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While I appreciate the input, so far, no one has actually adressed the issues I was hoping to thrash out. So, let me try again. Ladies, what do you think of this phenomenon? If you haven't personally experienced it, either by thinking of it yourself, or by being asked, how would you react, if asked? Would you ever consider bestowing such a gift? I suppose I should have mentioned that the ladies who bestowed these gifts upon me were not skanky or sleezy women.

They were very nice, very conventional-appearing women. Okay, one was a little trashy, but not sleezy. A little trashiness is hot! Guy, I think the OP is pretty clear, from your perspective. But, I guess I should have asked, if you haven't received this type of souvenir, how would you respond? On preview Attaboy, Dave! You remembered! And, with an awesome straightline. But, I'll restrain the impulse. For now. Being old and married, my point of view may not be what you want, but my initial reaction is "Huh?

Then again, no one wants white cotton granny-panties, but still Would I bestow? Not very likely. Not that I was ever in a situation where such a request would have come up. I cannot fucking believe you quoted me from a different thread Geeez, out of context that whole comment seems so weird, I am actually blushing and that doesn't happen very often.

But since you brought it up, I had actually thought about asking the same thing. I have had at least 4 or 5 men ask for my undies and I have given them to them The thought of them sniffing my panties just kind of makes me laugh. Although I have a sweater worn by a special guy same one from the "scent of sex" thread and I kept it zipped in a plastic bag forever until the scent finally faded. I was cold once and he took it off and gave it to me to wear and when I missed him I would take it out and bury my face in it so I guess that is kind of the same - just not quite as intimate.

I don't have any of his underwear. I'm shaking my head you are really a bad boy. I once gave a guy a pair of panties as a Christmas present Yes, my panties. Not for him to wear. Seriously, though, I thought the exchange-of-skivvies was something fairly common. I have a ex's pair of boxers buried in a drawer somewhere and my current boyfriend's mixed in with my undies.

I sleep in them sometimes, so they get washed All my past boyfriends has or at least had a pair of mine, as does the current one. Like I said, it's been standard in all my relationships. It's on this side of trashy, which makes it fun. Find all posts by lovelyluka. An Arky.

I had sex with my then-girlfriend on the hood of my car, and it left a buttprint not a dent in the finish. I didn't wax the car for a while and occaisionally looked upon it with joy Davebear, what did I say that you're restraining from commenting on?

Sometimes I'm just so clueless. Lieu, that's pretty funny. Actually, I worried about the paint issue, but when I washed them, all was well. An Arky, that's a riot! Or drawn a little arrow that says "Buff here". Jonathan Chance. I'm not the tidiest of people. After a weekend with my guy, I often come back a pair short. I always "assume" that they have been left under the bed or on the floor Maybe I should have a little chat with irishfella No one ever asked me for my panties.

If they had, I would have been surprised at first but would find it a turn-on. It is a little trashy and I think that's really hot! After all, I do love the smell that my partners leave in their clothes I'm with daddytimestwo I have one kid and one on the way Find all posts by tanookie.

Simple Dreamer. No one's ever asked for a souveir of my panties But I'm with Daddytimestwon adn Tanookie Find all posts by Simple Dreamer. Uncommon Sense. Children are nice souveniers too. When Kalhoun used the phrase painting the ceiling my first thought was that it was used as a euphemism for masturbating.

Then I realised that he was probably really painting, with real paint and all. At least I hope. He was really painting. A roller in one hand, a beer in the other, and my panties on his head. At first I thought it was authentic protective gear what do I know from painting? I've never heard the euphemism, "painting the ceiling", but it's funnier than hell And here I thought this was an STD thread.

I have approximately , pairs of pants, the odd few aren't missed. Davebear said, "how close a friend do I have to be to Which, strangely, reminds me of another friend who didn't want to drive all the way to my house to bring us beer 'n' stuff.

So my roommates and I told him we'd give him a lingerie show if he did. He was there in about 20 minutes and we gave him the lingerie show. Only we wore the lingerie outside our clothes. My mother used to tell me that a lady's bra and panties should match and she instilled some sort of paranoia in me that I would die in a car wreck and they wouldn't match and that would end up on my tombstone "She died without matching under garments - what a shame" Medea's Child.

Well, I don't hand them out, about as close as I get is when I leave a relationship part of my healing process is buying new undies. Not that I wear anything fantastic, but I like color. If someone asked me? Wow, it would really depend on the guy. But if he was in a position to have them in his hands in the first place, and I was drunk or something, maybe.

But I don't really wear show panties, I wear things that please me, ie colorful cotton that will cover my entire ass.

I have given away panties as souveniers twice. In both cases, there was no discussion involved, I left them under the pillow as a reminder after I'm gone. As I recall from the ensuing phone conversations later, the gift did the trick quite nicely. The paint or the undies?

Find all posts by gotpasswords. Eva Luna. Never been asked for that particular kind of souvenir. I do have an article of clothing or two not undies that were left behind by a very long-ago ex I definitely used to snuggle with them when I missed him. It was long-distance, across nine time zones and the Iron Curtain, so that was most of the time. But then when my grandmother used to give me hand--me-down sweaters that she had knit with her own hands, I would snuggle with them, too.

Not with the same exact sentiment, of course. Scent is a powerful reminder, and the smell of a loved one can be very comforting. It's the next best thing to a hug. I used to have a collection of photos of pantless guys.

A lot of guys really like to show off and a lot of them have digital cameras. It's not something I've ever been turned on by but guys are funny that way.

It's a primal male gadget thing. I think maybe I date endearingly lame pervy geeks. But it seems like about half the guys I've ever been involved with have believed that a photo of their dick would just the thing to win my heart. I think they think something along the lines of "what I would like is a photo of her crotch what she must want is a photo of mine.

He'd like to think I masturbate to it or something but all I ever did with it was photoshop it in unflattering ways for giggles. When he found out about all the other ones he asked me to delete them and I did. A small part of me kept them as trophies but a much bigger part of me thought it was stupid to keep them. I checked my closet, and ironically enough I have nearly a complete wardrobe. Wigs, dresses, panty hose, underwear, high heels, you name it.

Strangely, al this stuff seems to fit me, and be color-coordinated. How odd! Find all posts by Lizard. I don't save undies, but I do keep souvineirs. Movie stubs, or little memoribilia that remind me of the person I was with at that time in my life.

I have a box in the top of my closet, with ticket stubs, pictures, pressed flowers, old jewelry, a puttputt scorecard,T tokens, and a ball from the McDonalds ballpitt. They all remind me of the various stages of my life, and I like to look back and smile or cringe occasionally.

It makes for a good trip down memory lane And Dave, you really do have a one-track mind I have pics of two or three former lovers. I'm like irishgirl, I can never buy just one pair of panties.

I gave one pair to my Evil Ex, who lives in Delaware, they were white cotton ones that I'd worn while doing a striptease for her. I kept the kneesocks, though. Another pair, a g-string with red hearts on a pink background and blue lace trim, is waiting for me in Montreal, where I left them for my sweetie to remember me by until we saw one another again. I pulled them out of my bag and gave them to her at the bus station. They were the only ones that hadn't been washed other than the ones I had on at the time.

Find all posts by kung fu lola. Very dorkish.. I kept the "do not disturb" door thingy. All times are GMT Artist Jeremy Brown is selling Love Is Art kits that allow couples to create abstract paintings while they get busy.

According to Jeremy's site, he came up with the idea to market these kits after a friend complimented him on a painting that Jeremy and his S. His friend ended up making one with her husband, and it snowballed from there.

To make a painting together, you and your guy slather yourself in paint, do your thing on the canvas that comes with the kit, and then frame the results. We're on the fence about this one—it's actually pretty cool that you can have a secret sex trophy hanging on your wall, but we're not so crazy about the idea of trying to scrub paint out of, err , hard-to-reach places.