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All the precedent's men: Russia's history of using sex for spying . was also blackmailed by the KGB with photos of him having sex with a man. What makes accused Russian spy Maria Butina different isn't that she and speeches, published articles and posed for magazine photos. How to use sex like a Russian spy (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) Most people's first association with spies and sex is James Bond, but conducting.

accused of being a Russian spy, saying he had his photo taken with Russian intelligence operatives and once offered sex to someone in. Honey traps, also called “honey pots,” have been a favorite spying to blackmail Alsop with compromising photos, he went to the American. The Sex Party-Loving Soviet Spy Who Infiltrated the CIA. Updated: Sep 1, (Credit: Ida Libby Dengrove/AP Photo). He and his wife.

The Sex Party-Loving Soviet Spy Who Infiltrated the CIA. Updated: Sep 1, (Credit: Ida Libby Dengrove/AP Photo). He and his wife. Sexpionage is the involvement of sexual activity, or the possibility of sexual activity, intimacy, romance, or seduction to conduct espionage. Sex or the possibility of sex can function as a distraction, incentive, cover . Spies for East Germany were called "Romeos" created by Markus Wolf, the former head of East Germany's. US Backtracks on Russian Spy Suspect Offering Sex for Access . In this photo taken on Sunday, April 21, , Maria Butina, leader of a.

Her Photos 15 arrest came more than three years after the FBI claims she began her mission. Butina is currently in a Virginia jail. Her next court date photos Sept. July Who is Maria Butina? But she photos not sly in sex shadows. Some officials suggest Butina photos an old Russian routine: target the presidential administration through an affiliated political group — eex matter who resides in the White House.

If this is the case, the NRA made for a rich target of potential sources. Trump is an enthusiastic supporter of the organization. In Marchthe indictment states, she emailed her diplomatic goals to photos American, who was not named but matches the description of GOP fixer Paul Erickson July Prosecutors: Butina gained access to U. The Murphys used fake birth certificates to back up their identities. Butina's efforts with Republicans were less subtle.

She also took opportunities to overtly connect Russia with the GOP. The couple later dated, lived together and started a company. The U. Prosecutors also allege Butina offered sex with sex person in exchange for a job with eex special interest group.

Either way, the allegation hints at spy phogos fact in the spy sex Sex is a well-worked method spy coercion and blackmail. July Maria Butina's lawyer rejects claim she tried to trade sex for a job.

Opinion: Maria Butina is sex 'spy' the Trump administration asked for. Relationships can be photos similarly. Clayton Lonetree, a U. Marine who fell for photos female KGB agent in the s, ended up selling government documents to the Russian government. Among the more memorable spies nabbed in the spy case is Anna Chapman, who posed as the founder of the website nycrentals.

After her arrest, Chapman, who ultimately returned photos Russia spy a spy swap, became a sex, media personality and celebrity in her home country. You have upstaged Anna Chapman. Sex Russian official, described in the indictment only as a former member of the Russian legislature and a top official at the Russian Central Bank, fits the description of Russian politician Alexander Torshin.

The message came after a number of media articles mentioned Butina, whose prominence in American media bucks the norm for a Russian spy, the ex-officials agreed. Butina spy in spy U. Shaw sex her inexperience. Spy suggests Americans have let their guard down. Devine hinted the Russian sex meddling should have driven home the point the Spy are a real threat — still.

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By , they had collected , signatures in support of legislation that would grant citizens the right to defend themselves and their property using deadly force. The group itself was consciously modeled after the NRA. I had a slogan written on the door of my office that anyone who supports gun rights may come in, but you leave your flag behind.

Butina became well-known for her public support of gun rights in Russia, appearing frequently on television, in newspapers and magazines, and at rallies and protests. The work was, at times, dangerous; Russian President Vladimir Putin instinctively distrusts activist organizations, and surveillance was pervasive.

Sometimes just show up in her offices once a week. Last October, he ordered the Rosgvardia, the national guard, to get tougher when it comes to guns. The question becomes: Do you cross this line?

Do you become dangerous to the regime at a certain point? If Keene had been a general in the conservative movement, Erickson was a seasoned guerrilla fighter. On February 6, a federal grand jury indicted Erickson on 11 counts of wire fraud and money laundering in a case unrelated to Maria Butina. Butina and Keene had become acquainted through a mutual friend: Alexander Porfiryevich Torshin. Torshin was an early supporter of Butina and the Right to Bear Arms. A month later, he invited her and other gun rights supporters to the Duma for the first of a number of meetings to discuss possible legislative action to loosen gun regulations.

Torshin traveled frequently to the United States. That, in turn, led to the invitation from Butina that brought Keene and Erickson to Moscow. Keene and Erickson were convinced that the Right to Bear Arms was a genuine organization, and that Butina was a forceful leader.

It was not a false front. Would they really follow Butina? Their opinion changed when they saw her address the several hundred attendees at a conference center near the banks of the Moscow River. Five months later, Butina made her first visit to the United States. On her public blog, Butina posted a photo of herself and Keene outside the building. Butina updated her blog frequently with details about the places she visited, events she attended, and people she met, including politicians.

Back home in Moscow, the Russian government was making note of her new friendships. The previous month, the United States and Russia had clashed over the invasion of Ukraine and annexation of Crimea, and the United States had levied sanctions against Russia.

Against the backdrop of statements about the supply of arms to Ukraine, I ask your help We have to shut her down completely. Russian authorities continued to monitor Butina and, according to Erickson, attempted to recruit her as an informant. According to Erickson, however, the opposite was true.

He was simply helping her prepare for the inevitable questioning she would face back home. Federal Reserve. Butina translated for Torshin, who spoke no English. With the presidential election a little more than 18 months away, a dozen Republican hopefuls also crowded in for short speeches.

Butina circulated among the candidates and had her picture taken with Scott Walker, the Wisconsin governor and presidential candidate, to whom she was introduced by David Keene.

She was surprised that Walker was able to speak a few words in Russian. How to know, maybe such meetings are the beginning of a new dialogue between Russia and the US and back from the Cold War to the peaceful existence of the two great powers?! Keene scoffed at the idea. Petersburg, Florida. Torshin was there, and Butina called Erickson to see if he wanted to join them. The friend was George D. Rockefeller Jr. I have no other agenda. The help was critical, since her parents in Siberia could not afford the expense.

Torshin, her supposed handler, never offered to help pay her two-year tuition. Yet U. Made up of a cross-section of Washington literati, the group included the publisher of a conservative magazine, the head of a Libertarian think tank, a Hollywood producer, the liberal leader of a foreign policy discussion forum, and the head of a Eurasian policy group.

This was especially troubling for Butina. Among the people she invited, at the urging of Erickson, was J. Gordon, a former Navy commander and Pentagon spokesman whom she had met at a social function on September 28, He had spent the previous six months as director of national security on the Trump campaign and was anticipating a position of continued influence if Trump was elected. The next day, according to documents I was able to obtain, Butina sent Gordon an email.

That was the extent of their relationship. Gordon sent Butina a few more emails asking to get together again. The nature of this relationship is important to consider in the context of what came later. To a Kremlin-directed agent of influence, as Butina supposedly is, Gordon would seem to have been the perfect catch: a senior military officer with high-level Pentagon connections, a widely quoted Washington insider, and, most important, a key national security link to Trump on the eve of the election.

Equally strange for a supposed secret agent, she never bothered to tell Torshin about Gordon, something that would normally get both the secret agent and the handler a nice Kremlin promotion. Butina again helped with the guest list. Since first arriving in the United States, she had spent much of her time networking with conservatives and members of the Republican Party.

Now she was actually going to bring them together with fellow Russians and hopefully establish an informal back channel of communication between the two countries. Months earlier, Butina and Torshin had even flirted with the idea of getting Putin himself to lead the Russian delegation to the prayer breakfast. But the idea went nowhere. And while Torshin was able to obtain approval to attend the prayer breakfast, the Russian government declined to send official representatives.

Still, to U. He was an odd choice to lead a complex, politically charged counterintelligence investigation of the deputy chief of the Central Bank of Russia. She appears to have had no experience in anything related to the law, Russia, or counterintelligence. By the summer of , about two years after the investigation began, the U.

The investigation was dutifully leaked to the press. But the investigation produced no evidence of illicit cash transfers. Lacking evidence of espionage, money laundering, passing cash to the Trump campaign, violating Russian sanctions, or any other crime, prosecutors finally turned to Section , acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign power. But while rarely used, it is also very broad. It was a weak case. This sort of insinuation and assumption is, essentially, the beginning and the end of the case against Maria Butina.

It was talk, nothing more. Realizing her motivation was a lust for danger and excitement, Stephenson gave her the code name Cynthia, after a long-lost love. Pack then seduced the chief of station for Italian military intelligence and acquired the Italian navy cipher. In a near six-hour night burglary operation, Pack and Brousse let an OSS safecracker into the embassy to carry away the Vichy code books for photographing, and at one point Pack undressed to cover for the operation by deceiving a suspicious night guard.

After the operation for the Vichy codes, Pack retired from espionage because she fell in love with Brousse. Commander Anthony Courtney was a "tough and opinionated former naval officer and Member of Parliament who denounced the government of the day and the Foreign Office for softness in permitting Soviet and Iron Curtain diplomats to abuse their privileges for espionage purposes.

The KGB tried to blackmail Courtney into ending his Parliamentary tirades, though he refused, and they circulated the pictures to other members of parliament and business associates.

Furthermore, Private Eye , a London satirical journal, obtained the photos and published them. Courtney lost his seat in the following election. Maurice Dejean, the former French ambassador to the Soviet Union, was an old friend with close connections to President De Gaulle , and he had a fondness for women.

Dejean went to a Soviet friend, who unbeknownst to him worked for the KGB, to quiet the affair. The Soviets took no immediate action, but preferred to hold their operation as leverage just in case to keep the French ambassador within their sway. President De Gaulle and the French found out about the affair from British intelligence , who in turn learned of it from Yuri Krotkov , a defector. Sir Geoffrey Harrison , British Ambassador to Moscow, was the target of a KGB blackmail attempt in , when they placed an attractive maid named Galya in the diplomatic mission.

Sir Geoffrey fell for the honey trap, and Galya told him that pictures had been taken and that he would be exposed unless he provided information to the KGB. The scandal broke, but Sir Geoffrey had no action taken against him and he retired on full pension. Yuri Nosenko , a Soviet defector to the West, detailed the use of a honey trap when the KGB launched a night operation to raid the Swedish Embassy in Moscow with a twelve-strong crew of safe-pickers and break-in experts.

According to Nosenko, a female KGB seductress lured away the embassy's night watchman and another agent distracted a guard dog by feeding it meat. Donald Duart Maclean was a British diplomat who spied for the Soviet Union mostly out of love for it, and he never received pay, although did get a KGB pension. However, to make sure that Maclean would not so easily double-cross the Soviets, they had Guy Burgess , another British homosexual spying for the Soviets, take photos of Maclean in bed with another man during an orgy.

A Polish clerk from the embassy brought Vassall to a party with lots of alcohol, and he became involved in homosexual activity. Soon, Vassall had been blackmailed and was stealing classified information for the Soviets. Sullivan in testimony before the Church Committee on 1 November stated: "The use of sex is "a common practice among intelligence services all over the world. This is a tough dirty business. We have used that technique against the Soviets.

They have used it against us. In she persuaded him to supply the CIA with information. A male spy with a promiscuous lifestyle is not necessarily a professional raven.

He came from a moderately wealthy Yugoslavian family, and had a taste for expensive restaurants, women, and nightclubs. Despite being seen as an inspiration for James Bond , Popov was never a raven, but instead used supposed commercial connections to feed faked intelligence to the Nazis.

One instance of sex or intimacy which can happen during espionage is when an agent falls for his or her partner. In one example, an Israeli "champagne spy," Wolfgang Lotz , who pretended to be a former Afrika Corps vet, covered himself deep in German social circles in Egypt prior to the Six-Day War , and fell in love with his fake "German" wife, who converted to Judaism. Lotz divorced his real wife, who was Israeli , for his partner. James Bond is a fictional character depicted as a raven; his parodical counterpart Austin Powers also uses sexpionage to elicit information.

The film Red Sparrow shows a modern version of sexpionage. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Central Intelligence Agency. Retrieved 7 July Who's Who in Espionage. New York: St. Martin's Press. March 2,