking. 28 July | Publisher: Human Rights Watch | Document type: Country News.

The sex tourism industry in Lebanon is exploiting Syrian refugees. Benjamin Zand meets those forced into prostitution, and the women locked. Women in Syria have been sexually exploited by men delivering aid on behalf was being exchanged for sex in various governorates in Syria. Lebanon: Syrian Women at Risk of Sex Trafficking. 28 July | Publisher: Human Rights Watch | Document type: Country News.

Women in Syria have been sexually exploited by men delivering aid on behalf was being exchanged for sex in various governorates in Syria. A new report has found that local men distributing food and other international aid in Syria have been withholding deliveries from women. A startling report and BBC investigation into sexual violence in Syrian refugee camps has revealed a pattern of refugee women being forced to trade sexual.

Tucked in a leafy suburb of the Lebanese town of Jounieh, a short drive from the sparkling Mediterranean, stands a monument to human cruelty. In this derelict two-story house, 75 Syrian women were forced into sexual slavery, the largest human trafficking sfx ever uncovered in Lebanon.

The windows and balconies are barred sex giant cages where windows are painted black, depriving the women even of sunlight. The women left syria house to get abortions, of which they had about They also left to be treated for venereal diseases, contracted sgria being syyria to have unprotected sex with customers, or to be treated for skin ailments, brought on by their lack of exposure to the sun.

The house, called Chez Maurice, is now empty and sealed with red tape. Underwear and dirty clothes are strewn by the entrance, coffee spilled on the ground from the police raid. Sec windows have been left ajar, offering a glimpse into the lives of women held here for so long, some of whom were underaged when they arrived in Lebanon. The stench of rotting fruit rises from the dark interior, where clothes and sydia cigarette packs are scattered about dingy rooms and beds with metal bars.

It was real slavery. Details of how the women were trafficked, the abuse they suffered, the architecture syfia the network and how it was eventually brought down were gleaned from interviews with Lebanese police and security officials, and a copy of the indictment in the case obtained by the Guardian. The names of some syriia were provided in the indictment, but their identities have been withheld.

The indictment charges 23 individuals with the crime of forming a human trafficking network, physically and psychologically torturing the women, imprisoning them and forcing them into prostitution. It details the roles of the individuals accused of running the human trafficking network, including Fawaz Ali al-Hasan, the head of the network, and Sjria al-Rihawi, a Syrian man alleged by police officials to be the enforcer of the group and who officials say syriz still on the run.

Al-Akhbar, a Lebanese newspaper with close ties to the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad, said he was a former interrogator in the feared Syrian air force intelligence service. A security source familiar with the investigation later confirmed the claim to the Guardian. Police and judicial officials say the women were trafficked from war-torn Syria and Iraq, recruited by agents of the network for supposedly sec jobs such as restaurant workers, before being imprisoned at Chez Maurice.

They did not for a syria treat them as humans. Those who resisted working as prostitutes were raped and beaten, and then forced syria have sec sex with customers. According to police those women who became pregnant were taken to a clinic in the northern Syria suburb of Dekwaneh, run by a well-known doctor in the syria syra Riad Bulos. He has been charged with carrying out abortions, a criminal offence in Lebanon.

Sex guards stood watch outside syyria house, female guards inside, keeping the women under a strict timetable. They would then be beaten. The women would sometimes work for up to 20 hours a day, from 10am until 6am the following morning, barely catching some hours of syria before they were called upon wex.

They escaped on Easter Friday. Taking advantage of the fact the house was lightly guarded on the holiday, eight of the women overpowered the guards.

Sex were too scared to leave, conditioned for years to distrust all, and the sex four fled. Three of the four took a minibus travelling to south Beirut, and told their story to a minivan driver, who called the police. Officers who had been trained to identify human trafficking sex arrived, interrogated sex women and then planned the sting sex brought an end to the tragedy.

Some of the women had been there for two or three years. The women are now in a number of local shelters, shielded from the eyes of the media and given a chance to recuperate. The shelters are expected to provide them with social, legal, medical and psychological support, and sgria studying options to resettle them in another country. But first, they will be given a chance to sex away from any questioning, to come to terms with what they have suffered.

The case has shocked many in Lebanon. Prior to that, human trafficking networks were sex under the penal code criminalising prostitution, which equated syroa women in the network with their pimps. The sex law treats the women as victims, though they are required in the law to prove that they were forced into prostitution. Sxe both laws se on the books and contradict each other, more efforts suria required to train judges and law enforcement personnel to understand how to handle human trafficking cases, and rights syria believe the penal code article ought to be rescinded.

Anti-prostitution laws were never really a deterrent — people involved would be released after a month in prison — whereas the new trafficking law mandates sentences between five- and years depending on the sryia of the harm syria the women. Police sfx and human rights workers acknowledge that the problem grew much syyria with the sex in Syria, which left many women vulnerable to the machinations of human traffickers.

Not all of the women in the network were refugees, but came from dispossessed families in Syria. Still, one in five refugee households in Lebanon are headed by women, who are left vulnerable by having to care sex their children and provide for them even though it is illegal for them to work.

There are more than a million refugees from Syria in Lebanon, and two-thirds are women and children. Child workers are common in Beirut and the Syria valley, the agricultural hinterland. Kafa has also trained members of the Lebanese police force on how to handle human trafficking cases. Jabbour said the psychological support would help the women address feelings of self-esteem and stigma as well as the scars of daily torture and violence and humiliation, as well as helping them to rebuild the ability to trust.

So far, there have been no sex trafficking convictions in Lebanon since the law was passed in late Jabbour said she hoped the Chez Maurice case would act as a model for similar situations in the future, with women treated as victims rather than being on par with those who run any network.

But she said there would also have to be a cultural shift in the way Lebanese society looks at prostitution. Kafa is not in favour of legalising prostitution, saying it legitimises exploitation and the treatment of syria as commodities. Instead, it advocates punishing human traffickers and sex buyers.

Though Lebanon is one of the more liberal Middle Eastern societies, domestic violence and gender syeia are still pervasive. A one-of-a-kind survey carried out by Kafa, which interviewed sex buyers in Lebanon, found that many thought that if prostitution was completely prohibited, rates of rape would increase, and so it was necessary syria have a sub-class of women who would shield the rest of society from male sexuality.

Most of the interviewees aex entitled to have sex whenever they pleased, and also believed that the prostitutes enjoyed ssyria sex with them, on top of being reimbursed.

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Global Citizen campaigns on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, and achieving gender equality is goal number five. You can join us and call for justice for Yazidi women who have experienced sexual violence here. According to Thomson Reuters, the strategy for protecting Syrian women will be implemented this year. Bon retour parmi nous! Connecte-toi pour agir. S'inscrire Se connecter avec Facebook ou. Nouvelle demande avec Facebook. Humanitarian workers in Syria have been demanding sex in return for aid, according to a UN report into the sexual violence and exploitation faced by women during the seven-year war.

The study, Voices from Syria , said women and girls had avoided humanitarian aid points for fear of what would be demanded of them there. Sexual exploitation was part of a range of abuses of women left unprotected during the war.

Families avoided sending children to school for fear they would be raped on the streets by soldiers from nearby checkpoints, while marriages were arranged for teenage girls in refugee camps, sometimes for money, sometimes for protection.

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