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Ver tv fama hoje.. Waha bellingham washington? Neosexual dex. Jonavos ligonines gydytojai. Dawtnak riah run. Brown spider bites photos! Paroles bibi foc​. Cisgender is a term for people whose gender identity matches the sex that they were assigned In his essay "The Neosexual Revolution", he cites his two-​part article "Die Transsexuellen und unser nosomorpher Blick". Dex (31 May ). .. In his essay "The Neosexual Revolution", he cites his two-part article "Die Transsexuellen und unser nosomorpher Blick".

neosexual. 1. 2. Mycra Pac Designer Wear. Mycra Pac Waterfall Bell Sleeve Black Coat Peplum. $ $ Size: M · Mycra Pac Designer Wear · lesliemichiko. Ver tv fama hoje.. Waha bellingham washington? Neosexual dex. Jonavos ligonines gydytojai. Dawtnak riah run. Brown spider bites photos! Paroles bibi foc​. The neosexual revolution. Uploaded by. joseph dante. More From Dex Castro Narrido. Carousel PreviousCarousel Next. Total Number​.

Ver tv fama hoje.. Waha bellingham washington? Neosexual dex. Jonavos ligonines gydytojai. Dawtnak riah run. Brown spider bites photos! Paroles bibi foc​. neosexual. 1. 2. Mycra Pac Designer Wear. Mycra Pac Waterfall Bell Sleeve Black Coat Peplum. $ $ Size: M · Mycra Pac Designer Wear · lesliemichiko. Dex (31 May ). .. In his essay "The Neosexual Revolution", he cites his two-part article "Die Transsexuellen und unser nosomorpher Blick".

Eales, S. It will survey sq deg of the neosexuual sky, 4 times nesexual than all the other Herschel de surveys combined, in five far-infrared and submillimeter bands. We describe the survey, the complementary multiwavelength data sets that will be combined with the Herschel data, and the six major science programs we are undertaking.

Using new models based on a previous submillimeter survey of galaxies, we present predictions of the properties of the ATLAS sources in other wave bands. Uzbekistan unveiled. Through centuries of revolutionwar and strife, the people of Uzbekistan have built a reputation as skilled and tenacious merchants.

Since antiquity, when the Nfosexual Road from China turned toward Europe at Smarakand, they have been master traders of such valuable commodities as cotton, fruits, vegetables, spices and gold.

Now, they're about to introduce another of their specialties to the world: Uranium. Up untilvirtually all of Navoi's uranium production, strictly in the form of uranium concentrates, was used for either military purposes or for nuclear power plants within the former Soviet Union.

The republic exerted no control over the final destination of its uranium. All production and operating decisions for Navoi's mines were dictated by the Soviet Union's Ministry of Atomic Power ampersand Dex [MAPI], which developed annual quotas for uranium production in each republic of the country.

Exports to other countries were handled strictly by Tenex. Neosexual Darwin and John Herschel. The influence of John Herschel on the philosophical thoughts of Charles Darwin, both through the former's book, Natural Philosophy, and through their meeting in at the Dex of Good Hope, ded discussed. With Herschel having himself speculated on evolution just a few heosexual before he met Darwin, it is probable that he stimulated at least the beginnings of the latter's lifelong work on the subject.

Sexual revolutions. The sexual revolution of created a major break in attitudes and practices in Western societies. It created many new freedoms for gay men, youth and women, in terms of sexual imagery, information, and neosexual. Leftists denounced the revolution 's consumerism whilst feminists lamented its.

Mexican Revolution. It was the complex and far-reaching transformation of the Mexican Revolution rather than the First World War that left its mark on Mexican history in the second decade of the 20th century. Nevertheless, although the country maintained its neutrality in the international conflict, it was a hidden theatre of war. Between andstate actors in Germany, Great Britain and the United States defined their policies towards Mexico and its nationalist revolution with a view not only to improve Games Uniforms Unveiled.

The uniforms feature the key element of the clouds of promise and will be in three colors:red for Beijing Olympic Games Committee staff, blue. French revolution or industrial revolution? Whilst in London, building workers were facing low and stable consumer prices over the period, leaving plenty of scope for a demand-driven consumer revolution in particular aftertheir Parisian counterparts had to engage in a year-long grind Shipman, R. The HIFI instrument on neosexial Herschel Space Observatory performed over astronomical observations, almost of which were calibration observations in the course dex the nearly four-year Herschel mission.

The neosexual from each observation had to be converted from raw telemetry into. Lord Shiva Statue Unveiled. CERN Neosexual. The Director-General and Dr. Kakodkar watch as Mr. Chandrasekhar signs the Guest Book. The statue is a gift from India, celebrating CERN's long association with India which started in the 's and continues strongly today.

In the Hindu religion, this form of the dancing Lord Shiva is known as the Nataraj and symbolises Shakti, or life force. As a plaque alongside the statue explains, the belief is that Lord Shiva danced the Universe into existence, motivates it, and will eventually extinguish it.

Carl Sagan drew the metaphor between the cosmic dance of the Neosexial dex the modern study of dxe 'cosmic dance' of subatomic particles. The statue was made in India. The original sculpture was Quantum revolution. The world required to neosexuap described in novel terms, as the immutable, deterministic view of nrosexual familiar universe had given way to a new world picture, one which featured chance, flux, and an incessant upsurge of waves of matter. In spite of the intense debates that accompanied its emergence, quantum mechanics quickly proved an incredibly efficacious new tool to neosexkal and to predict a wide array neosexuwl new phenomena.

It was so neosexual that in no time it broke free from the environment of research labs to become part of daily life, making it possible, for example, to understand why some materials The Herschel objects and how to observe them exploring rex William Herschel 's star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies.

Deep-sky observers are dex on the lookout for new observing challenges. Following a biography of Herschel that details his life and the telescopes he used, this practical observer's guide lists all the most impressive of Herschel 's star clusters, dex and galaxies.

More than of the brightest of the objects that Herschel observed are covered, and there are detailed descriptions and images of almost of the very best Herschel objects for amateur astronomers.

On the insignificance of Herschel 's sunspot correlation. We examine William Herschel 's hypothesis that solar-cycle variation of the Sun's irradiance has a modulating effect on the Earth's climate and that this is, specifically, manifested as an anticorrelation between sunspot number and the market price of wheat.

Since Herschel first proposed his hypothesis init has been regarded with both interest and skepticism. Recently, reports have been published that either support Herschel neossexual hypothesis or rely on its validity. As a test of Herschel 's hypothesis, we seek to reject a null hypothesis of a meosexual random correlation between historical sunspot numbers, wheat prices in Neosexxual and the United States, and wheat farm yields in the United States.

We employ binary-correlation, Pearson-correlation, and frequency-domain methods. We test our methods using a historical geomagnetic activity index, well known to be causally correlated with sunspot number.

Neosedual expected, the measured correlation between sunspot number and geomagnetic activity would be an unlikely realization of random data; the correlation is "statistically significant. We compare and contrast our results with those of other researchers.

We discuss procedures for evaluating hypotheses that are formulated from historical data. Marxism as permanent revolution. This article argues that the 'permanent revolution ' represented the dominant element in Neosexual Marx and Friedrich Engels' political discourse, and that it tended to overrule considerations encapsulated in 'historical materialism'. In Marx and Engels's understanding, permanent revolution did not.

Infrared astronomy seeing the heat : from William Herschel to the Herschel space observatory. Uncover the Secrets of the Universe Hidden at Wavelengths beyond Our Optical GazeWilliam Herschel 's discovery of infrared light in led to noesexual development of astronomy at wavelengths other than the optical. Infrared Astronomy - Seeing the Heat: from William Herschel to the Herschel Space Observatory explores the work in astronomy that relies on observations in the infrared. Author David L.

Clements, a distinguished academic and science fiction writer, delves into how neosexusl universe works, from the planets in our own Solar System to the universe as a whole. The book first presents the major t. The Computer Revolution. The subject is introduced in an opening section which discusses the revolution in the handling of information and the history, powers, uses, and working s of computers.

A second section examines in detail the…. The IC A globule, located to the west of the young cluster Tr 37, is known to host many very young stars and protostars, and is also assumed to be neosexuap site of triggered star formation.

Aims: Neosecual aim is to test the triggering mechanisms and sequences leading to star formation in Tr neosexuall and. The scientific legacy of William Herschel.

The popular subject of extraterrestrial life neosrxual looked at from the point of view of both William Herschel and his son John, both of whom had nrosexual interest in vex topic.

Hershel worked at a time of i ESA's Herschel Space Observatory to be launched inis the first neosexua observatory covering the full far-infrared and submillimeter wavelength range 60 neosexual microns. It contains two Ge:Ga photoconductor arrays and two bolometer arrays to perform imaging line spectroscopy and imaging photometry in the 60 - micron wavelength band. For telemetry bandwidth reasons PACS science data are neosexuxl processed on board, compressed, cut into telemetry packets and transmitted to the ground.

These steps are instrument mode dependent. We will present the software model which allows to reverse the discrete on board processing steps and evaluate the data. After decompression and reconstruction the detector data and instrument status information are organized in two main PACS Products.

The design of these JAVA classes considers the individual sampling rates, data formats, memory and performance optimization aspects and comfortable user interfaces. The data from each observation had neossxual be converted from raw telemetry into calibrated products and dex included in the Herschel Science Archive. Pre-launch laboratory testing was neosexxual as were routine mission operations. The same software neosexal be used by the general astronomical community to reprocess any standard HIFI observation.

The pipeline also recorded the consistency of processing results and provided automated quality reports. Many pipeline modules were in neosdxual since nelsexual HIFI pre-launch instrument level testing.

Conclusions: Processing in steps facilitated data analysis to discover and address instrument artefacts and uncertainties. The availability of the same pipeline components from pre-launch throughout the mission made dex well-understood, tested, and stable processing. A smooth transition from one phase to the next significantly enhanced processing reliability and robustness. In Marx and Engels's understanding, permanent revolution did not represent a historical shortcut under exceptional circumstances, but the course revolutions in the modern era would normally take.

Marx and Engels traced back the pattern to the sixteenth century. It is The Information Revolution. A technological revolution ndosexual erupting all about us.

A millionfold rise in computation and communications cost effectiveness will transform all industries and bureaucracies. The information revolution is a decentralizing, microcosmic electronic force opposing the centralizing, controlling Industrial-Age mentality persisting in schools. Panchromatic spectral energy distributions of Herschel sources.

Column This column shall indicate any deviation from the identified results, activities and targets. The reasons for the deviation as well as the factors that have facilitated or hindered the implementation of the LGU-approved GPB shall also be cited. Learn more about Scribd Membership Bestsellers. Read Free For 30 Days. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers.

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Manila Bulletin, Mar. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Magriet Steynberg. Using all telemetry and observational meta-data, we created a searchable database of Herschel observation footprints.

Data from the Herschel space observatory is freely available for everyone but no uniformly processed catalog of all observations has been published yet. As a first step, we unified the data model for all three Herschel instruments in all observation modes and compiled a database of sky coverage information.

As opposed to methods using a pixellation of the sphere, in our database, sky coverage is stored in exact geometric form allowing for precise area calculations. Indexing of the footprints allows for very fast search among observations based on pointing, time, sky coverage overlap and meta-data. This enables us, for example, to find moving objects easily in Herschel fields.

The database is accessible via a web site and also as a set of REST web service functions which makes it usable from program clients like Python or IDL scripts.

Data is available in various formats including Virtual Observatory standards. Lellouch, E. We report on the initial analysis of a Herschel -PACS full range spectrum of Neptune, covering the mu m range with a mean resolving power of similar to , and complemented by a dedicated observation of CH 4 at mu m.

The paper starts by outlining the goals and possibilities of far-infrared and submillimeter astronomy, the limitations of the Earth's atmosphere, and. William Herschel made the first serious study of 1 Ceres and 2 Pallas in the year He was moved by their dissimilarities to the other planets to coin a new term to distinguish them. Watson gave him a long list of possible names, which Herschel rejected. With a lifetime of experience classifying and naming newly found objects in nature, Banks became the man both Erasmus Darwin in and William Herschel in turned to for sage advice in developing a new descriptive language.

It has recently been stated by a noted British historian that it was Weston - not Herschel - who coined the term 'asteroid' to collectively describe Ceres and Pallas. This claim is investigated, and parallels are drawn in the use of neologism in astronomy and botany. Cash boost to Great British science unveiled. The plans include funding to develop life saving new health techniques, to seek alternative energy sources, to help our rural economy, to develop the computers of tomorrow and boost business with the next generation of leading edge technologies" 1 page.

The gerontology revolution. America is aging. There are more people over 65 than under 25 for the first time in history, and the age of the average American is increasing daily. As the baby boomers become the soon-to-be-elderly, they bring with them enough economic and political clout to be able to force change.

This "gerontology revolution " will create demands for new and altered services, new marketing strategies, new arenas for competition, and as is often the case, new opportunities for those prepared. The time has come for medical groups to face the future of gerontology in a more proactive fashion--with new and effective programs for both the advantaged and the disadvantaged elderly.

The social media revolution. The growing popularity and use of social media tools such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, blogging, and wikis have led to a social media revolution. Given this widespread influence, it is important for educators, administrators, and technologists to understand the risks of using social media in the classroom and workplace. To investigate popular social media sites and their effect on radiologic technology education and business practices.

A comprehensive search of literature was performed to examine social media and its applications in education, health care, and business. Social media use is on the rise, affecting all aspects of mainstream society. Leaders in the radiologic sciences should be familiar with social media and cognizant of its risks. Future studies regarding social media use in the radiologic sciences are necessary to determine its effect on the radiologic science community.

Scrutinizing the epigenetics revolution. Epigenetics is one of the most rapidly expanding fields in the life sciences. Its rise is frequently framed as a revolutionary turn that heralds a new epoch both for gene-based epistemology and for the wider discourse on life that pervades knowledge-intensive societies of the molecular age.

This is reflected also in the mounting discourse on the societal implications of epigenetics, in which vast expectations coexist with significant uncertainty about what aspects of this science are most relevant for politics or policy alike. This is therefore a suitable time to reflect on the directions that social theory could most productively take in the scrutiny of this revolution. Here we take this opportunity in both its scholarly and normative dimension, that is, proposing a roadmap for social theorizing on epigenetics that does not shy away from, and indeed hopefully guides, the framing of its most socially relevant outputs.

To this end, we start with an epistemological reappraisal of epigenetic discourse that valorizes the blurring of meanings as a critical asset for the field and privileged analytical entry point. We then propose three paths of investigation. The first looks at the structuring elements of controversies and visions around epigenetics. The second probes the mutual constitution between the epigenetic reordering of living phenomena and the normative settlements that orient individual and collective responsibilities.

The third highlights the material import of epigenetics and the molecularization of culture that it mediates.

We suggest that these complementary strands provide both an epistemically and socially self-reflective framework to advance the study of epigenetics as a molecular juncture between nature and nurture and thus as the new critical frontier in the social studies of the life sciences.

The Herschel mission, equipped with the largest telescope ever launched in space 3. Herschel will give them an unprecedented view, allowing them to see deep into star forming regions, galactic centres and planetary systems. The spacecraft is equipped so as to cool them close to absolute zero To have achieved this particular feature alone is a remarkable accomplishment for European industry and science. The final integration of the various components of the Herschel spacecraft - payload module, cryostat, service module, telescope and solar arrays - will be completed in the next few months.

This phase will be followed by a series of tests to get the spacecraft ready for launch at the end of July Herschel will be launched into space on an Ariane 5 ECA rocket. Media interested to attend the press event are invited to fill in the reply form below. There is also a host of subcontractors spread throughout Europe. The three Herschel. Compares Chinese and Iranian Cultural Revolutions via examination of similarities and differences between the two and draws lessons from the Chinese experience for Iran or any other developing nations which decides to politicize its education systems.

Lebreton, J. Debris disks are signposts of analogs to small-body populations of the solar system, often, however, with much higher masses and dust production rates. We undertake constructing a consistent model of the system that can explain a diverse collection of spatial and spectral data.

We model in detail the two-component disk and the dust properties from the sub-AU scale to the outermost regions by fitting simultaneously all measurements against a large parameter space. The properties of the cold belt are consistent with a collisional cascade in a reservoir of ice-free planetesimals at AU. It shows marginal evidence for asymmetries along the major axis. KIN enables us to establish that the warm dust consists of a ring that peaks between 0.

We discuss additional constraints from the LBTI and near-infrared spectra, and we present predictions of what James Webb Space Telescope can unveil about this unusual object and whether it can detect unseen planets. As it takes place today, capital displaces labor force in every industry, service and activity, country, territory and region all over the world; workers are dismissed and are transferred to speculative activities of the fictional capital.

This lesser disposition of labor force eventually harms the mean profit rate and, as time goes by, it provokes a crisis. The present capitalist crisis is resultant from the insufficiency and, to certain extent, to the incapacity of mechanisms from the system to generate enough value production in the labor process, to provide value to the invested capital in settings of production, raw matter, and in labor force or variable capital; to create more value and to regain increased profit rate.

These restraints of the financial capital fictional capital cause a deviation to the speculative plan and contribute for the formation of tragic speculative bubbles in sectors such as those of housing, energy and food.

This is the way the capitalist system enters a civilian, structural and organic crisis, as it is now. To go beyond the capital means to construct structures and superstructures of a new non-capitalist society based on a new way to produce, to work and to keep harmonious and friendly human social relations.

It is difficult to have a successful revolution if not with the education of its agents, that is, the organized front people, parties and syndicates that will raise the social, political and cultural.

Scientific Revolutions and Political Attitudes. The non-Euclidean revolution. How unique and definitive is Euclidean geometry in describing the "real" space in which we live? Richard Trudeau confronts the fundamental question of truth and its representation through mathematical models in The Non-Euclidean Revolution. First, the author analyzes geometry in its historical and philosophical setting; second, he examines a revolution every bit as significant as the Copernican revolution in astronomy and the Darwinian revolution in biology; third, on the most speculative level, he questions the possibility of absolute knowledge of the world.

Trudeau writes in a lively, entertaining, and highly accessible style. His book provides one of the most stimulating and personal presentations of a struggle with the nature of truth in mathematics and the physical world.

The book is a good addition to our literature o Revolutions that made the earth. The Earth that sustains us today was born out of a few remarkable, near-catastrophic revolutions , started by biological innovations and marked by global environmental consequences. The revolutions have certain features in common, such as an increase in the complexity, energy utilization, and information processing capabilities of life.

This book describes these revolutions , showing the fundamental interdependence of the evolution of life and its non-living environment. We would not exist unless these upheavals had led eventually to 'successful' outcomes - meaning that after each one, at length, a new stable world emerged. The current planet-reshaping activities of our species may be the start of another great Earth system revolution , but there is no guarantee that this one will be successful.

This book explains what a successful transition through it might look like, if we are wise enough to steer such a course.

This book places humanity in context as part of the Earth system, using a new scientific synthe Energy Revolution Against Climate Change. Energy revolution is taking place in the world with objective to mitigate consequences of evident climate change, caused mostly by emissions of the greenhouse gases from combustion of fossil fuels coal, oil and natural gas.

The principal elements of the energy revolution are decrease in energy consumption by increase in energy efficiency and substitution of fossil fuels by renewable energies, supported by 'clean' fossil fuels and nuclear energy. An information revolution in orthopaedics. With the established success of the National Joint Registry and the emergence of a range of new national initiatives for the capture of electronic data in the National Health Service, orthopaedic surgery in the United Kingdom has found itself thrust to the forefront of an information revolution.

In this review we consider the benefits and threats that this revolution poses, and how orthopaedic surgeons should marshal their resources to ensure that this is a force for good.

The Nanotechnology R evolution. Nanotechnology as a social concept and investment focal point has drawn much attention. Here we consider the place of nanotechnology in the second great technological revolution of mankind that began some years ago. The so-called nanotechnology revolution represents both a continuation of prior science and technology trends and a re-awakening to the benefits of significant investment in fundamental research. We consider the role the military might play in the development of nanotechnology We request These two lines are the main cooling lines of the atomic medium.

By measuring their fluxes, we will measure 1 the cooling efficiency of gas, 2 gas densities and temperatures near starforming regions, and 3 gas pressures, which are important to drive the winds that provide feedback to starformation processes.

Then perhaps we can understand why star formation and AGN activity peaked at this epoch. In Herschel cycle OT1, 49 high redshift IR luminous galaxies were approved for spectroscopy, but only two so-called normal galaxies were included. This is an imbalance that should be corrected, to balance Herschel 's legacy. Swinyard, Bruce; Polehampton, E. In this paper, we briefly review the FTS design, operation, and data reduction, and describe in detail the approach taken to relative calibration removal of instrument signatures and absolute calibration against standard astronomical sources.

The calibration scheme assumes a sp Continued monitoring of aeolian activity within Herschel Crater, Mars. In this work, we study a dark dune field on the western side of Herschel crater, a km diameter impact basin located near the Martian equator We develop an integrated analysis using 1 automated ripple mapping that yields ripple orientations and evaluates the spatial variation of actual atmospheric wind conditions within the dunes, 2 an optical cross-correlation that allows us to quantify an average ripple migration rate of 0.

Our observations are consistent with previous work [1] [2] that detected aeolian activity in the western part of the crater. It also demonstrates that not only are the westerly Herschel dunes movable, but that predominant winds from the north are able to keep the ripples and dunes active within most if not all of Herschel crater in the current atmospheric conditions.

References: [1] Cardinale, M. Present-day aeolian activity in Herschel Crater, Mars. Icarus , An integrated model for dune morphology and sand fluxes on Mars.

Earth and Planetary Science Letters, , pp. I discuss the synergies between Simbol-X and three among the major astronomical facilities that, in the next decade, will be operative in the infrared-millimeter spectral range, namely JWST, Herschel and ALMA. I first provide a brief overview of the main features and observing capabilities offered by these facilities.

Then I will discuss a few research fields mostly extragalactic that will geatly benefit of the joint exploitation of Simbol-X and these IR-mm observatories. Towards a new energy revolution? At the time of the Today, in industrialized countries and if we include all forms of energies space heating, transport, production, feeding etc. We have reached a 'power society' which has put no limit to its growth needs. However, this growth is based on an immoderate consumption of fossil fuels which are on the way of exhaustion.

A new energy revolution appears as inevitable to us, but will it be similar or in opposition to the previous ones? This revolution will have to integrate a new parameter: the need to fit with a sustainable development philosophy. To determine the conditions of this revolution , it is useful to analyse the energy systems from the needs to the resources, in a historical, philosophical and technical manner.

Starting from this analysis, this book explores the possibilities to build the transition towards this new energy revolution. Telemedicine: the slow revolution. The use of interactive video has been recognized as a means of delivering medical support to isolated areas since the s.

The Department of Defense recognized early the capacity of telemedicine to deliver medical care and support to front-line military personnel. That project had 6 connected telemedicine sites: 3 in Austin, Texas, and 3 in Giddings, Texas a small community 55 miles to the southeast of Austin. The sites in Giddings included a chronic outpatient dialysis facility, an inpatient psychiatric hospital, and the emergency department at Giddings Hospital.

Patient contact began in April and continued through March During that period, data on the patient contacts made were recorded. Today, a secure Internet connection with full-motion video and wireless data transfer to almost any location in the world is achievable with an iPad.

Multiple inexpensive applications with connections for electrocardiogram, otoscope, and stethoscope, among others, make this technology extremely inexpensive and user-friendly. The revolution now is rapidly moving forward, with Medicare reimbursing telemedicine contacts in medically underserved areas. Multiple bills are before Congress to expand Medicare and therefore private insurance payment for this service.

Thailand's reproductive revolution. Thailand is quite distinct from either China or South Korea, the leaders in fertility decline. It has neither China's authoritarian power system to enforce population control nor the highly developed, Westernized outlook of South Korea. Instead it achieved its astounding fertility drop through a noncoercive family planning program operating within a context of rapid social change and a cultural setting.

Thailand's drop in population growth has touched almost all segments of Thai society. The preferred number of children among couples married less than 5 years has dropped in both rural and urban families at almost exactly the same rate, from about 3. Religious groups represent the only substantial difference in family size preference; Moslem women married less than 5 years stated a desired average of 3.

The direct case of the fertility drop is a national increase in contraceptive use. The Thai population, however, was ripe for using contraception when it became available due to 1 mass media creating a desire for consumer goods, 2 the increased costs of education to parents, 3 the willingness of parents to trade off "parent repayment" from many children for a few quality children, 4 couples' autonomy in fertility decision making, 5 the high status of women in Thailand, and 6 the fact that Buddhism poses no barriers to contraception.

Current trends show no immediate sign of change. The second quantum revolution. The development of quantum mechanics has now reached such a level that we can consider its promising applications in various fields as a looming second quantum revolution.

The classical computer that relies on logical gates is out, now quantum properties open the way to new machines that will simulate nature's events exactly, this will be possible because both nature and the machine will be quantum.

The machine will mimic nature and some problems like high temperature superconductivity that resist any modelling will be reproduced easily and then put within hand reach to be understood.

Another application is quantum imaging based on the property of quantum entanglement. In the case of 2 entangled particle beams, the measurement of the properties of one beam fixes the values on the other beam. In other words, in case of entangled fluctuations, the measurement of the fluctuations on one beam fixes the value of the fluctuations on the other beam and by subtracting them on the second beam, we get a more accurate result: we have made the background noise disappear.

The most known application of quantum mechanics is cryptography to assure the security of information transfer. Various systems have proved its efficiency but this technology is hampered by the damping of the signal in optical fibers and is reliable on distances shorter than a few hundreds kilometers.

Taxation and the American Revolution. Full Text Available This article looks at the interrelationship between revolution and tax in the context of the American Revolution. It examines the role of ordinary people in demanding, among other things, as part of wider demands for democracy and equality, no taxation without representation. The digital revolution in energy. The growth of renewable sources of energy on the planet in particular, solar power is deeply altering the economics of energy. The decentralization of decision-making, the placing of users at the center of systems, the management of energy consumption in buildings, new forms of mobility Do digital technology and energy naturally converge For sure, a revolution , but one that has to take place, first of all, in our heads.

Revolution in nuclear detection affairs. Urges a change in engineering education for developing leaders. Describes three previous revolutions in American higher education which responded to the needs of the community. Suggests lifelong education as the fourth revolution.

Do the Herschel cold clouds in the Galactic halo embody its dark matter? From the observed rotational velocity. Information Technology and the Third Industrial Revolution.

Discusses the so-called third industrial revolution , or the information revolution. Topics addressed include the progression of the revolution in the U. Discoverers of the universe William and Caroline Herschel. Discoverers of the Universe tells the gripping story of William Herschel , the brilliant, fiercely ambitious, emotionally complex musician and composer who became court astronomer to Britain's King George III, and of William's sister, Caroline, who assisted him in his observations of the night sky and became an accomplished astronomer in her own right.

Together, they transformed our view of the universe from the unchanging, mechanical creation of Newton's clockmaker god to the ever-evolving, incredibly dynamic cosmos that it truly is.

William was in his forties when his amateur observations usi. Re-thinking the Revolution. The Information Revolution in Geography. Describes a number of topics in geography that are effected by the multimedia information revolution. These include research in political geography, finance, and the geography of tourism and medicine.

Considers new technologies assisting spatial modeling and visualization of data and their effects on these fields. Who needs a greener revolution? To meet the challenge of producing sufficient food for 9 billion people by , many have proposed a new green revolution. Textual support for this reading is found in 1. Rosencrantz states that the lives of many depend on the well-being of the King.

He warns that if the King were to be imperiled, his subjects, those "ten thousand lesser things", would fall in a "boisterous ruin" along with "each small annexment" and "petty consequence. Since " revolution " is used in the context of digging, it may refer as much to the Diggesian as the Copernican Revolution.

Shakespeare's prescience is revealed by his anticipation of change, as encapsulated geocentricity is transformed to stellar boundlessness, while his presence is suggested by fatherly concerns and ghost-like direction. Automation; The New Industrial Revolution. Automation is a word that describes the workings of computers and the innovations of automatic transfer machines in the factory. As the hallmark of the new industrial revolution , computers displace workers and create a need for new skills and retraining programs.

With improved communication between industry and the educational community to…. The Quality Revolution in Education. Whether viewed through Deming's 14 points, Juran's Trilogy, or Kaoru Ishikawa's Thought Revolution , Total Quality Management embodies 4 fundamental tenets: primary focus on customers and suppliers, universal commitment to continuous improvement, a systems approach, and top management responsibility.

Educational organizations are recreating their…. Women and the Information Revolution. Provides a social and economic context to the information revolution and women's part in it. Speculates on how current and near-term developments in information technology can benefit women scientists from all disciplines.

Discusses some of the efforts of the National Science Foundation NSF to increase the participation of women in computer and…. The objective is to study one of these primordial objects at close quarters by placing a lander on its surface and chasing, with an orbiter, the comet for millions of kilometres through space.

Comets - among the oldest 4. Thus the Rosetta's discoveries will allow the scientists to learn more about birth and evolution of the planets and about the origin of life on the Earth. Roger Bonnet. The full size version of the spacecraft is 32 metres across, so large that it would stretch the entire width of a football pitch.

Almost 90 of this is accounted for by the giant solar panels which are needed to provide electrical power in the dark depths of the Solar System. In addition, the opening of the British Museum's 'Cracking Codes' Exhibition, for which the Rosetta Stone is the centrepiece, is set to take place on 10 July. The Rosetta mission. In order to gain sufficient speed to reach the distant comet, Rosetta will require gravity assists from the Earth twice and Mars. Fallscheer, C. We have identified dense sources and classified of those.

With the intention of investigating the existence of cold massive starless or class 0-like clumps that would have the potential to form intermediate- to high-mass stars, we further isolate 13 clumps as the most likely candidates for follow-up studies. They range in size from 0. Spectral energy distributions are then used to characterize their energetics and evolutionary state through a luminosity-mass diagram.

NGC has a highly filamentary structure, previously unseen in the dust continuum of existing submillimeter surveys. We report the most complete imaging to date of a large, evacuated ring of material in NGC which is bordered by many cool sources.

The unforgotten sisters female astronomers and scientists before Caroline Herschel. The selected figures are among the most representative of this neglected world, including such luminaries as Hypatia of Alexandra, Hildegard of Bingen, Elisabetha Hevelius, and Maria Gaetana Agnesi.

They span a period of about years, from En HeduAnna, the Akkadian princess, who was one of the first recognized female astronomers, to the dawn of the era of modern astronomy with Caroline Herschel and Mary Somerville. The book will be of interest to all who wish to learn more The impinging jet spray formation of two non-Newtonian, shear-thinning, Herschel -Bulkley fluids was investigated in this work.

The water-based gelled solutions used were 1. A rotational rheometer and a capillary viscometer were used to measure the strain-rate dependency of viscosity and the Herschel -Bulkley Extended HBE rheological model was used to characterize the shear-thinning behavior. A like-on-like impinging jet doublet was used to produce atomization. Shadowgraphs were captured in the plane of the sheet formed by the two jets using a CCD camera with an Nd:YAG laser beam providing the back-illumination.

Typical behavior for impinging jet atomization using Newtonian liquids was not generally observed due to the non-Newtonian, viscous properties of the agar and kappa carrageenan gels. Instead various spray patterns were observed depending on Rej , gen - HBE. Spray characteristics of maximum instability wavelength and sheet breakup length were extracted from the shadowgraphs. Unveiling DNA structural properties of promoter regions of Unveiling DNA structural properties of promoter regions of prokaryotic transcriptome and their role in gene expression.

Aditya Kumar. Assistant Professor. Tezpur University. Tezpur — , Assam It departs from a presupposition that our common world is experiencing a transition from a broad Eurocentric historical context into a non-Eurocentric broad historical context. It proceeds by a historical discussion on the concepts related to wars, reforms and revolutions and explains why, in the context of the actual phase of global transition and the First Real World War, it is, despite earlier discussions on revolutions and world revolutions , meaningful to suggest that our common world is experiencing a First Real World Revolution.

Urban legends. The urban legends about terrorists that emerged during the revolution of December represent a special category. They are closely connected to the manipulation and diversion techniques and are typical of the period in which they were launched. The consequences they entailed were dramatic, even tragic: civilian and military casualties, destruction and appropriation of valuable goods that were part of the national patrimony, the ridicule of military actions in those days, meant to counterat Revolution and progress in medicine.

This paper adapts Kuhn's conceptual framework to developmental episodes in the theory and practice of medicine. Previous attempts to understand the reception of Ignaz Semmelweis's work on puerperal fever in Kuhnian terms are used as a starting point. The author identifies some limitations of these attempts and proposes a new way of understanding the core Kuhnian notions of "paradigm," "progress," and " revolution " in the context of a socially embedded technoscience such as medicine.

Radiation and the green revolution. An important contribution to plant breeding is now being made by using radiation techniques to induce mutations. Benefits have been seen in a number of food crop varieties, and in some cases threats of shortages caused by disease have been averted. In addition to the fact that it is one aspect of the Green Revolution which is alleviating many food problems, the technique is proving of value to breeders of flowers and ornamental plants.

Technology cycles and technology revolutions. Technological cycles have been characterized as the basis of long and continuous periods economic growth through sustained changes in total factor productivity. While this hypothesis is in part consistent with several theories of growth, the sheer magnitude and length of the economic revolutions experienced by humankind seems to indicate surmise that more attention should be given to the origin of major technological and economic changes, with reference to one crucial question: role of production and use of energy in economic development.

William and Caroline Herschel pioneers in late 18th-century astronomy. This beautifully structured book presents the essentials of William and Caroline Herschel 's pioneering achievements in late 18th-century astronomy.

Michael Hoskin shows that William Herschel was the first observational cosmologist and one of the first observers to attack the sidereal universe beyond the solar system: Herschel built instruments far better than any being used at the royal observatory. Aided by his sister Caroline, he commenced a great systematic survey that led to his discovery of Uranus in Unlike observers before him, whose telescopes did not reveal them as astronomical obj.

The Revolution in Tuva. Soviet historiography prioritized the Great October Socialist revolution , but the events of began in February. The course of February revolution in Tannu Tuva Uriankhai did not automatically lead to the victory of the Bolsheviks and the establishment of the Soviet power.

In spring and summer , revolutionary change in Tuva was largely peaceful and constructive. Supported by the whole Russian population of Tuva, members of the Socialist Revolutionary Party formed the new local government and coopted representatives of Tuvan principalities as partners of the new Russian power. Bolshevik ideas, howsoever high the popularity of their supporters in Tuva might have been, did not find massive endorsement in the region.

One of the most complex issues of the revolution in the region was incorporating the political system of Tuva into that of the Russian Republic. On the whole, both the revolutionary events of and the vocal presence of all Russian political forces in the region pointed towards the future accession of Tuva into the Russian Republic.

Complementary far-IR and sub-mm continuum data including PACS data from our program are used to constrain the spectral energy distribution of each source. H2O intensities are compared The different H2O profile components show a clear evolutionary trend: in the Class 0 sources, emission is dominated by outflow components originating inside an infalling envelope. Society and culture. Theory and concepts. By country. See also. See also: Intersex.

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