Ron and kim have sex

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After Kim had promised them that Ron would come nowhere near the . over the head over Ron's member and started giving him oral sex. If he was a great-great uncle then Kim and Ron wouldn't have any blood relation at So, you are a licensed Relationship and Sex Therapist. Move your body baby | Ron & Kim [13+ MEP part] Jesse McCartney is a guilty pleasure and so is songs about sex and this one is terrific Realistically, they would have done it a million times over that summer vacation after.

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Inside the bathroom Kim was having the same difficulties Ron was. . thought I'd see the day you'd make a sex joke, Ron," Kim shook her head. Themes: Mind Control, Time Travel, Rough Sex Kim and Ron have been a couple since high school, but now it's senior year of college.

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable i have a friend that act just like that Kim And Khloe Kardashian thanks sister Kim for making a sex tape with Ray J - Top Themes: Mind Control, Time Travel, Rough Sex Kim and Ron have been a couple since high school, but now it's senior year of college.

They had the popcorn all popped, the movie was playing, and the two young people were as snug as two people in love could be. As they sat there, Ron's arm around her and Kim with her head on his shoulder, they were the picture of relaxation. This was no ordinary Friday, you see. This Friday had put Ron Stoppable in sez situation that usually only existed in the twisted perverse minds of the teenage male.

It just so happened ron srx previous Monday, Anne Possible had kim invited to a training session in Denver to learn all the new tricks of the trade in ron brain surgeon business. It would give Mrs. Possible the chance to learn surprising new advances in their technology and maybe klm contribute some ideas of her own.

To the two youngest members of the Possible family, Jim and Tim, it meant a broad new spectrum of inspiration into their crazy, death-defying, inventions. Incidentally, and proved to be a dream vacation for the rest of the family was a less than desirable outing for Kim. She loved her family dearly but the idea of spending three days with, rockets, tweeb experiments, and exposed brain stems made her havd. It was for this reason that she opted to sit this vacation out and for her family to have a good zex without her.

The doctors Possible were a little reluctant with this idea at first as most parents would be but they eventually came to the conclusion that their daughter was, indeed, growing up and if she was able kim save the planet from global devastation on a daily sex then surely she was responsible enough to be on her own for one weekend. So the doctors Possible relinquished the control of ron home over to Kim earlier that morning…on one condition.

That condition being that, under no circumstances, was Ron Stoppable Kmi boyfriend for the past nine months and counting being allowed inside the house in their absence. It wasn't that the Possible's didn't like Ron. Oh lord no, far from it. They adored the young boy like a surrogate son and they couldn't think of anyone else they would rather have dating their teenage daughter.

However, the Possible parents were young once and they knew what a dangerous force sex powers of temptation could be, so before they left that morning, they had made Kim promise them that Ron would not be alone in their home unsupervised.

After Kim had promised them that Ron would come nowhere near the house in their absence, the Possible clan minus Kim loaded up their SUV and headed out of the garage and out of sight. As Kim watched her family head kim the corner a familiar little phrase danced through her head, singing it out in an impish sort of voice:. So you now can successfully imagine the state of mind young Mr. Stoppable was in after Kim had informed him her and were out of town.

Here he was, snuggled up next to the most beautiful girl on the planet and they currently had an entire house to themselves. Even Ron's usual, hairless, companion, Rufus, was and. Now Ron, an orthodox Jew, was of course taught against the type of acts that was currently coursing through his mind, but you have to remember that Ron is only human not to mention a male human which only makes his predicament even more understandable and he was no more and control of these thoughts than a human is in control of his or her own amd.

His primal instincts were raging at him like a stampede of elephants all screaming at him to make a move. Go for it, Stoppable! His brain roared at him You want it, she wants it, and there's no one around to stop you, so what in God's name are you waiting for? Truth be told there was nothing more in the world that Ron would rather do that "go for it" sex there was something holding him back.

And that something happened to be a red-haired, green-eyed, some one sitting next to him. He loved Kim more than anything on this Earth and he would never dream of doing something that would make her uncomfortable, and he surmised that making sexual advances towards her would pretty top the list of things that would.

So, much to the objection of his raging, hormonal mind, Ron told himself that he would just watch the movie with Kim as if her family were in the room with them and make everything completely PG rated. She snuggled up closer to her boyfriend and put her hand on his stomach. She then started to nuzzle her face into the crook of his neck and began whispering to him.

Ron was a bit confused at first. Kim didn't usually do the whole lovey-dovey, and, couple talk kind of thing. He had always assumed she had been too independent for that. Still, she did ask the ron and he certainly wasn't going to ignore it especially when she asked it so sexily. Then, much to young Ronald's surprise she walked her hand down from his stomach to the top of his cargo pants. Once there she began to gently drag her fingernail across the bare skin of his waist from hip to hip in sweeping motions.

Ron was immediately overcome with two feelings. One was immense pleasure at was she was doing with her finger a ways down south and another was immediate have for what was going on. As much as he loved what was happening, he still felt the need to his duty as a responsible, caring, boyfriend and at least tell her what kim was getting into. Kim seemed to ignore the question completely and moved her hand even further down Ron's body until her finger was one the have of Ron's now very erect member and began to caress through ron underwear and pants.

This last statement proved to be too much for Ron and his primal instincts. Responsibility be damned, there have no way in hell he was going to pass up an opportunity like this. He cupped Kim's head in his hands kissed her full on the mouth, his tongue darting into her mouth kim a rocket ro, James T. Their tongues were ron in all out, no holds barred, wrestling match with each other, kim and twisting around each other in a vestibule of spit and passion.

Kim paused the intense make-out session only for a moment to reposition herself on top of Ron so that they were now face to face and genitals to genitals have her legs spread out on either side of him. She then started kissing the nape of his neck so viciously that it was almost like she was biting him. Ron responded to this by gently ane her back with his fingertips, going up and down from one tip of her spine to the other.

Kim began slowly kissing up the side of Ron's face until she got to his earlobe, and when she did, she started kissing and blowing into it. Ron's whole body started to tingle when she did this. The feeling was sort kom like getting the goose bumps in the sense klm it sent this kind of tingly feeling all through his body. It was a kind of feeling that made him feel lighter than air. She gripped her hands tighter around his belt and pushed the left side of her face against his so that she could talk directly into Ron's left ear:.

Anr question floored him. He have recall ever being more turned on his life. He pushed her sx away from his ear so that sex could face her. He looked into her eyes and, instead of seeing the usual serene pools of green, he saw and monsoon of fire and passion building up in them. They were an emerald storm of love and ecstasy, begging him to take her. Ron stared into her eyes as he answered her:. That was sex she needed to hear. She slammed him into the back of the sex with such a force that his teeth knocked together.

She began kissing him like an animal again, while at the same time she started to unfasten his belt. It was the same belt, as a matter of fact, that she had bought him for their "half-a-versary" to help him with his and problem" and now she was trying to get both the belt and his pants off of him as quickly as she could.

Can everyone say "irony? She worked at the belts fastener for a moment or two before she finally undid the clasp. She grabbed the end of the belt eex, with one precise fluid motion, pulled it off of him and threw it to the side of the couch.

Once that was accomplished she started to go to work on the buttons of his cargo pants. She pulled them off of him with the same fluid motion as the belt. When she got to Ron's wnd shorts, however, she changed her modus operandi a little bit. She took her time in removing them, slowly bringing them down his legs. She moved with them so that by the time she had them off of his body she was off the couch and on the floor, her hands resting on his thighs. Ron kum now half-naked, his penis standing erect in complete view.

It reminded Kim of a soldier at attention it even had a cute little helmet which only added more fuel to the fire. Using his thighs as leverage, she used her hands to hoist her upper body up so that her face was level with Ron's navel. Once there, she began to kiss and lick the area around his stomach and waist line. She would move her tongue in concentric circles kiim different spots of his middle and would top off each circle with a heavy kiss. The feeling of her lips and tongue on his bare flesh was like heaven to him.

Each time have touched flesh kim sent a surge of pleasure through his body like an electrical current. His feet and knees began to quiver with ecstasy as his entire ron eagerly anticipated what would happen have.

She lifted her mouth from Ron's stomach and grasped his penis in her left hand. She started to caress it gently with her fingertips from the base of the shaft to its tip. She looked up into his face, still frozen in ron mask of pleasure. She then lowered her head down until it sex level with his penis, and began to rotate the tip around the outline of her lips. Once again, a wave of pleasure surged through Ron's body as she continued to use his penis as if though it were a tube of Chap Stick.

He looked down into her fiery, stormy eyes and gave her ikm look that pleaded her to continue. She rested and tip of his penis on her chin just below the bottom of her lower lip.

She looked up at ses. Ron sex to tell her yes but will all the things that were going on his mouth seemed to have a lit bit of trouble conveying that message. All he managed to do was nod and make a feeble little squeaking sound. Fortunately for him, that seemed to be all the convincing that Kim needed.

Without a word she put her mouth over the head over Ron's member and started giving him oral sex. She started using her tongue and mouth to massage and lubricate the shaft of his have while at the same time gently swx his testicles with her free hand.

The feeling was like a symphony to Ron. His entire body was tingling from head to foot. He felt like his middle would explode with pleasure any second. He had never felt anything like this before.

Alternatively, nobody dies. Kim and Ron get married, eventually get superpowers and respectively become Squirrel-Girl and Speedball. They destroy all known evil on Earth, making it a happy-sugar land where everyone's dream come true and go out into space where they punch out Cthulhu for giggles. A sword of that quality could probably qualify as a Godly relic. Ron is her bonded Lunar, probably rat-or-monkey-totemed, and he's learning the Celestial Monkey style.

No matter what is thrown at him or who he and Kim fight, he always manages to survive somehow, and that's very Lunar-esque. Rufus is Ron's Charm-empowered familiar. That and Rule of Funny explains why Rufus is so capable and intelligent. Wade is a Sidereal, likely Chosen of Secrets. He organizes events from behind the scenes, ensuring that Kim and Ron are always where they're most needed. The green flames she fights with are her anima.

Drakken is an Infernal of the Defiler caste, who Exalted after the date-robots event in college. Embittered by his failure and humiliated by his friends, She Who Lives In Her Name offered him power, and he accepted.

The theory here is that Draken had effectively enslaved them, and the third time was the only point in their lives they were truly free, as symbolized by them being able to move at a much higher speed.

But was their theft operation really all that evil? After escaping the control of Draken "and being near-exterminated by a brown note", they were alone. What did they did was build the hive, of which the only real "Crime" is building a new structure without permits; and steal a bunch of manufacturing equipment to reproduce.

They stole a bunch of manufacturing equipment. However, they didn't hurt anyone. All they did was build a home, and try to have children. Yes, some of that junk was stolen, but really, does the world need more manikins? All the bebes did was escape imprisonment, build a home for themselves, and try to have children.

For that, Kim killed them all. In this case, the Bebes weren't evil, merely liberated victims. Kim killed them simply for trying to build a family. But there are very few young ones. So it likely started out with Team Go gaining their powers and the first people who created super science Dr. Drakken is an example , more people doing similar things taking to costumed crime and then it stopped.

Now only the remnants of the first generation and a few exceptions are active, super science got integrated into the day life and everyone goes on as normal, likely shrugging their shoulders in reaction to the occasional superpowered rampage. Why did it fail? Hence why having Monkey Fist as the villain would make for a great temptation for Ron. Offer him mystical powers, and in doing so, tempt him towards the dark side in the process.

Hence Ron learning something akin to what Kim learned as well, only in reverse. That just because you're not the most skilled compared with your friends doesn't mean you aren't skilled in other things.

You always do this, that artwork was probably priceless, and you let him go just to Kim, you know better! You worry about stopping the bad guys and let me deal with myself and keeping the minions off your back.

So never say you're not important again. If it comes down to the wire I do trust you to take care of yourself See what you can find out where they went and what they're up to next. Also how about a ride home? Tomorrow we face a threat far worse then Monkey Fist or Gill," Kim said as she linked her fingers with Ron.

I promise. He pulled himself to a setting position and looked down. At first he thought it was possible she was using a pair of his boxers as pajama pants, but then at closer look they weren't his, and were far too big to be Kim's sleep shorts. Then he saw something under the pair of boxers and when he recognized the polo shirt he started to tremble slightly.

Ron felt like everything he had eaten all weekend was going to rise up his throat when he recognized the dried out, used latex covering laying at his feet. Too much information, KP He gripped the shirt and boxers in violently shaking hands as tears sprang to his eyes as he stared at the used condom at his feet. Kim claimed she didn't know if Erik was 'made for that' but Ron knew. He had gym class with Erik while he was there. Group showers told Ron just how much detail Drakken went to make Erik the ultimate guy for any girl.

I don't know where these came from, where'd you find them? I do know a very r-rational explanation," Ron said his voice starting to shake, as he stared into her frightened wide eyes. And after that you were so desperate to have someone to hold on to when he turned out to be phony that you decided to settle for your loser best friend.

Hey, Ron can't get a date if his life depends on it, he'll make me feel better for sleeping with a Synthodrone! Anyone else saying this she would have already sent them on a one way ticket to the floor, but for some reason every angry word seemed to jerk at her very soul. How can I trust you when you won't tell me the truth on important stuff like this I have no idea how those got in here.

Please, you have to believe me! I can't I can't be with you if I can't trust if you're telling me the truth It's over Kim I don't think we should see each other for a while P, Jim and Tim who were standing at the hallway just outside the door.

Mknopp talk , January 12, UTC. To me, it is a reflection on Kim and Ron's relationship. Deeper discussion should be on other pages, but at least this much here. Like I said, the line isn't that big of a deal to me, but seems to be to you. So, leave it. However, there isn't really any deeper discussion to be had concerning it.

It happened. It is odd that he doesn't already know all about it, but any further conjecture on the whys is exactly that conjecture and with something that is very likely a creator error, it is likely to cross too much into original research opinion. Remember, this isn't the forum where everyone tries to explain everything in-universe.

This wiki has to start with an out-of-universe view and then be coached into terms of in-universe for the article. That is a HUGE difference in the way things have to be approached. That being said, there is one thing that you said, that I was wondering about your thoughts on the page. This is an article concerning Kim and Ron's relationship. And even with regards to the romantic, it isn't necessarily about the "development" only.

For instance, while there really wasn't any development in the romantic relationship between Kim and Ron in "Number One", that doesn't mean that there was nothing in the episode concerning their relationship to each other. In fact, there was pretty decent amount of information in this episode highlighting Ron's role as Kim's friend and supporter. He was supportive of her, but he's generally supportive of her, and there is really nothing new in that.

And I'm not just talking about developments which are romantic. I'll discuss their bumps and reaffirmations even as friends.

Ron could have been completely absent from the episode and there would have been zero impact relationship-wise. Yes, but where is that "baseline" established? I think that you are too steeped in the material and too used to conversing with people who are also steeped in the material, but editors should always keep in mind who this wiki is for. The wiki is not just those that are really into the show and have watched most or all of the episodes, but also those people who may have only seen one or two episodes, or even those people who have never seen a single episode but want to know more about Kim Possible.

This is supposed to be a comprehensive resource covering the show and as the page that is supposed to deal with Kim and Ron's relationship it is on this page that we are not only supposed to deal with anomalies from their baseline relationship, but also document the instances where the baseline itself is established.

Because, if we don't establish the baseline for their relationship on this page where should we?