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What's your worst-case sexual scenario? No matter what is is, it's way more common than you think. A married man who died of a heart attack after having sex on a was ruled to have been the victim of a workplace accident -- making his. We've heard of people boasting about their sexual prowess but rarely do we get to hear about the bloopers. That is unless it goes terribly wrong.

any accident that happens during sex. For example: breaking a lamp stubbing a toe shooting a load into the eye. Their sexual adventure-turned-medical mishap is just one of many featured in the TLC series “Sex Sent Me to the ER,” which returns for its. What's your worst-case sexual scenario? No matter what is is, it's way more common than you think.

Women's Health ask it's Facebook followers to share their real-life sex accidents. A married man who died of a heart attack after having sex on a was ruled to have been the victim of a workplace accident -- making his. We've heard of people boasting about their sexual prowess but rarely do we get to hear about the bloopers. That is unless it goes terribly wrong.

Take a second and think sex the worst sexual encounter you've ever had. Assuming it doesn't involve a trip to to the hospital, it's about to seem not-so-bad. In light of the mishap show, we asked our Facebook followers to share their most outrageous sex accidents and injuries. Read on for the stories that made us cross our legs.

One night I was sex severe lower abdominal pain and sex hardly walk, so I went to the emergency room. While Mishap was getting X-rays and scans and tests, the doctor asked if I sex doing any new strenuous activities. Turns out, my well-endowed mishap had sex and bruised my insides a little. We had mishap take it easy for a sex after that. When mishap shook that off and tried again, I accidentally hit him in the face, and he got a really bad black eye.

Luckily, since neither of us were seriously hurt—and we'd both had a great time—we thought it was pretty hilarious. Bad Lighting "Let's just say never have sex with a lava lamp on top of your headboard. When it fell on me during sex, it left a golf ball-sized knot mishap the side of my head. The blow knocked me out for a few seconds and scared my husband to death. Wet 'n' Wild "When my boyfriend and Sex were standing and kissing in the shower, he slipped and I sex on top of him.

We were a little bumped and bruised, but it was funny. One thing led to another, and we started having sex with him behind me. He was thrusting forward, and I was thrusting backward, and suddenly we heard a mishap that brought him to his knees. We immediately iced his member, but the swelling didn't go down. I dropped him off at the ER mishap I parked—I was too embarrassed to go in with him because I knew everyone would look at me. The doctors told us he had torn the ligament of his member but fortunately didn't need surgery; it mishap on its own.

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She assured me that there was a different fluid at play there, but not everyone agrees, and honestly, why does it matter? Are we trying to shame women over this?

Lord knows I can't account for everything that squirts out of me from one moment to the next. Most of us want to keep vomit and sex at opposite sides of the gymnasium. Not everyone God bless you, fetishists , but vomit is generally associated with something going dreadfully wrong.

And maybe that's why no one ever strikes up conversations about oral-sex induced chuffing. But Google has nearly , results pop up when you search for it. It's such a common issue that sex advice sites have articles like "How do I not throw up while I give oral?

It's something you've probably never seen in a movie again, unless you specifically searched for it , but it's dead simple biology. When you force something to the back of your throat, be it a delicious bratwurst or a schlong, you're going to hit the magic gag reflex button, and out pops lunch. I recall an experience one night that was preceded by the drinking of several screwdrivers I had mixed myself to help lighten the mood and get us both a little more relaxed.

My lady friend had enjoyed three, I think, by the time we got down to brass tacks, and this is the part of the sentence I fill with mundane details before tactfully avoiding the orange-juice-filled deluge that soon followed.

So I know it can happen, is my point, and also why people aren't eager to talk about it. So most of the articles online that deal with it are anecdotal, personal stories , or tips on how to avoid it , which essentially boils down to either training your gag reflex or not poking it in the first place, maybe by putting your fist in between your craw and the base of that thing.

Butt stuff is enjoying an unprecedented period of acceptance these days. Good for you, butts and stuff. But there are two serious fears holding it back: fear of pain and fear of the dreaded leakage, if the 5. That includes the 88, that are for the specific search "poop during anal. In terms of how common it is, hard numbers are difficult to come by, but it's a common enough question that Women's Health set up a helpful page about running afoul of a turd, and how to handle it.

Elite Daily even compiled an anthology of ass-related mayhem to let you know you're not alone. There's also helpful advice out there that often amounts to making sure you hose down the shed before entry, try not to do it after Taco Tuesday, and keep in mind the dimensions of the mail slot before trying to force a package in there. What's happening is the guy's penis is, well, kind of scooping that stuff out.

If you go deep enough, there's a chance it will happen, because you're having sex with a human and not a robot or anime girl. And if you didn't know that the ass is where a lot of people store that sort of material, I'm glad I could help out. When I was in high school, there was an infamous story in my group of friends about an acquaintance of ours who, in the midst of sex with his girlfriend, tore his foreskin asunder like a bodybuilder tearing a phone book in half.

And we treated this like a story of someone encountering the Loch Ness monster at a Denny's -- one in a million dicks. But it turns out sexual injuries are way more common than most of us realize, with one in five people bonking their heads while boinking, 5 percent of people injuring themselves so badly that they had to take time off work, and 2 percent of people breaking actual goddamned bones. The most common sex injuries seem to be typical stuff, like pulled muscles with back injuries and carpet burns.

A third of people admitted to some kind of injury, and 4 in 10 copped to damaging their own property averaging a couple hundred dollars in damage, so keep that in mind next time you try to have sex near your fine China.

And then we get into sex toys, which send a couple thousand people to the emergency room every year -- or at least, that's how many admit it yes, the 50 Shades franchised doubled the occurrence of those tragedies. Share Selection. How to pre-order your Baby Yoda 'Star Wars' plush toy. Here's the running gear you need for training in freezing weather. Get Walmart toys discounted for huge Cyber Week sale. This tiny gadget scans any surface to identify its exact color.

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Email required. Comment required. Enlarge Image. A wild night of sex landed Queens musicians Andrew and Francine in the emergency room right. In a re-enactment, Andrew grimaces in pain with Francine and medical personnel by his side. It could have been the angle at which we were having sex that caused it. Kinky kicks Dr. Alarm at the firehouse Firefighter Clayton inset, with partner Heather had a tryst that went awry at his firehouse, re-enacted for TLC. TLC Heather, 28, wanted to give Denver-based firefighter Clayton a sexy surprise for his 30th birthday last March, so she showed up at the firehouse where he works with a box of adult toys.