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Has anyone ever had sex in diapers and what is the best way to do this? Im thinking about trying it with my girlfriend and just wondering if. A teacher had sex with a year-old boy who was still in nappies, a court heard. Catherine Armstrong, 33, who specialised in helping dyslexia. Can you think of anyone that it harms? What about the person/persons who wear them for the pleasure? Would you find it surprising if I told you that I wear them.

It started when our youngest turned 3 and we realized we no longer needed a high chair. Shedding the baby gear helped us find ourselves. Has anyone ever had sex in diapers and what is the best way to do this? Im thinking about trying it with my girlfriend and just wondering if. Sex and Diapers If there is one thing that women can control a man with, it is sex. This can be a good thing, but be careful it can also be a really bad thing if you.

Has anyone ever had sex in diapers and what is the best way to do this? Im thinking about trying it with my girlfriend and just wondering if. Can you think of anyone that it harms? What about the person/persons who wear them for the pleasure? Would you find it surprising if I told you that I wear them. offers sex baby diapers products. About 22% of these are Adult Diapers, 30% are Baby Diapers/Nappies. A wide variety of sex.

Just a general question. With anyone diapers had sex in diapers and what is the best way to do diapers Im thinking about trying it with my diapers and just wondering if sex has any good tips and ideas on how to do this? I did it with few times with an ex-girlfriend of mine.

Just get both of you diapered up and have some good foreplay. Make a hole in her diaper in the right place and pull some of the loose padding out so it doesn't get in the way. Then make a hole in your diaper and pull you penis sex it.

My favorite way is to do this doggy style, I like to see my penis going into her diaper plus you can hear the diapers slapping and crinkling together. Diaper sex is good too I loosen the top tapes on mine so Diapers can pull it out Works fine for us I prefer her on top. Yes, sex in diapers is as good as it gets although just being in diapers is very sex nice. I've had sex in diapers a few times.

First was over ten years ago with then girlfriend. I was not diapered because we hadn't gotten far along enough for me to feel comfortable telling her I liked wearing, diapers, too. I did make a hole in her diaper for myself. I remember sex out and cumming all over the diaper just sex I wanted to do. Sounds like with bunch of great ideas. I kinda of had that in mind but wanted to see with would be the best way for this to happen.

My gf will be down tomorrow and staying with me for 2 weeks. I cant wait to see her and hopefully have a little fun!! I just had diapered sex for the first time where both of us were diapered.

We just loosened the tapes and had some fun. So hot I have been with about it a lot diapers maybe next time With can get her to be on top.

Here is an idea. Put a diaper on and rip a hole at the bottom where your penis comes with of and rip a hole in your partner's diaper where her pussy is and there you go, you two can have sex.

Sex have had diaper sex a couple of times, the last time is when she put four infant glycerin suppositories deep into my butt. Do not have sex with a women through a diaper! Just like leaving a tampon in for to long the materials can give her toxic shock syndrome and kill her. Sex you are going to do this make sure she has some for of a douche available after. My wife and I have sex with me diapered at least 3 times a week. It's usually in the morning, I have a soaked one on, with horny as hell, I'll pull out my junk no ballsand she get's on with.

At first she hated it, but now she admits, the soft squishy warm diaper feels good as she sits on me. Problem is, when I'm diapered, I usually finish too fast because it turns me on, so she never get's to.

I had my GF fuck my brains out one time while I sex wearing a diaper with a huge load in it. I was lying on my back, and she pulled the front of the diaper down far enough to get my penis out, and then straddled diapers, and away we went. It sex especially nice for diapers, because I had an absolutely HUGE load of firm, solid shit in my diaper, and the combination of the fucking and the load in my diaper was fantastic.

When you sex a hole in a disposable diaper, the padding is going to come out. I'd be concerned that the with, which is fibrous and contains SAP crystals, will get into the vagina and possibly be an irritant.

It's also going to make a bit of a mess. While I haven't tried it myself my girlfriend presently has an out-of-sight-out-of-mind view of my diaper interestsI think pulling the diaper aside after loosening sex tapes is the better solution. I have been concerned as the SAP crystals get everywhere and, as we know, react vigorously to moisture. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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Posted June 29, This isn't rocket science! Diaper diapers with my gf is probably my favorite way to get off. Sounds like fun. Hey Sounds like a bunch of great ideas.

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While some diaper wearers will enjoy wearing the diapers just for the feeling of the diaper itself, others use diapers similar to a collar to get into a head space for age play.

None of these activities has anything to do with children. Remember, kink is about fantasy, not reality. Think of a diaper fetish like kitten or puppy play. People who love to take on the innocent persona of a pet and enjoy the mental freedom it entails are not into bestiality or sexually interested in animals. They just want to enjoy the role playing and freedom of a simpler time that comes with a simpler mindset.

Diapering yourself or someone else! Assuming all you want is the bare basics, all you really need is baby powder and a diaper. Frequent diaper wearers also will keep packaging tape and diaper rash cream on-hand. For those with a diaper fetish, picking out diapers is a personal decision. If you can manage to purchase some online, they're usually going to provide a much-better experience than the drugstore-bought options you can find on the nearest store shelf. Shelf-purchased diapers are designed for occasional bladder leakage and are usually designed for cost effectiveness.

Higher-grade, specialty-made ABDL diapers will be made of higher-quality and softer materials, will hold more liquid if you choose to use them for their intended purpose, and will be less likely to rip or tear. Of course, most adult diaper companies know that you'll want to try out their diapers before you commit to full packages. Most will offer trial packages, usually of two or three diapers, that you can purchase. These companies ship in discreet packaging usually a plain white bag with a discreet shipping label, much like sex toys!

Another option is to go with medical incontinence products instead. These will be a step above most shelf-bought items as they are specially designed for those with medical incontinence issues. They will not, however, usually be available in playful prints or high capacities.

Of course, if you'd rather choose cloth diapering, there are cloth diapers available for adult-sized bodies. Some are sold at incontinence stores and others may be hand-made and sold on small business websites. The biggest aspect of any diaper for most fetishists is how it looks. Diaper designs are going to vary widely: from completely plain white or black, medically-designed, baby-like prints, and different colors. Pick a disposable adult diaper that matches how you're feeling.

If you'd like to get into an age play mental space, a playful print might be best. The next thing you'll need to think about is the capacity. If you plan on actually using the diaper, you'll care about the capacity.

It will change how often you'll need to replace your diaper when wearing. If the idea of staying in a wet diaper for a good portion of the day is appealing to you, choose a high-capacity option. If you're just wearing the diaper for the mental aspect and have no intention of ever wetting it, the capacity may not matter to you at all.

The final selection you'll want to think about is the tape design. Some diapers are made with four tapes - two on each side. Others are made with two tapes: just one single tape on each side. Wearers on both sides will argue why they prefer one design over the other. Pick whichever one has a design you like - but for those with a wide waist-to-hip ratio, you may find that a four-tape design allows for better snugness against your body above the hips.

With all of your supplies gathered, the first step to diaper yourself is to find a nice, comfortable, and clean surface you can lay down on. I'd recommend a clean floor as opposed to a bed as the firmer surface makes it easier to diaper.

Once you've gotten used to diapering, you'll easily be able to do it on softer surfaces - and even while standing! Open and lay out your diaper, then sit your butt down on the side that has the tapes. If you investigate the outer sides of the diaper, you'll be sitting on the side that doesn't have the front design.

Learning the exact placement for where your butt will go on the diaper will take a bit of time, but you can always adjust the fit later, so don't worry too much about it now. Now that you've plopped your butt down on the side of the diaper with the tapes, pull the front piece up and between your legs. Now you'll basically be diapered - all that's left to do is fasten things up tight. Once you're diapered, you can stand up and admire yourself in the mirror or enjoy the experience however you like.

This fetish may seem unusual, but it's harmless - and it's hardly uncommon. In fact, someone you know might be diapered right now. People are unique and so are their sexual interests. Whether you're into diapers or not, you've got to admit that this is just what makes sex - and life - so fascinating. Mistress Kay has a fondness for all things sexual. With a house that's quickly running out of room for all of her reading and vibrating pleasures, she spends her free time reading, writing, and learning about the sexual universe with her partners.

She can be reached at Kinky World. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Yes it is fine to wear diapers for sexual pleasure.

Even those of us that are incontinent have sex in diapers. For some it's a big turn on. They use the diapers for its intended purpose and need to masturbate. They have a love for their diapers,and while masterbating they will proclaim how much they love their diapers.

The dirtier the diapers the better the masturbation. I know what it's like to have a load in my diapers and have sex in it. As disgusting as it sounds it can be lots of fun. Sign In. Is it ok to wear diapers for sexual pleasure? Update Cancel.

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