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The Kamasutra. What is it?

In this oneHOWTO video, we look at the easiest Kama Sutra sex positions for you to try with your partner. These positions don't require a. Is it true, that the only thing mentioned in the Kama Sutra and may be useful for a couple is just a number of sex positions? No way. Sure enough, it contains the. Sex position #42 - Fall. Kamasutra. This is a fall of feelings and emotions, a real trap for feelings, which literally make crazy.

If you're bored of your bedroom antics and fancy spicing things up between the sheets, look no further than these Kamasutra sex positions. Have you tried Kamasutra sex positions ever? Try these 7 best Kamasutra inspired sex positions that were most popular in ancient times. These are the only Kama Sutra sex positions you need to know about.

Climb on top of your cutie and take control with these sizzling sex positions, complete with steamy illustrations and step-by-step instructions. You've probably heard of the Kama Sutra, the ancient Hindu text that's basically an A to Z of sex positions. But you probably assumed that it's. These are the only Kama Sutra sex positions you need to know about.

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To verify, sex follow the link in se message. Updated: May 19,IST. According to the Kamasutrathere are 64 types of sexual acts one can position during lovemaking. They vary, kama course, from being complex muscle movements to soft, sexy postures. Have you ever wanted to try all of them, and wondered, at the same time, if there is one meant specially for you? Technically speaking, sex is a weird peculiar thing: we have two people sitting in positions that seem to defy the gravitational laws, puffing and moving rapidly while they are exchanging fluids.

Sex can, in fact, become fatiguing and unpleasant as it equally is satisfying and beneficial. Shop Now. Check Out. Buy Now. Kama Stories Does regular sex make women fat? Kama these 8 ingredients for amazing sex sex too old for sex! Comments 0. Be the first one to comment. Read All Comments Post a Comment.

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This is one that sounds bizarre but has to be tried to be believed. You have your hands free so you can use them to stimulate yourself. His hands are also free for extra stimulation. You lie on your back in the backwards roll position, with your ankles by your ears, while he kneels and takes you whilst holding your legs back. In terms of angle this is perfect for G Spot stimulation, as his penis will rub directly against your G spot. This is also ideal for light BDSM fans because your ankles can be tied together or to the bedpost or held in place by him, which avoids you getting cramp.

But done right, can top the lot. Having come across a great many Kamasutra sex positions in my time, this is still one of my favourites because quite simply, if done right, it offers total sexual equality. In missionary or doggy a man always tends to assume a bit more control.

You lie on your back, like missionary position, but with one leg bent and the other leg outstretched on the bed. He kneels between your legs, with one leg bent and the other lying flat on the bed.

He sits so that his one leg is beneath the bent leg of you and the other leg bending around your flat outstretched leg, making a star shape. This is great for deep G Spot penetration. He can also touch your clitoris for extra stimulation. So you have all your erotic zones covered. Credit: rex. You're welcome Want to mix things up in the bedroom with some Kamasutra sex positions? What is the Kamasutra? The Hero Kamasutra Sex Position. Latest Stories. So, so many winter coats to fall in love with this season.

Donald Trump just denied knowing Prince Andrew despite the countless photos proving otherwise. The Queen will never wear these colours for her Christmas speech outfit. What Marie Claire learned from campaigning against the homelessness crisis in London last night. Moreover, it is possible to receive a straight answer on a cordial question related to a relationship between man and woman.

Additionally, the book provides an opportunity to see your life partner in a different light and find common ground that will help any couple to be on cloud nine. As you have already noticed, the sense of this ancient text lies much deeper than anyone could have ever imagined. Having read the article, you will discover the most important and interesting features concerning the Kamasutra, as follows:.

Definitely, this book has nothing in common with sexual gymnastics. The Kamasutra represents a set of reliable and proven ancient Indian knowledge and traditions composed many centuries ago. Introducing a thorough and serious investigation, the text provides a deep reader not only with ability to know a true meaning of love between man and woman, but also opens the mind to a better understanding of human nature along with his or her partner one.

Read moreā€¦. The main misapprehensions, which a modern human may have concerning the sense and content of the Kamasutra, are based on the initial impression experienced by the Europeans and provoked by a translation of the book in the end of XIX century. The Kamasutra comprises of 7 parts, each of which, in its turn, is divided into several chapters. In overall, the book includes 36 chapters:.

For a more detailed overview, please, see the whole text of the Kamasutra book. The Kamasutra was written in Sanskrit by the philosopher and scientist of ancient India Vatsyayana Mallanaga. However, despite the fact, it will be incorrectly to name him the author as he performed in the role of compiler of the knowledge which had been collected earlier. In other words, this book is nothing else but a finished and correctly compiled collection of previous works.

However, it is doubtless that in the book we can find definitely distinctive approach of the author, his style and manner of writing. From the time of its creation till the beginning of the XIX century the Kamasutra remained the asset of the exclusively Indian population, and if to be more precise, just of a little its part, in general of the elite high casts. In the process of the colonization, there was active development of territory and culture of the country by English people, and as a result, they discovered many ancient texts, including the Kama Sutra text.

What does sex mean. The Kamasutra interprets sex as a special feature in a result of which the male and female principles are to become one not only on the skin-to-skin, but also on a spiritual level. Sex represents not only a physical process, how many people may think; this is a process that engages body, feelings, emotions, sense of those who are in love with each other.

It is a sensual game, in the terms of which the woman turns out to be a goddess, a favourite and desired one, and the man, in his turn, gets satisfaction having reached an orgasm not just by himself, but by his beloved woman.

What should a sex be consisted of. The Kamasutra is a tool with the help of which sex may turn out to have a sacramental sense, including our feelings and perception aimed at getting the most enjoyment.

Thus, every feature, e. A couple should get rid of everything out of their room, leaving behind all the worries. Here, there is enough room only for their mind, soul and body: only he and she do matter now.

The prelude, or a sexual game, has to be in the highlight of such a ritual.