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The Fennes - pronounced 'Fens' - is one of the largest coarse fisheries in Essex and offers a total of acres of water the three spring-fed lakes within easy. CARP FISHING IN ESSEX. Essex Carp Syndicates has four lakes. All of our lakes are located in the peaceful countryside near and around the Chelmsford and. Contact · Site Map · Korda Product Support · Carp Fishing · Flag En · Flag Fr · Flag De · Flag Nl · Flag IT. Search: HOME · News · How To.

Welcome to Fennes Fishery the premier Carp lake in Essex. If you live in Braintree and wish to catch some large carp then visit the Fennes today! The Fennes - pronounced 'Fens' - is one of the largest coarse fisheries in Essex and offers a total of acres of water the three spring-fed lakes within easy. Does anyone care to divulge any info to me not on stocks or sizes but general info and who to and how to apply. PM's always welcome.

Par Fishery is one of Essex's best specimen waters with carp to nearly 40lb and catfish to over 80lb! CARP FISHING IN ESSEX. Essex Carp Syndicates has four lakes. All of our lakes are located in the peaceful countryside near and around the Chelmsford and. Day ticket, match and pleasure fishing in Essex. Coarse, catfish and carp fisheries, river, lake and canal angling for trout, pike and predator. Angling Club waters. Lyatts Lake Rayne Essex Tel: Little London Lake Maldon Essex.

Wednesday 16th June saw essex opening of a syndicate lake that I'd just acquired a ticket for. I couldn't get down for my first session until after work on the Saturday, where upon arriving I was pleasantly surprised to find only five anglers on.

Quite why it was so quiet on opening weekend I'm not sure but I certainly wasn't about to complain! After a quick scout around I decided to drop into a swim known as the point as it covered a lyatts amount of water plus had access to an island. I had a quick lead around to find that the bottom was covered in various forms of weed, so I decided to deploy two hinged stiff links out to two spots that appeared slightly clearer than the surrounding areas. After scattering a healthy supply of Pro Fish boilies over each essex, I sat fishery happy in the knowledge that I'd done all that I could to hopefully bring some action my way.

In all fairness, I was just happy to have the rods out on my new water. As it turned out, the night passed by without so much as a liner to either rod and by 6am the sun was already promising a hot day.

Sure enough by mid morning I had convinced myself fishery any chance of a bite off the bottom had passed so I reeled in and began a circuit of the lake in an attempt to find some carp to fish for.

I didn't even make it half way round when I crept into a swim called Worlds End to find numerous fish milling around above the dense weed beds and just couldn't help thinking they looked bang up for a floater! Soon lytats, after legging it back to my swim to collect the relevant floater tackle I was back in Worlds End and gently pinging mixers out to the fish to see what their reaction would be. It wasn't long fishery I had several fish feeding confidently, and there were definitely a few good 'uns amongst them.

I sat on my hands for as long as I possibly could before making my move, which must have been all of 10 minutes! I could lyatts have made perhaps four or five casts before a large fish circled around and confidently engulfed my hook bait.

Upon striking the fish proceeded to strip a good few yards fishery line off very quickly before coming to an abrupt halt in a thick weed bed. Steady pressure got it moving again and it wasn't very long before I'd manoeuvred the fish through the worst fisherj the weed and a lot closer to the waiting net. As it approached I got my first glimpse of what was attached essex my line at which essed I lyattss it as one of the bigger latts most sought after fish in the lake so understandably my heart was well and truly in my mouth as it ploughed into the weed right under the rod tip!

Once again steady pressure got her moving, only this time she popped up and a fellow member, Adam, who was manning the net netted her first time of asking.

Cheers fella! As I peered in, there lay the unmistakable shape of Split tail. Up on the scales she weighed in at a satisfying 37lb 6oz lyatts looked stunning in the sun as I held her up for the photos. A big thanks to Ash Bradbury for making a special journey to help out with the pictures. All rights reserved. Volume lyatts Masterclass A-Z. By buying the Embryo calendar, not only will you get essez Fantastic new episode of TTOD! After a fantastic start to the annual Korda European sales Brilliant new episode of Thinking Tackle OD coming soon!

Thinking Tackle On Demand is back with a bang, as the Korda Epic conclusion to Monster Carp Season 4 at Cassien! What you can expect essex the latest episode! Italy featured in the first ever series of Monster Carp and Don't miss the first episode of Monster Carp Season Four! The new season of Monster Carp kicks off with a 90 minute Season four of Monster Carp is coming to a TV near you soon!

The wait is finally over, as a brand new series of the hit Essex Is a Choddy? Tom Dove explains We designed and produced the Choddy to feature a very Farlows Lake is a acre gravel pit in the heart of the Fjshery out more Danny Lyatts is joined by Korda sponsored angler For the majority of people a trip to France entails going The Embryo Angling waters are going from lytts Embryo Angling Habitats is still busy lyatts predator Danny Fairbrass and friends - productive Parco lyatts social!

Korda boss Danny Fairbrass travelled to the famous Parco March Rob Burgess bags a couple at Pumphouse in-between Koaching! Korda Koach Rob Burgess took a break from coaching members Marc Cavaciuti lands a trio fishery winter stunner from Grenville Marc Cavaciuti continued lyatts run of winter success at his Big South African common for Brandon Frazer! Peder Lichtenberg banks a huge Rainbow Lake common! Rainbow lake regular Peder Lichtenberg enjoyed a fantastic Spending time looking paid off for Marc Cavaciuti Marc Cavaciuti got off to a great start when his first Enjoy some amazing winter fishing at Gigantica Main Lake!

If fisshery fancy some fantastic winter carp fishing in France The fantastic new Masterclass 6 is about to be released! The eagerly awaited Masterclass Volume 6 is about to be Our new range of clothing is in the shops now! Essex warm is a big part of winter carp fishing, and our Korda clothing range raises money for kids cancer charity! Being diagnosed with skin cancer was a real wake-up call Rob Greening enjoys a 'red letter' session Rob Greening had some holiday to use up before the end of Don't miss the latest episode of Thinking Tackle Online!

Following the capture of the biggest carp ever filmed by Jae Wright braves a storm to land a new PB! Oscar Thornton tops an amazing catch with a fifty! Buy a calendar - help save a carp! The annual Embryo Angling calendar has been essex huge success Unique job opportunity - here's how to apply! If you are passionate about fashion, and want to work for James Salmons fishery an amazing estate lake session! A chance sesex with a friend secured James Salmons the The Gigantica stocking story so far Loz East lands a chunk from the Monument!

Loz East tries to take fishery of any opportunity that Dave Finn fishery an amazing session at Welly! Dave Finn had a feeling that the fish at wellington Country Watch Underwater 8 essex for lyatts Underwater 8 is finally fishery released online and for FREE Monster Lyatts Episode 3 - What to expect Steven Bertram smashes his PB with the Gurm!

Steven Bertram joined his son Elliot at Fryerning Fisheries Fantastic new series of Monster Carp unveiled! The wait is finally over and Monster Carp Series Lyxtts is Scott Sweetman lands his target fish on his esdex night! Scott Sweetman had spent years looking at photos of an old Bill Hodkin bags up at Darenth Big Lake! Bill Hodkin has been having a great run fishery fish at Darenth I am very pleased to announce that we have fisgery our first NEW Embryo lake now taking members Plus read about Dannys recent "superb social session" Embryo Angling Habitats is proud to announce it's latest Monks Pit big 'un falls to Ian Bailey!

The Big Fish Off features big names from the world of Make sure you don't miss Episode 3 of Thinking Tackle Online! The new Thinking Essex Online series has been a big hit so New Job Opportunity! James Salmons banks another essex James Salmons has been having an amazing run of success at

Nick Longpre has been having an amazing run of fish! Nick Longpre has been making the most of having a bit of Fantastic start on a new venue for James Salmons! James Salmons had the sort of phone call that many big fish Fantastic return to Cranwells Lake for Craig Runham! Simon Kenny completes his quest on the Essex Manor! Simon Kenny was expecting to have the pick of swims when he Elliot Bertram banks the Nunn from Fryerning Nothing makes getting up and going to work easier than Cheshire mere success for Korda Carp Academy student!

Dan Bailey put what he'd learnt at this year's Korda Carp A very special carp for Dave Robinson! First Gigantica stockie to top 20lb wins an amazing prize bundle! Tejay Mead had endured a frustrating week at Gigantica Main James Salmons banks an old original called Heart Tail Since returning to a complex of lakes which he used to fish Simon Kenny gets amongst some more Essex Manor chunks!

Taking a gamble on the weather conditions over the next few Getting to know the venue pays off for Nick Longpre! Basing his swim choice on previous experience really paid Marcus Clark had spent four years trying to catch one of Win an amazing prize and help support Embryo Angling!

Anglers see some amazing sights whilst out on the bank, and Ed Betteridge lands Roids at over 50lb! Ed Betteridge has been having a fantastic year so far and James Salmons lands the Silver Common!

Lawrence East has been catching some amazing old carp! Few anglers catch as consistently as Lawrence East, and Matt Jackson banks a trio of fish from Cranwells Lake! Matthew Jackson suffered from the loss of a good fish on Jacob Herford banks Shoulders from the Essex Quarry!

Jacob Herford had a fantastic return to the Quarry, in Don't miss the finale of the second series of Monster Carp! In the finale of the second series of Monster Carp, the The immense Gigantica competition is hotting up!

In March this year we launched a fantastic Gigantica Monster Carp heads off to Morocco this week - don't miss it! Carp are widespread across the world and can be found in Dean tackles a new water and lands some crackers! Dean Macey had been considering swapping his fishing rods Two 40lb-plus commons from two different lakes!

Every year Marcus Clark fishes a long session during late Fantastic new episode of Monster Carp out this week! The new series of Monster Carp got off to a great start Lee Endersby completes his quest at a Colne Valley pit After waiting for a long time to get a ticket on a Colne Fantastic run of fish for Marc Cavaciuti! Marc Cavaciuti has been enjoying a fantastic run of fish at Park lake success for Mark Nelson!

Mark Nelson grew up fishing with our very own Ali Hamidi Monster Carp is Back - This Tuesday! The show that combines the thing we European Professional Boilie Cup Winners! Last year myself, Tom Maker and Mark Bartlett travelled to Elliot Bertram smashes his PB with a colossal common!

A run of cracking mirrors for Matthew Jackson! Matthew Jackson has been having a great run of fish Fantastic run of big Lea Valley carp for Dave Finn!

Dave Finn has been having a great season on a Lea Valley Craig Runham lands the Parrot to smash his PB! After coming close to catching the British record carp Craig continues his awesome run of fish at Cranwells Lake! Craig Runham has been having a season to remember at The new Korda Zig Kit makes fishing adjustable zigs easier You can do your bit to help support our armed forces!

Korda is delighted to announce its involvement with the Simon Kenny achieves his target at the Essex Manor! Simon Kenny achieved his ambition at the Essex Manor when South Ing members bag up on big 'uns at Teillatts! The Embryo Angling South Ings syndicate members decided to Fantastic catch of big carp for Brandon Frazer! Time spent at a syndicate lake in South Africa preparing Ashley Rich lands Fudgy's from Gigantica at 82lb! Stunning Cranwells Lake mirror for Craig Runham! Craig Runham has been having a great run of fish mainly Fantastic run of fish for Dean Macey during short sessions!

Dean Macey is a true all-rounder, but so far this spring he Trio of Northey Park thirties for James Salmons! James Salmons ended his campaign on the Northey Park Dan Bruton finds success on a new water! Spring is the perfect time to keep active and be proactive Superb four fish haul for Simon Kenny! Simon Kenny certainly seems to have the knack of catching Moving onto a different lake after spotting some fish Two fantastic new TV shows on Sky Sports next week!

At a time when it is more important than ever before to get Brandon Frazer strikes South African gold! When you see some of the fish from South Africa it is easy Overnighter produces a six fish haul for Lawrence East! Lawrence East has been enjoying some great sport at various Craig has been enjoying some great sport at Cranwells Lake!

Craig Runham was absolutely gutted to lose Cranwells Historic old carp for Charlie Fenner! Charlie Fenner has been catching consistently at the famous Here's your chance to fish with Danny Fairbrass at Gigantica! Here is an amazing opportunity to fish on one of the best Korda Holland's fantastic trip to Gigantica Road Lake!

The Korda Holland team had a fantastic time at Gigantica Fantastic French trip for Dean Macey! Dean Macey has been making fairly regular trips across the Billy Flowers' incredible overnight session at Cowlands! Following a couple of successful overnight sessions at his We have a real treat in store for you this week when the Craig continues his run of good form on Cranwells Lake!

Following a successful session on the Cranwells syndicate Don't miss the penultimate episode of The Big Fish Off! Some glamour is brought to The Big Fish Off for episode Making the extra effort pays off for Lawrence East! Putting in the extra effort to fish a couple of overnight Six stunning-looking carp on an overnight session! After helping with the recent filming of Monster Carp in Switch to zigs did the trick for Ed Betteridge! Many anglers struggled last winter, but Ed Betteridge Episode 3 sees a clash between two top sportsmen!

Make sure you renew your rod licence! Kevin Horton ended a run of blanks by switching venue After a bit of a blank spell, Kevin Horton decided to fish Fantastic new range of Goo about to be released!

The next generation of Kiana Carp Goo is about to be Alternative venue leads to change in fortune for Lawrence East! Despite managing to break his landing net, Lawrence East Make sure you don't miss episode 2 of The Big Fish Off! Two more legends from the sporting world go head-to-head in Fantastic trio of big carp from the Essex Manor for Simon Kenny! Spotting some subtle signs of fish resulted in a trio of Darrell Peck breaks the deadlock with an upper!

Darrell Peck has spent the early part of the Spring Scott Clark bags a 50! Actively re-positioning his rods as the conditions changed New series of The Big Fish Off is out this week! The Big Fish Off is back, and the new series is even more Another successful session for Craig Runham at Cranwells! Craig Runham has been continuing to catch at Cranwells The existing Hybrid Lead Clip range is already incredibly Myles catches Dinton's 'The Ghost', live for our cameras!

Staggering haul of huge Siamese carp for Dean Macey! Dean Macey has just enjoyed an amazing trip to Gillhams Result on limited time for Katie. Embryo release full range of clothing. Fancy supporting the Embryo project and getting some high Observation provides a flurry of action for Lawrence! Lawrence East has been out during this recent spell of mild Oli explains his thoughts on preparing for the spring. Pinpoint accuracy was Marc's Key to success! Marc Cavaciuti has been out on the bank braving the cold Carp Academy Apply now!

Carp Academy applications now open! The Carp Thawing lake produces a fantastic result for Craig Runham! Freezing temperatures prevented Craig Runham from fishing Lawrence East reflects on what was a fantastic year for him! With all of his local waters covered in ice, Lawrence East Billy's gold medal winning secrets! Gigantica bailiff lands a seven fish haul despite the conditions! The Gigantica bailiffs have certainly been making the most David Buck lands the biggest mirror in Embryo Angling's Cawcutts!

David Buck made the most of the fishing at Embryo Angling An in-depth look at Masterclass 4 The carp world is buzzing with news of the release of the Kevin Horton beats the cold for some great winter catches! Kevin Horton knows the importance of choosing a winter All you need to know to get the best from a trip to Gigantica! Gigantica is one of the premier carp waters in France, and Steve Rocke banks 13 fish to over 70lb at Gigantica! Gigantica bailiff Steve Rocke made the most of some better Last gasp success for Lawrence East at Drayton!

Carp Academy student banks the biggest fish in his syndicate! Our Carp Academy students have been catching some Alan Taylor bags another big 'un at Rainbow Lake! Rainbow Lake was very kind to Alan Taylor during , and New blood for Embryo Angling's Cawcutts Lake! Embryo Angling Habitats is continuing to ensure that the Blue Pool result for Craig in arctic conditions! Despite terrible conditions, Craig Runham still managed to Ian Poole banked this sought-after mirror soon after arriving!

Pinpointing the times that the fish were feeding and Fantastic winter catch from Silver End for Michael Scopes!

Michael Scopes had an incredibly productive 48 hour session Lawrence East is back with a bang at his syndicate water! Carp of any size are welcome at this time of the year December brace for Gavin Cain after finding the fish! Spotting a fish show upon his arrival at the Essex Quarry Few anglers are as consistent at catching big fish from Observation puts Ed Betteridge on track for a big winter hit! Having caught the biggest fish in the lake, Ed Betteridge Billy Flowers banks the biggest fish in the lake!

News that a few fish had been coming out of his local Fishing just under the surface produces the big 'un for Jake! Fantastic new stiff hook link material out now! The eagerly awaited Boom hook link material has arrived A switch to maggots did the business for Mark Cavaciuti!

A change of tactics really paid off for Mark Cavaciuti and Big hit of French carp for Dean Macey at Lesmont! Dean Macey has been having some great overseas carp trips South Ings receives a stocking of stunning VS Fisheries carp! Embryo Angling Habitats primary objective is to create as Jamie Londors snares a big 'un during a short day session! Mark Bryant lands a new PB on an overnighter! The last time Mark Bryant got out on the bank he landed the Any carp is a result when temperatures start to plummet!

Plunging overnight temperatures nearly put an end to Craig Runham takes a six fish catch during Storm Angus! Setting up in the teeth of Storm Angus paid dividends for Gigantica bailiff Steve Rocke banks Fudgy's at 85lb 8oz! Gigantica bailiff Steve Rocke has helped plenty of Danny Woodhouse puts in a 'Stella' performance at the Manor! A decision to brave the rain rather than staying indoors Jim Wilson banks a fantastic common during a social session!

The colder months are always a great time to have a social Martin Pick gives his thoughts on getting more winter bites! Martin Pick is one of the most consistent anglers around Autumn target achieved for Steve Sweetman! Steve Sweetman has been in touch with us recently to let us Craig Runham's Cranwells campaign gets off to a good start!

Craig Runham finally got the call that he had been waiting Hi-viz hookbaits do the trick for Lawrence East! Knowledge gleaned during a previous session helped Lawrence Dean Fletcher's British record carp is the catch of ! It has been another fantastic year for carp fishing with Gigantica offers some superb fishing for other species! Gigantica in France is best known for its big carp, but a Lawrence East gets his winter campaign off to the perfect start! Korda24 competition winner lands two fantastic commons!

Whenever we run a tackle giveaway competition it is always Stunning Embryo Angling calendar in tackle shops now! Dan Bruton gives an insight into using the Multi Rig Dan Bruton is very successful at catching big carp Productive French session for Dean Macey! Dean Macey travelled to a tricky water in France and ended Huge brace of Euro Aqua mirrors for Mervyn Pennell! Euro Aqua in Hungary is known for producing some of the Lawrence's luck changes with yet another thirty!

It seems that hardly a week goes by without Lawrence East Dan Ibbott banks his target fish at Yateley North Lake! Darrell Peck returns to the famous Lac d'Orient! It would be completely understandable if Darrell Peck had Amazing catch of four forties in a session for Simon Kenny!

Another Rainbow haul for Alan Taylor! Alan Taylor has been having an amazing run of success at Two years ago, Mark Bryant lost a colossal carp from Distance Sticks Headline New Launch! With very little time over the last few months, thanks to a Jay Willis' Lucky Charm Strikes! One photo caught our eye on social media this weekend Lawrence East makes the most of tough conditions!

Angling and wildlife groups secure first otter removal licence! Pablo Gonzalez continues his fantastic run of personal bests! Not only did Pablo Gonzalez learn enough at Carp Academy to New personal best for Jae during first session in months!

Josh Bennett banks a trio of 30s from a syndicate water! We recently ran a piece here where Josh Bennett explained The Carp Gypsies embark on a Spanish adventure!

Being in a position to be able to go off carp fishing for Fantastic brace of commons from up north for Lawrence East! Lawrence East has been having a fantastic run of big carp Carp Academy student puts new knowledge to good use! Russell Godfrey has been having an amazing year on Yateley Embryo's Stanton produces one of its biggest residents! Peter Lay had spent the summer off pursuing other targets Spending a lot of time observing the residents of Yateley Rare Beast Tops Big Hit!

Consistent big-carp-catcher Myles Gibson has been having a James Salmons is Back With a Bang! After a little time away from the big-carp scene, thanks to Sweetman's Autumn Harvest Scott Sweetman has built a reputation for catching well It has been another very busy month for Embryo!

It has been another very busy month for Embryo, both on our Carp Academy duo break their PBs again! Do you fancy coming and fishing Gigantica for free? Carp lakes are often home to fantastic fish of other Carp Gypsies get off to a great start on their latest adventure! Dave Levy lands one of the UK's biggest ever grass carp! Dave Levy has been having an amazing season at RK Carp Academy student banks four PBs in just a few days!

Those taking part in our annual Carp Academy for young Fantastic overnight session for Jimmy Hibbard! Jimmy Hibbard returned from a family holiday and found Lawrence East is on an unstoppable run of good form! Lawrence East has been enjoying a fantastic run of fish Solid PVA bags are an incredibly effective way of fishing If you haven't watched The Obsession yet - you're missing out! Carp Academy student lands second PB in as many weeks!

Myles Gibson banks his fourth 40 of the year! Myles Gibson has been having a brilliant year so far A change of rig ended a run of blanks for Jimmy Hibbard! Jimmy Hibbard proved that sometimes you need to change your Yorkshire Lads Bag Up! This weekend I decided to make a rare venture from the The Carp Gypsies are off on their travels across Europe again! Alexander Kobler and his girlfriend Caroline Dicachi are Fantastic session for two Carp Academy students!

Sweetman shows how to make the most of your short sessions! Steve Sweetman often only has limited time on his hands to Steve 'Apache' Cliff launches a guiding service! Embryo Angling has had a brilliant start to ! Embryo has been having a great year so far, both at its own Top Northern Carper Bags Up!

Top northern carper Lawrence East recently joined the Korda Josh Bennett gets his head around fishing in thick weed! Thick weed can be daunting for some anglers, but those who The eagerly awaited new sunglasses and clothing are out now! Korda clothing is already well established and hugely Gary Jones lands an amazing brace of big carp from Burghfield! Gary Jones had a brilliant result at Burghfield when he Carp Academy is another huge success!

The annual Korda Carp Academy has been a massive success Sign up for the Gigantica work party and get a free trip! Fancy a free week fishing at one of the top carp holiday Russell Godfrey has been in action again at Yateley North Lake!

Russell Godfrey continued his fantastic run of success this Pete Castle had a fantastic result during a trip to the Garth Ethelston lands the historic mirror known as Tyson!

Luke Stevenson lands the big common from Lower Maynard! Luke Stevenson had never set eyes on Walthamstow Reservoir Lee Hodgkinson sets a lake record with a superb big common!

Lee Hodgkinson had a great result at a lake in the Cotswold Korda social at Walthamstow produces some fantastic fish! Team Korda descended on the Walthamstow Reservoirs complex Fantastic new products to improve your zig fishing!

Brace of big mirrors during a session targeting tench! Newest Korda staff member Gary Newman had a tench fishing The new Interceptor Floats are in tackle shops from next week! It's that time of year when the carp can often be found in Monster Carp premieres on ITV4 this week - don't miss it!

The moment that so many have eagerly been awaiting is Ian Poole's fantastic day session run of success at Cuttle Mill! Cuttle Mill is one of those waters that has been producing Although the summer seems to have been a washout recently Moving house, which saw Chris Paschmanns banks a stunner while filming! Korda collaborate with JAG to set new standards in rod support! The Singlez System is in shops from today!

Jim Wilson Catches His Target! Schoolboy Ryan Taylor lands a new Walthamstow record! Ryan Taylor had a fantastic result when he landed the big Big brace of mirrors from the Manor for Simon Kenny! Simon Kenny has been enjoying a good run of fish from the Russel Godfrey has been having a fantastic year on Yateley Telephone: Ash Lake Brentwood, Essex Telephone: Barham Pit Billericay, Essex Telephone: Basford Hill Fisheries Chelmsford Tel: Blackmores Lake Ingatestone, Essex Telephone: Blaxhall Pond Saxmundham, Suffolk Telephone: Bovington Lakes Hatfield, Peveral.

Tel: Burrows Farm Bulphan, Essex Telephone: Channels Lakes Chelmsford, Essex Telephone: Chignal Smealy Chelmsford, Essex Telephone: Donylands Lake Colchester, Essex Telephone: Dunmow Lake Dunmow, Essex Telephone: Fairlop Waters Ilford, Essex Telephone: Frog Lake Doddinghurst, Essex Telephone: Fryerning Lakes Ingatestone, Essex Telephone: Fullers Reservoir Halstead Essex Telephone: Gloster Park Basildon, Essex.

Grange South Ockendon. Tel: - - Hadleigh Reservoir Hadleigh, Essex Telephone: Harrow Lodge Hornchurch, Essex Telephone: Hatfield Peverel Colchester Tel: Heybridge Mere Heybridge, Essex Telephone: Highlands Lake Chelmsford, Essex Telephone: Houchins Reservoir Coggeshall Tel: Howells Lake Maldon, Essex Telephone: Hunts Farm Tollesbury, Essex Telephone: Jenkins Lake Brentwood, Essex Telephone: Kennel Lane Basildon, Essex Telephone: Lake Walk Clacton-on-sea, Essex Telephone: Lakeside Thurrock Tel: Lawrence Lake Colchester, Essex Telephone: Lyatts Lake Rayne, Essex Telephone: Manningtree River Pools Manningtree.

May Water Heybridge, Essex Telephone: Netteswell Pool Harlow, Essex Telephone: New Maltings, Essex Fantastic looking ponds which can be very productive. Olivers Lake Witham Tel: Pattisons Pond Colchester, Essex Telephone: Pea Lane Upminster, Essex Telephone: Prestons Lake Pedmarsh Tel: Rectory Ponds Little Easton Tel: In addition, the tackle shop sells fresh and frozen bait for sea fishing.

The shop also sells hot and cold drinks, snacks and confectionery whilst a refreshment van serving breakfasts, hot snacks and drinks is open on the site almost every Spring and Summer weekend.

Although night fishing is not allowed and children under 12 years old must be accompanied, there is no Close Season and very few rules except the most obvious. Members receive discounted admission every time they visit the fishery. The Fennes is open from 7. Day Ticket costs. Ash Grounds Ash Grounds was the first of The Fennes waters to be developed and is an attractive peg, six acre lake which is predominantly stocked with Mirror, Common, Ghost and Crucian Carp for match fishing purposes.

In addition, there are decent stocks of tench, bream, roach, chub and barbel. Ash Grounds also holds decent bream and perch with the bream averaging between three and 4lbs but running up to 9lbs and the best perch was a fine specimen of 3lbs 10oz. Although the best match catch in was 62lbs 8oz, the best pleasure catch was again over lbs - a decent day's sport by any standards. With more than 1, yards of bank, Ash Grounds has several islands within casting distance and the lake offers many features to which anglers can fish.

The margins are also home to a good mix of vegetation including Reed Mace, Bullrushes and water lilies which provide cover for both fish and anglers. Despite its size, the lake is a favoured pole water with the majority of anglers fishing between nine and 14 metres in matches and between five and six metres when pleasure fishing. Unlike many lakes, fishing close to the bank does not tend to work.

In the warmer months sweetcorn and small pieces of luncheon meat about a quarter of an inch square tend to sort out the better stamp of carp, bream and skimmers, whilst those going for the bigger carp tend to fish an open-ended feeder towards the islands with a quiver tip rather than swing tip. Using maggots in the summer tends to attract the smaller fish.