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Buy tickets, find event, venue and support act information and reviews for Mi Sex and Mi-Sex's upcoming concert at Royal Hotel Queanbeyan (rhq) in. Even in the often strange and incestuous history of New Zealand rock, few bands enjoyed a more bizarre career than Mi-Sex; led by onetime cabaret singer. It was New Zealand that gave birth to Mi-Sex. A name and a sound in that grew out of combining the collective creative energies of a cabaret singer Steve.

Typical MI symptoms are more common and have greater predictive value in women than men, and guidelines should be updated to reflect this. Mi-Sex (also styled as MiSex) is a New Zealand new wave rock band that was originally active from to Led by Steve Gilpin as vocalist, Kevin Stanton. It may be safe to resume sexual activity following myocardial infarction (MI), and MI is rarely caused by sexual activity, according to a research.

Even in the often strange and incestuous history of New Zealand rock, few bands enjoyed a more bizarre career than Mi-Sex; led by onetime cabaret singer. Mi-Sex (also styled as MiSex) is a New Zealand new wave rock band that was originally active from to Led by Steve Gilpin as vocalist, Kevin Stanton. Mi-Sex hit the road later this year to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the group's timeless hit single and Countdown | TV Week Awards Song of the Year ().

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No independent on-site validation of acute MI was performed, although case ascertainment and clinical data were previously validated by comparison with the Medicare cohort of the NRMI and Medicare Cooperative Cardiovascular Project, the latter of which used detailed hospital record review.

All transferred patients were excluded from the present analyses because of incomplete reporting at initial hospital or subsequent outcome. Also excluded were patients with missing information on sex, age, or symptom presentation and patients with a secondary diagnosis of MI. The overall population and 5 age intervals were examined: younger than 45 years, 45 to 54 years, 55 to 64 years, 65 to 74 years, and 75 years or older.

Preexisting variables that may have preceded the development of presenting symptoms, including other baseline characteristics, cardiovascular risk factors, medical history, and cardiac history, were adjusted for in each model and are listed in Table 1.

A 2-way interaction term was calculated between sex and age. Sensitivity analyses were performed by restricting the analysis to ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction STEMI cohort and by excluding patients who died within 24 hours and 48 hours.

Similarly, age-specific multivariable logistic regression models were used to assess sex differences in hospital mortality. Multivariable adjusted hospital case-fatality rates were determined within 5 age intervals. Variables were entered into a stepwise model that included comorbidities and clinical characteristics, prehospital delay, hospital characteristics Table 1 and Table 2 , medications and invasive procedures Table 3 , and the year the patient was enrolled in the study to account for temporal trends in care and definition of MI.

All statistical analyses were conducted with SAS version 9. Women with MI were significantly older than men at hospital presentation: mean age Age-specific and multivariable analyses indicated a significant interaction between age and sex such that sex-specific differences in MI presentation without chest discomfort became progressively smaller with advancing age Figure.

Separate models were performed within each age stratum to calculate the age-stratum-specific OR of women vs men, which resulted in the following: younger than 45 years, 1. Sensitivity analyses were performed to examine the potential influence of several factors pertinent to our results: the introduction of troponin assays in the registry by restricting the analysis to the STEMI cohort who would not be directly affected by this change in MI definition, and possible bias caused by earlier deaths such as cardiac arrest and potential for incomplete symptom characterization in this group by excluding individuals who died within 24 hours and 48 hours.

In each case, the results from the sensitivity analyses on symptom presentation did not change materially, and the adjusted sex-specific differences in MI presentation without chest discomfort were evident and became progressively smaller with advancing age Tables 4 and 5. These data suggest that the absence of chest pain may be a more important predictor of death in younger women with MI compared with other similarly aged groups. Further adjustments for patient delay or hospital characteristics had little influence on sex-specific mortality differences by age.

Our data also suggest that the absence of chest pain is associated with increased mortality, especially among younger women with MI, and may explain in part the excess mortality risk in this high-risk group.

We observed sex differences in presenting symptoms of MI in the current study. Although there may be true differences in symptom presentation by age and sex, the first step in MI care is recognizing any significant new symptoms and seeking medical care promptly, rather than focusing on simplistic generalizations of MI symptom presentation among women and men.

Our results show that age is an important factor of sex-based differences in MI presentation, which is especially relevant because women are older than men when they present with an acute coronary syndrome. This difference should be confirmed in other studies, ideally a prospectively designed observational investigation that includes careful inquiry into the symptoms associated with MI. Although MI in women occurs predominantly in older age, previous reports including one from the NRMI have shown that MI occurring at a younger age is associated with a substantial risk of mortality in women compared with men, especially those younger than 60 years.

More recently, another NRMI study showed remarkable reductions in hospital mortality after MI during the past decade for both sexes, especially women, possibly in part because of better recognition and management of cardiovascular risk factors in women before acute MI.

The reasons for sex-based differences in MI symptom presentation observed in our study are largely unknown. It is plausible, or even likely, that the pathophysiology or pathobiology of higher mortality observed in younger women also accounts for the apparent differences in MI symptom presentation in this premenopausal or middle-aged group.

A number of studies support a biological mechanism of sex-based differences in clinical presentation. For example, in the Framingham Heart Study, sex-based differences in initial clinical manifestations of coronary artery disease revealed that women were more likely to manifest with stable or unstable angina, and men were more likely to manifest with MI or sudden cardiac death. These findings emphasize that premenopausal or middle-aged women and older women who experience MI may represent a heterogeneous group.

Younger women who experience MI may have significantly less narrowing of the coronary arteries than older women or men, 15 - 17 possibly because of a hypercoagulable state, inflammation, coronary spasm, or plaque erosion vs rupture. Other investigators have hypothesized that differences between men and women in coronary artery disease presentation and prognosis may be explained by sex differences in cardiovascular risk factors.

Although the pathobiological mechanisms underlying sex-based differences in the descriptive epidemiology of coronary artery disease are intriguing, their relevance in explaining sex differences in symptom presentation with MI remains unclear.

Further research is needed to enhance the current understanding of underlying pathophysiology and potentially sex-tailored health messages to the general public and health care providers to encourage men and women with signs and symptoms of acute coronary syndromes to seek care promptly, with resultant improvements in the care and survival of women. Our results of sex-based differences in MI symptom presentation in younger patients are provocative and should be confirmed by others with clinical databases of MI or acute coronary syndromes.

Our study had several limitations. The NRMI is an observational study, and our results may be limited by various biases and unmeasured or inadequately measured potential confounders.

Patients who died before hospital arrival were not included in our study and do not compromise our overall finding of age and sex differences in acute symptom presentation among those who presented to the hospital. We did not have a cohort of patients without MI with which to compare symptom presentation and thus cannot generalize our findings to all patients with suspected acute coronary syndrome. Ascertainment of symptoms was obtained through medical record review, with a lack of standardization for the collection and recording of these data at participating study hospitals.

In addition, the latest universal definition of MI, which was updated in to include 5 separate MI categories, 22 was not available during the era of NRMI 2 to 5 The current report included data from , and the diagnosis and treatment of acute MI have changed substantially during that time. Women were more likely than men to present without chest pain and had higher mortality than men, especially among younger age groups, but sex differences in clinical presentation without chest pain and in mortality were attenuated with increasing age.

Age is an important factor in examining sex differences in MI presentation and subsequent mortality. Further qualitative and quantitative research is needed to more fully clarify the development of premonitory and acute symptoms of coronary disease in men and women of different ages and the role of these symptoms in patients' care-seeking behavior and treatment practices, as well as in hospital and long-term outcomes. Corresponding Author: John G. Author Contributions: Dr Canto had full access to all of the data in the study and takes responsibility for the integrity of the data and the accuracy of the data analysis.

Mr Frederick reports being an employee of ICON Clinical Research, which received support from Genentech, to provide biostatistical and analytic services. Role of the Sponsors: The study sponsor approved the final manuscript but did not participate in the design and conduct of the study; collection, management, analysis, and interpretation of the data; and preparation, review, or approval of the manuscript.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the funding organizations. Dr Peterson, a contributing editor for JAMA , was not involved in the editorial review of or decision to publish this article. All Rights Reserved. View Large Download. Table 1. Table 2. Table 3. Table 4. Table 5. Table 6. Prevalence, clinical characteristics, and mortality among patients with myocardial infarction presenting without chest pain.

National Registry of Myocardial Infarction 2 Participants. Sex-based differences in early mortality after myocardial infarction. N Engl J Med. Sex differences in 2-year mortality after hospital discharge for myocardial infarction. Ann Intern Med. Symptom presentation of women with acute coronary syndromes: myth vs reality. Arch Intern Med. J Am Coll Cardiol. Meta-analytic evaluation of gender differences and symptom measurement strategies in acute coronary syndromes.

In February , Mi-Sex announced the release of their first single in 33 years, titled "Somebody", followed by an Extended play featuring "Somebody" and three re-recorded tracks. Their first album since 's Where Do They Go? Mi-Sex were due to start a major New Zealand tour five weeks later, and — sensing an opportunity for publicity — Kevin Stanton invited Muldoon to attend their Wellington concert during a radio interview in Hamilton, an invitation which Muldoon was urged to accept when quizzed by the opposition in parliament.

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