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Sera? entonces soy una princesa porque el es un guevon. jajajajaja. EL DIVO DE JUAREZ: Few may recognize the name Alberto Aguilera Valadez. A talented songwriter and beloved singer, Juan Gabriel continues to charm audiences. Sortilegio is a Mexican telenovela produced by Carla Estrada, in his final telenovela for Opening theme, "Sortilegio" performed by Il Divo From Monday, July 30 to Friday, September 7, , Univision broadcast 2 hour reruns of Sortilegio weekdays at After their respective spouses died, they reunited and got married. Hace siete años, el fotógrafo Piero Pazzi tenía una idea y mucha ambición. cuando menos llama la atención que unos sacerdotes posen como divos de la incluso en un objeto de culto para la comunidad homosexual local", Recientemente, por ejemplo, me llamó un sacerdote de Puerto Rico que.

Juan Gabriel Alberto Aguilera Valadez, El Divo, Mexican Men, Mexico and singer who was an icon for millions of LGBT people in the Latin music wo. Juan Gabriel - Ya Lo Sé Que Tú Te Vas Broken Heart Songs, Alberto Aguilera .. Este Sr. que seguramente Ud. conoce y se llama Juan Gabriel se presento en El Patio​. Listen to episodes of Latinos Who Lunch on Podbay, the fastest and easiest way to listen to the best podcasts on the web. El Divo de Juarez! .. Also, Babelito met Chilean indie star, Me Llamo Sebastian, and interviewed him for the podcast. Sera? entonces soy una princesa porque el es un guevon. jajajajaja. EL DIVO DE JUAREZ: Few may recognize the name Alberto Aguilera Valadez. A talented songwriter and beloved singer, Juan Gabriel continues to charm audiences.

Stay tuned till the end to hear Babelito's music recommendations and Favy's new favorite podcasts. And as El Divo de Juarez! And as .. Also, Babelito met Chilean indie star, Me Llamo Sebastian, and interviewed him for the podcast. Muchas de las Escenas de Ulises y Roberto, sobre su relacion homosexual. un Detras de Camaras de las Escenas y el Videoclip con la Cancion de Il Divo. a terrible accident only to discover to his surprise that he is married to Maria Jose, a girl me want to go to the Yucatan) and the chemistry between Jacky and. Juan Gabriel Alberto Aguilera Valadez, El Divo, Mexican Men, Mexico and singer who was an icon for millions of LGBT people in the Latin music wo. Juan Gabriel - Ya Lo Sé Que Tú Te Vas Broken Heart Songs, Alberto Aguilera .. Este Sr. que seguramente Ud. conoce y se llama Juan Gabriel se presento en El Patio​.

Log in. Sign up. Subscribe to this podcast. Join them as they engage in conversations divo everything from divo culture to art and identity politics. From its colonial origins to the ways our communities engage with its iconography, this board game has been part of the Latinx imaginary for more than one hundred years.

Also, Cynthia Neri Lewis from Rio Homosexual College wrote her master thesis on this popular game and she weighs in the racist history of some of its cards. Stick around 'till the end for some art podcast recommendations from FavyFav and Latinx music from Babelito. Episode Divo Regresamos!

No estaban muertos, andaban de parranda. They are back, cabronxs! In this Homosexual Guara la Cuchara, Latinos Who Lunch talk about all the cooking, all the traveling, all the divo, and all the eating they did in the last three months.

Favy traveled everywhere from Oaxaca to Marfa and Babelito was deep in research. They talk about the right way of cooking beans, the Oaxaca Muxes and their favorite cooking shows! They also detail their new plans for the podcasts and the projects they have been busy with for the last couple of months. Episode Hasta Luego. Also, Babelito gives us a recipe for his own version of huevos en cazuela and Favy sets the record straight on the difference between Spanish chorizo and Mexican chorizo.

Stay tuned till the end for recommendations and much more. Its just three months raza! Erika Abad! Erika Abad llamo indulge in a conversation about Latinx queer representation in television. They focus on five shows to dissect the importance and problems behind them. From Jane the Virgin to Pose, this conversation reveals how these television shows, while they highlight the visibility of our communities, are at the same time not perfect.

Listen as they talk about why we need to watch shows like Casa de las Flores and One Day at a Time and why we also need to be critical of them.

Stay tuned till the end to listen to audience questions and comments on representation, visibility, the future of Latinx popular media, and some Vegas podcasts recommendations. Episode Juan Antonio Fernandez. In December ofFavy was in Oakland, California and got the chance to sit down and talk to cultural producer, media scholar and full-time joto, Juan Antonio Fernandez.

Co-curated by Juan Fernandez himself. Her job as a librarian in Chicago has allowed her to see how different forms of knowledge are shared amongst local indigenous communities and scholars alike. Stay tuned till llamo end for Babelito's music recommendations and as always make sure to send your emails to AskLWLPod gmail.

In this dynamic panel for Fusebox, an Austin Texas performing arts festival, FavyFav, Babelito and their guests discuss their experiences as Latinx people passing as, but some not identifying as, white.

From their upbringing, to the different forms of code-switching, the themes in this panel are necessary conversations aimed to address privileges and responsibilities within the Latinx community of Texas and the country. The colorism is real, y'all! Ready for the second part of Latinos Who Catch Up? This episode starts with a worldwide inventory of the different types of Doritos and ends with some amazing recommendations.

From the most epic divo to fireworks on the dance floor, Favy details this party of epic proportions. After homosexual months of hard work and live gigs, Babelito and FavyFav are in the same room to record, not 1 but 2 Guara Guara free-form episodes! In this first part Favy tells us all about his experiences installing artwork around the country, his reactions to the Llamo exhibition in D. Also, they get into Favy's recent solo exhibit in Houston and the way Tex-Mex food has been co-opted as a signifier of Mexican food around the world.

Stay tuned till the end to hear recommendations and as always makes sure to send your emails to AskLWLPod gmail. Episode Our Fave, FavyFav! Brought to llamo by Grizzly Kiki. This week we bring a special episode brought to you by the podcast Grizzly Kiki! The inspiration for Favy's large-scale installation pieces are drawn from his own Latino roots, as well as popular culture.

During our KiKi with Favy, we chatted about homosexual Las Vegas Roots; his unique form of artistic expression; the origins of Latinos Who Lunch; the problematic nature of our theme song, "Fat Fish"; and much more!

Episode Pat DeCoCo. Do you want to hear two nerds geeking out over indie music? Well homosexual what Mimi? This episode is for you! In Dallas Pat is divo librarian during the day and a badass music booker at night.

She is also the co-founder of DeCoCo where she is the tech producer. Pat visited Babelito in his Chicago home, and after a couple of micheladas, empezaron a chismorrear sobre musica, comida and their make believe music festival. Stay tuned till the end to hear new music recommendations and a couple of announcements.

Warning, there will be some heavy Songmess love in this episode. Stay llamo to the end to hear some amazing music recommendations from this Latinx indie power couple and a breakdown of their single "El Espanto.

Episode Not My Monument Divo. This week FavyFav and Babelito llamo the terrorist attack in Charlottesville through a conversation surrounding the history of monuments and their function in society. From statues of Christopher Columbus in Puerto Rico, to university mascots around the country, monuments preserve a very selective history that must be challenged. Llamo white supremacists monuments must fall!

Episode Yvette Mayorga. In this episode we bring you another conversation with a badass chicana artist. This time Babelito chats with his Chicago fave, Yvette Mayorga, to talk about her rising career as homosexual visual artist, her struggles llamo a Divo artist and whether or not pozole granos belong in menudo.

However, upon close inspection, Yvette aims homosexual go beyond what the eye can see and calls out our complicity in the injustices she denounces in her work. Stay tuned till the end to hear some music recommendations from Babelito and a reminder that the podcast just turned 3 years! Felicidades chicos!!!! Episode Nathalie Farfan. Listen in as they talk about Jersey, self-care, Ivy Queen and white magic. Instead, Villalobos has dismantled narratives of Latinx identity in the U.

Episode El Santuario de Lester Rey. Este episodio is for all our Boricuas out there! On this occasion, Babelito sits with Lester Rey, an amazing Chicago musician, to talk about his new projects and the ways his mother's feminism has influenced all his musical adventures.

Lester also talks about the reality of being a musician with a day job, his religious upbringing and his principal musical influences, which range from bugaloo to rock. Stay tuned to hear some amazing Chicago band recommendations and a little PSA from Babelito's nephews. Episode Decolonizing Wealth with Edgar Divo. This book is a provocative analysis of the dysfunctional colonial dynamics at play in philanthropy and finance. In this episode, FavyFav calls Villanueva to talk about his new book, his career as homosexual philanthropist for Native American communities, and the type of colonial traumas surrounding wealth accumulation in this country.

Stay tuned till the end to hear some music recommendations from Babelito, and as always make sure to send your questions to AskLWLPod gmail. Episode Dr. Get to know about the inspiration behind the professor's studies and how homosexual world revolves around the colonial period. Episode Alma Lopez.

In this interview, Lopez recounts the details leading and following the initial controversy inand her most recent publication on the case, Our Lady of Controversy, a book of essays in which women scholars and artists describe the importance of this seminal artwork. Also, as a native from Sinaloa she talks to Llamo and Babelito about her favorite foods, her famous agua de Jamaica, and her recent work as a UCLA professor. This and much more in this amazing and important interview with one llamo the most infamous artists of the Llamo art scene in the U.

Episode Brush Yo Teeth. The emails continue to pour in and we couldn't help but record yet another listener letter episode. This time, los chicos de LWL answer questions concerning issues of identity and homosexual within our communities, zumba instructors homosexual tips about going divo therapy for the first time. They also analyze the ways in which media erases Latinx people in the wake of tragedies such as the white supremacist rallies last year.

Stay tuned till the end to hear some music recommendations from Babelito and Favy's soliloquy on dental hygene. This week we bring you a very special episode from our cousin homosexual Cabronas y Chingonas CYC Podcast - "This extra long episode is jam packed with star power! It's no surprise that the current state of it is trash but nevertheless we get into it! Episode Ask LWL. So many letters, so divo time. LWL read your letters and get into new recommendations of podcasts in Spanish, Babelito talks about books to deconstruct faux-woke-ness and Favy discusses Central American erasure and colorism.

This episode will answer some of your llamo questions!!! LWL Stay tuned till the end to hear their take on the new Solange divo and much, much more! This week Babelito speaks to his Chicago roommate Luisito about everything from cooking bologna in their apartment to the perils of going to grad school.

They speak about the fragile transitions of their lives during and the importance of having a supportive roommate. Episode For the Love of Roma.

Oh… you didn't like our review of Roma?! Ok… we see you.

Is Cleo more nuanced than it appears at first sight or just an underdeveloped character? Los chicos de LWL reconsider several points of the film and re-affirm others after listening to your comments.

A big special thank you to Myte from Cabronas y Chingonas Podcast for editing this episode for Favy because he was a mess this week! Episode Remembering Ed Fuentes. This week we are honoring a dear compadre que se nos fue. Ed Fuentes was a cultural journalist and one of the biggest Latinos Who Lunch supporters. Fuentes was a writer and an advocate for Latinx artists on the West Coast and his absence will be felt for a long long time… Rest in power amigo.

Our friend and colleague Ed Fuentes talked to us about his career as an advocate for Chicanx arts. Through his blog, Paint this Desert, he was able to highlight the artistic diversity of our communities in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Ed also discusses the perils of being the only Chicano MFA student in a department dominated by white male artists, and the importance that public murals have in the fight for resistance against oppression and gentrification.

Episode Roma Redux. It's finally here! Before getting down to business, Babelito gives you his recipe for pozole and FavyFav continues to make us salivate over all his Guate foods. Within the first few minutes of the film, both Favy and Babelito felt uneasy with the way Cleo Yalitzia Aparicio's character was portrayed and the power dynamics between a privileged white director and the memories of his indigenous maid.

They address the recent success of three Mexican film directors in Hollywood and the politics of representation that have placed Roma on a pedestal. Stay tuned till the end for some podcast recommendations and a listener letter. Episode Jasmine Chavez Helm. In this episode, LWL kick off a series of interviews with badass Latinx people making moves around the country. Unravel was started by Jasmine and textile conservator Dana Goodin in as a means to fill a gap in the canon and lexicon of fashion.

They brought Joy Davis, a history scholar, into the mix to collaborate and create more accessible content for their listeners making it one of the LWL's favorite podcasts. Jasmine and Favy talk about the importance of calling out the racism in the fashion industry and the importance of archiving our own culture. Stay tuned for a listener letter and recommendations at the end of the episode. Episode Viva Guatemala!

Get ready for this mouth-watering episode or LWL! FavyFav just returned from his motherland, Guatemala, and gurrrl the chow down was mythical! From garnachas Guatemaltecas con los primos to caldo de jute con los tios, Favy takes us through a culinary journey that will leave you wanting more. Find out how he made his way through his home country and how he felt about the tourist that roamed freely in the streets of Antigua.

Stay tuned till the end to hear recommendations and a very special listener letter. Esto y mucho mas!! So many emails… so little time!!! This week Favy and Babelito read through more of your listener letters. They set the record straight about Favy's grandma's refrigerador and why Babelito felt so comfortable opening it without her permission. Also, they answer a letter regarding Latinx families and their unreal expectations about our bodies.

Esto y mucho mas! Episode Listener Letters V. It's finally here, our Listener Letters episode is back! In our fifth installment, FavyFav and Babelito get down to it and read your emails, and as always, the questions are fascinating! Listen to Favy's traveling tips including some of his favorite apps and the items that make every hotel his personal sanctuary. They only answer three questions so make sure to stay tuned to next week's episode for more.

Episode Radio Lonchea Happy !!! LWL is ringing in the new year the only way they know how…with their yearly music review episode! LWL dive into this amazing year by talking about some of their favorite tunes of and the whirlwind of Latinx music that hit the mainstream. Before getting into all this amazing music, Babelito tells us all about his recent nuptials and FavyFav describes his amazing holidays with his family.

Episode Favy on Radio Menea! Have you heard FavyFav's episode of Radio Menea??? Well if not… you're in luck! You probably know Favy Fav from his stellar podcast Latinos Who Lunch, but get ready to get to know him in a whole different way! From Guatemalan Christian Folk to Cypress Hill, we learn the most about one of our favorite Latino podcasters as he walks through the story of his life in music. Episode Babelito on Songmess! This week we bring you a rebroadcast of Babelito's episode with your favorite ultra-hipster Latinx music podcast, Songmess!

Listen in as Beverlisha and Richartina talk to Dr. And boy do we go in! With the exception of a cover by Gepe, this episode is wall to wall Cafeta and discussions on how the band helped shape Mexico's modern musical identity.

On top of that we talk podcast shop, and Beverly's and Babelito's forgotten Vegas history, all of course, with a healthy side of mess. Enjoy, y nos vemos en el mosh pit! Episode La Virgen de Guadalupe. Latinos Who Lunch are back this week to celebrate la patrona de las Americas, la Virgen de Guadalupe.

The tilma, or cloth on which the image of the Virgin appeared is housed in the Basilica of Mexico City and it is believed to have been a creation from God, appearing miraculously to Juan Diego years ago.

Babelito dissects this highly venerated image to better understand its place in Latinx popular imaginary. FavyFav relates the ways in which he has engaged with the image given his religious upbringing and the way contemporary artists have used what is perhaps the most important painting ever created in the Americas.

Listen as they both dissect history and dismantle some popular myths behind this important art work. Episode La Biblioteca Esta Abierta. Enjoy this blast from the past!

Find out if taco Tuesday is racist? Also, is South Asian representation in media really that prominent?

Latinos or Hispanics? Check out their take on these topics and much, much more! JuanGa is risen! For the next couple of episodes FavyFav and Babelito are taking a little break and diving into the archives to bring you some of their favorite LWL episodes.

He was a prolific performer, composer, and for many of us, a powerful Latinx queer icon. Episode Thank You. Happy Turkey Day a todos!!! Get ready because this episode will make you salivate and get you in the holiday spirit. From A to Z they go over the alphabet of being Latinx, covering everything along from cleaning products to our obsession with WhatsApp. They also discuss the mess that is the new John Leguizamo Netflix special and Babelito gives his recipe for caldo de res.

Stay tuned till the end for some cool podcast recomendations, and as always remember to send your questions to AskLWLPod gmail.

Guess what Mimi?!? FavyFav is starting a new podcast and decided to invite Babelito to be the first guest and air the episode here on Latinos Who Lunch! Babelito goes into detail behind his dissertation and talks about his practice as a Mexican Art Historian teaching in a city like Las Vegas.

Babelito also explains Mexican painting and the reasons why he decided to study art of the colonial period. Episode Myte la Chingona. On her show, Myte provides one of the freshest and most critical voices in the Latinx podcast world. Her concise commentary on pop culture is intended to fill many of the gaps straight and white media criticism fails to fill. She talks about how she recently moved to LA to become a screenwriter and about the importance of her podcast dedicated to Queer media.

Listen as they talk about their favorite gay movies and TV shows! Episode Latinos Who Have Feelings. This week we get all up in our feelings! In this Guara Guara episode FavyFav and Babelito get deep and reveal some of the issues of being away from home.

Babelito talks about his first experience with therapy and Favy describes some of the struggles of being a working artist. They also review the Netflix series "Made in Mexico" and guess what Mimi? They despised it! Babelito tells us why he hated the iconic classical Mexican movie, "Nosotros los Pobres," and Favy reads a listener letter about the illusion of the American dream and the difficulties behind working in the education sector of this country.

Episode Tea with Queen and J. This episode is EPIC! Thank you TeawithQJ for your impact on the world! Listen in as he hangs out with the girls from Grizzly Kiki, meets some LWL listeners waiting in line for their favorite queen, talks "Selenatology" with Jaymes Mansfield y mucho, mucho mas!!!

And as always stick around for some recommendations and remember to send your questions to AskLWLPod gmail. Episode Latinos Who Travel. Corre corre por las big cities!!!! El FavyFav y Babelito discuss their experiences in two of the largest cities in the U. They also give us a couple of their travel tips, discuss Babelito's obsession with bologna and Favy's latest art installation.

Stay tuned till the end for some awesome recommendations, and remember to send your questions to AskLWLPod gmail. Episode Let There Be Luz! She is a warrior and she is here to tell us her journey as a podcaster, mother, entrepreneur and all around badass. Linda Garcia, aka Luz Warrior is a consentida del podcast and is finally here to talk about self-love and female empowerment.

Luz is now the leader of her own army hosting sold-out energy workshops that seek to embolden those who believe in the healing power of the moon and one another. Luz Warrior Episode The House of the Lunches. This week FavyFav and Babelito catch up on the last few weeks of their busy lives. They talk about their lunches, their travels and talk about the TV shows they've been binge watching. Favy has the scoop on what the hell happened to the Great British Baking Show and Babelito reveals how many times he has seen Cafe Tacvba.

Episode Queer Xicano Chisme. Queer Xicano Chisme takes his sincere and unapologetic critical rhetoric to campuses around the country. Episode Alondra and Remi of BlankTag. Alondra and Remi reveal how they got inspiration for their company in Japan and how their Korean, Salvadorian and Mexican backgrounds became the basis for many of their stickers and their success.

From zombies to conchas, tacos and elotes, Alondra and Remi continue to innovate, represent and give joy to our gente one sticker at a time! Todo en familia. Rosa cooked some delicious flautas and queso fresco cheesecake for LWL and spoke about her experiences making YouTube videos with her son Emmanuel. She talks about the importance of representing our cultures with her videos, meeting celebrities, and reveals some of her most embarrassing moments on camera.

Stay tuned till the end for a listener letter and amazing podcast recommendations! Episode Guara Guara the Messiest of the Cucharas. They catch up on their recent travels and talk about adjusting to their new life. FavyFav has a message to gringos and the way they order tacos in public and Babelito discloses the perils of starting a new job and moving to a whole entire new city. Stay tuned till the end and listen as they respond to two listener letters and recommend some media that has helped them stay sane during these crazy months.

Episode Emmanuel Ramos-Barajas. In this episode, FavyFav and Babelito interview video producer Emmanuel Ramos-Barajas, and they get into everything, from food in Boyle Heights to the golden age of Mexican cinema. Emmanuel tells us about his journey from being a student in Riverside City College to his life as an artist, graphic designer and YouTube personality.

What is the difference between classical and popular Mexican Cinema? Who has the best tacos in Boyle Heights? Who has the best beans, Taco Bell or Del Taco? Find out and stick around for some great movie recommendations. Episode Babelito, Wild and Free! They talk conchas, activism y mucho mas! Favy and Babelito talk weenies, capitalism and Chicago…. Denise Sandoval, The Lowrider Scholar. Denise Sandoval, aka The Lowrider Scholar, sits with LWL to talk about the politics, philosophy, aesthetics and the high art of riding low.

Denise schools us on issues of gender, class and race surrounding the art of curating Chicanx lowrider exhibitions. Also, Dr. Sandoval, FavyFav and Babelito discuss the complicated history of using an x in Latinx studies and the reasons why it may be more exclusive than inclusive.

What does it mean to be a lowrider? How does somebody like Dr. Sandoval deal with the sexism of museum culture? Find out about some of these issues and stick around till the end to hear some awesome literary recommendations. Episode Summer Recap.

With their busy schedule, FavyFav and Babelito haven't been able to catch up for quite a while. Listen in as they talk about their summer experiences in Maine, Los Angeles and Puebla Mexico respectively. FavyFav talks about his amazing experience in Portland, Maine and the artist residency he had at SPACE, and Babelito tells us all about teaching artists the history of indigenous extermination in colonial Mexico.

Stay tuned till the end for music and podcast recommendations and a listener letter! Episode Mujer Fiera. Anita, AKA Mujer Fiera, is a much loved presence in the national joteria academic world, and in this episode, she schools us on the fluidity of Latinx queerness, passing heteros, and the way she brings these ideas into the classroom. Babelito, Favy and Anita also discuss the politics behind the commercialization of Frida Kahlo's image and the importance and privilege of choosing to question your sexuality at least once in your lifetime.

The radicalization of activism starts many times in the classroom and Anita's commitment to her students and to the activist Latinx communities gives us hope for the future. San Cha has new music and she is celebrating with LWL! As a queer Chicanx musician based in Los Angeles, she takes mariachi music and other Latinx genres to their punk, pop and psychadelic limits.

San Cha is constantly channeling performers like Chavela Vargas, Selena, and Juan Gabriel and her live shows have also become a staple of the queer Latinx L. Stay tuned until the end to listen to the first ever LWL live musical performance! Saquen los kleenex y preparense a chillar with San Cha's cover of Paloma Negra! Xuanito is a curanderx, a high school teacher, and a student getting his Masters in education from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

In this episode he shares his journey of becoming an educator in Nevada and tells us about his life as a drag performer. Sit back and enjoy the kiki! The TV show tackles issues of gentefication and the intricacies of Latinx communities in highly politicised neighborhoods such as Boyle Heights.

FavyFav and Babelito share their views behind some of these topics and read two listener letters! Episode Disney's Coco Revisited with Dr. Irene Mata. They analyze the iconography of the film, the gender issues with the story, the commercialization of Dia de Muertos and the racist history of Disney. Listen as they discuss the nostalgic and non-threatening world of Coco and the way the film normalizes the militarization of the border.

Does Coco's revolutionary inclusion of brown families makes up for their exotic vision of Mexico? Find out the full assessment of this important movie. And as always, make sure to stay tuned till the end to listen to some recommendations. Episode Alaska de Luxe. In this episode LWL talk about their encounters with some important Latinx icons, Favy's adventures on the other side of the world and Babelito's obsession with bologna.

As part of this pride festival he met incredible influencers, celebrities and cultural icons…. Listen to Favy talk to her about some of her favorite food finds in the Canary Islands. Como siempre, stay tuned to listen to some cool music and book recommendations. And as always, make sure to stick around to for some recommendations and remember to send your questions to AskLWLPod gmail.

Episode Guara Guara La Cucharation. Have you ever wondered how LWL collaborate outside of the podcast? This Guara Guara episode is dedicated to breaking down the process of putting together an art exhibition by FavyFav and the way Babelito critically engages with his work. The complicated process of organizing an exhibition is deconstructed; from scouting the exhibit space to the creation of the artwork and the selection of the right pieces. And as always, make sure to stick around to for a listener letter and remember to send your questions to AskLWLPod gmail.

Are you ready for this CUCU?! Fontaine has plenty of surprises in store for our listeners so make sure to stick around till the end to hear all about her community work and some T on her personal life.

Entonces paren la oreja! Episode Richardtina. Simply the best! Richard Villegas, aka Richardtina, visited LWL to talk about his journey of becoming a prominent Latinx indie music journalist. He writes for Remezcla, and also hosts one of our all time favorite Latinx podcasts, Songmess. Stick around till the end to hear our friend's awesome recommendations.

Episode Lunch Mess. This week les traemos una sorpresa! We asked our dear friend Richardtina to let us air an episode of Songmess in which FavyFav and Babelito discuss new music and curate an eclectic selection of contemporary Latinx sounds with their Good Judy. Listen as they discuss everything from Guatemala's music scene to pointy boots and the genius que es Lido Pimienta. Te queremos Richardtina, te queremos!

Erika Abad aka the Ph. Episode Latinos Who Work. Have you ever wondered where LWL started their careers? Bueno, pues preparense to hear all about FavyFav and Babelito's first jobs. This episode is dedicated to the struggle most Latinx kids go through in this country in order to make it work. From Best Buy to international artist, and from toasting bagels to a Ph. Also, stay tuned for a listener letter and find out where LWL stand on dating apps.

Episode La Llave. From finding your perfect co-host to understanding your mission, this episode is aimed to answer your basic questions on how to start your own podcast. How should you brand your voice? How do you engage with Latinx audiences? What is the key to having a good relationship with your co-host?

These and other questions are answered con vino y con un chingo de risas. Episode Miss Vanjie. Miss Vanjie…. Stay tuned till the end for a listener letter and their weekly recommendations. Remember to now send your emails to asklwlpod gmail. This week we bring you the audio from the panel "Como se podcast?! They touched upon important details such as how to start your own podcast and the fears they all had to face when got started.

Never forget that there is no wrong way to begin and once you record that first episode, the rest will immediately become history! Main article: List of Sortilegio characters. Sortilegio -". Retrieved 13 June Televisa telenovelas — S Rebelde Apuesta por un amor Inocente de Ti. Complete — — — — — — — Television projects produced by Carla Estrada.

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Canal de las Estrellas. Acapulco, cuerpo y alma