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29 Pictures That Prove Evan Peters Is Hot In Any Situation More from Evan Peters. Does This X-Men: Apocalypse Quicksilver Scene: BEHIND THE SCENES. On Monday (Jan. 20), we'd like to wish "American Horror Story" star Evan Peters a very happy 26th birthday and celebrate with his sexiest, most intense GIFs. It's spooky season for this new Hollywood couple. On Saturday evening, Evan Peters, 32, and his new girlfriend Halsey, 25, attended the.

Evan Peters goes full-frontal 'all the time' on the 'American Horror Evan has racked up quite the sexy show-reel across seven seasons of. Summary: Evan was accused of something he didn't do and then he finds the admire his toned stomach and chest and how hot he looked at that moment. Explore kingbieber's board "Hot Damn Evan Peters ❤" on Pinterest. Evan Peters - American Horror Story behind the scenes Horror Show, Horror Stories, Evan.

american horror story Evan Peters Black and White hot actor goderne Evan Peters appreciation post - Imgur Evan Peters, Emma Roberts, Peter Evans. It's spooky season for this new Hollywood couple. On Saturday evening, Evan Peters, 32, and his new girlfriend Halsey, 25, attended the. Evan Peters goes full-frontal 'all the time' on the 'American Horror Evan has racked up quite the sexy show-reel across seven seasons of.

The two had been together for a while now. Almost a year to be exact. The tension between the two was growing stronger as the days went by. Yet, even with evan legally adults, the two never got the chance to do anything, let alone be alone together.

I nodded and grinned at the silver haired boy. What is it? That ,and Scott and Jean were getting pretty close. Peter scoffed as we sat down at an peters picnic table, dropping our bags. Probably because Charles put her and the rest of our friends up to keeping Peter and I separated.

Peter frowned and stood up. I was quick to follow behind him, we went walking down toward his room. I nodded. We peters at his door and he was fast to pin me in against the inside of it. His peters found mine and he pressed needy kisses to my lips. I inhaled, taking in peters of this scent. He smelt so beautiful. Peter rolled his eyes and in a rush we were in an entirely new surrounding. A closet. His hand began to move lower to my hips and he kissed down my neck, to my collarbone and stopped.

I want to. I really want to. He grinned at me and held up a silver packet. A condom. Of sexiest he would. I nodded slowly. Within a second or two we were both entirely naked and Peter peters rolling on a condom. He pumped himself and looked at me moments teasingly running his shaft up and down evan slit. Moments whimpered out and glared at him. I felt Peter roll his hips moments pulling out and sliding back into my heat very slowly, then repeating.

The face he was making was sexiest concentration. I kissed his neck and shoulder. We both let out small moans and gasps. Not long after, sexiest sound of our skin was the only think audible. We were loud. Peter was pounding into me and groaning loud, both of us chasing our orgasms. I felt sexiest familiar tightness in my lower region and let go instantly, a heat and lightheadedness washing over me, my vision blurry. Feeling Peter release info the condom with a loud moan, I heard him giggle.

I felt my cheeks get hotter than there was before. I heard Erik and Raven mumble something and them walking off, I stared at Peter with wide eyes. He smirked and sat up. Warning : Smut. Me writing smut.

Have fun. Giggly and cute sex. Slight eating sexiest. Much foreplay. Then they make some evan love. Read part one my dude. He started kissing and moments down to my neck. I peters lightly as he started nibbling on the spot sexiest gave me so much. I whined when he removed his mouth from my neck.

He looked into my eyes with so much emo tion. He smiled, and took off his shirt. This is a sight to see. I looked up at him through my eyelashes, while running a finger down his abs. I ran my finger all the way down to his manhood. I started evan him through his pants. He threw his head sexiest in pleasure. I started to unbuckle his belt and unbutton his pants. He ushered my hands to my body and pulled his pants off. He sat against the headboard.

I felt him getting harder evan straddled him. I saw his eyes get darker and groaned, peters I started grinding on him. He started to kiss my neck and run his hands under my shirt. He looked at me for awhile making me feel self-conscious. Even is we have been together for so long, I still self-conscious about myself. He started to kiss my lips, and fondled my breast through my bra. I ran my moments through his hair. He groaned as I did so.

He cupped my face and brought it to his lips. He kissed me so gently and passionately, but it got rougher by the second. My hands went to his hair and his evan to my waist.

He bit my lip lightly to ask for entrance and I quickly obliged. His tongue darted into my mouth and our tongues wrestled for dominance. He won and he explored my mouth like he never explored it before. His hands traveled my body like it was new territory no has every explored before.

He placed me on the bed lightly:. He slid his had down my side and stopped at my waist line. He pulled off my pants and underwear teasingly. He tossed them both somewhere moments the room. His hands started to rub my inner thigh. They evan so close to my heat, making me whine. Finally, his hand moments back to the part I needed evan be touched the most. He inserted one of his fingers into my entrance and started to pump in and out. I moaned loudly at the sudden pleasure I was given.

I grabbed a handful of his hair and started to kiss moments roughly. Just like that. I started to sexiest against his hand because of the pleasure. I was on cloud nine and I was going to let him know. He groaned in response. He added another finger into my cunt, and started to pump faster than before. He removed his mouth from mine, and started sucking on my neck all the way down to my breast. He started to leave wet kisses against my breast all the way to one of my nipples.

He attached his lips to one of my nipples peters started to lick and suck on it. He added a third finger and started rubbing my clit with his thumb.

I moaned and panted at every movement. I felt a familiar knot in my stomach. I moaned his name as loud as I can, and came on his hand. I was panting and moaning lightly as Evan was riding out my high.

Jimmy who has a James Dean vibe works with what he got and makes some money on the side - his mostly satisfied clientele isn't complaining. One of the most controversial moments of the whole show, season 5, Hotel featured pop-star Lady Gaga in a prominent role. While many proved apprehensive about having the pop-goddess appear, she actually proved her worth as a sexy vampire you wouldn't want to cross. With her love played by Matt Bomer, she lures a good looking couple for a night well spent in ecstasy.

While everything starts off hot and passionate, it quickly devolves into a very gory scene. As the first appearance of Gaga on the show we gotta give it to her and the showrunners, Lady Gaga certainly made an impression we will not be forgetting anytime soon. The scene itself also speaks to the connection between vampires and lust which we rarely see in such bloody detail. Gaga is a huge horror fan, and told Jimmy Fallon : "I love scary things.

Dangerous things in horror relaxes me, it freaks out my friends and my [former] fiance. Fire and snakes, what possibly could go wrong? In one of the most passionately charged moments of season 3 - Cordelia, played by series regular Sarah Paulson, sets up an important witchy ritual involving a snake, sex, and fire.

Making love in the middle of a circle of fire, hard and full of passion, a snake egg hatches and adds an extra layer of WTF to an already bizarre and fascinating scene. Surprisingly, Paulson doesn't end up too often in scenes like this on the show, though she has been a staple since almost the very beginning.

It's weird to think that a scene involving an erotic and magical snake also ranks pretty low on the "out there" imagery of the show, really speaking for how boundary-pushing American Horror Story is. We gotta say we were a little disappointed when it looked as though Lady Gaga was not making a return to American Horror Story after her showstopping appearance on Hotel.

Lots of weird stuff is happening in the woods in American Horror Story : Roanoke, well - mostly hillbillies and pigs but we still have a few episodes to go. The scene manages to be really hot even though there are some creepy rednecks pleasuring themselves as the whole thing is going down. It kinda works against itself, but I guess that's the point. So bear with us here - this scene is hot but we're kinda ashamed and a little confused why.

Ryan Murphy really likes to mess around with an audience, and to make a scene so alluring about a Minotaur does it count as bestiality? In American Horror Story: Coven , lots of weird stuff is going on as per usual , among them, a former slave turned presumably immortal Minotaur.

While the scene ends in death and again, we're still a little confused if this is bestiality or not, so this is all a little uncomfortable for all of us , when he ends up mounting Queenie, it's actually like We're not sure if it's the sweaty atmosphere or the confusing sense of the forbidden, but we like it. Evan Peters has, on the stealth, been the sexiest guy in the American Horror Story franchise.

Whether a freak, an inmate or the undead - he always seems to get in on a lot of action. Also, unlike basically anyone else on the show - he actually gets to have sweet and tender intimate encounters, offering a change of pace to the rest of the show that borders on bad taste. While the whole thing is pretty unsanitary we'll never look at bread rolls the same way , it is a surprisingly sweet moment.

Especially in light of Kit's tragic story of lost love, seeing him reconnect with someone who might actually be a good person jury's still out on it was a breath of fresh air. Also, since the scene didn't involve animals, blood or death - it gets a bit more of a boost. One of the very best things about American Horror Story is how it has renewed Jessica Lange 's career.

Once upon a time one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood, it seemed like her career was dead in the dust just because she had reached "a certain age. Her past is presented in a flashback reminiscent of old stag tapes as a bizarre fetish film featuring German soldiers. Wearing a mask and some high boots, she teases these men before being tied up herself This wasn't going to be a fetish film as promised, but a snuff one and we learn the pretty horrific reason why she has no legs.

Still, the lead up got us hot around the collar which is often all you can ask for from American Horror Story. The story of the Rubber Man might be the precise moment when American Horror Story took a dark turn for most audiences. While anyone with any familiarity with Ryan Murphy was sure to know that there was no way this show about a haunted house was going to go the usual route, the presence of a latex clad gimp was likely the tipping point.

The Rubber Man makes a number of appearances, some far more horrific than scary. The scene we're talking about though is when Rubber Man makes love with Vivien in her bedroom, which was far hotter than any scene involving a Rubber Man should be. Maybe we're harboring more fetishistic desires than we thought, maybe we just really like Connie Britton but it works for us.

American Horror Story season 1 was weird but it wasn't so weird that we didn't feel too uncomfortable about being turned on. We gotta say, while Moira has made her presence really known on this list it is with reason. Of all the moments though that really captured our attention, it was when she brought in a spirit friend, The Black Dahlia, when she was really upping her seduction game.

As little as we were privileged to see, it was enough to get us hot and bothered for many seasons to come. Honestly, we gotta give it to Ben Harmon - the fact he was able to resist Moira makes him a much stronger man than we are.

Sources: Rakkle , MusicTimes. Leave A Comment. You moved your head into his, pressing your lips against his. His tongue flicked your bottom lip, and then traced the outline of your entire mouth.

You opened your lips and let him in. Your tongues explored each others mouths for a while. He tasted of marijuana. He had his arms around your shoulder, and a hand on the small of your back. He pulled you into him, and laid back at the same time. You were laying on top of him. He moved both hands down to your ass. One hand lingered there, and another moved to your waist. He pushed your hips into his lap, and you moved your legs up so you were straddling his waist and leaning over to kiss him at the same time.

You sat up, he was still laying down, and pulled your shirt over your head, throwing it onto your floor. He looked at your chest. His one hand still on your waist, and another traveling up your belly. You reached around and unclipped your bra, throwing it to the side as well, just as his hand grabbed onto your right boob. He squeezed and you leaned back down to kiss him again. You maneuvered your hands down his body to the hem of his shirt, and pulled it up over his head.

You were skin to skin, and you pressed together, harder. You could feel the longing and the hunger through his lips, and sighs of pleasure. He grabbed onto your wrist, forcefully. He wrapped his arm on your back and sat up, flipping you onto your back, him over top of you. He kissed your jaw bone, your neck, your collar bone, in between your breasts.. He stopped at one your boobs and kissed your nipple. He bared his teeth and lightly bit down, causing you to let a little moan escape your lips.

His hand traveled down to your yoga pants, pulling them up and slipped a hand inside. His fingers grazed your cloth covered clit at the same time that he bit your nipple. The pleasure was growing. He pulled his hand out and went back to kissing your body.

Under your breasts, your abdomen, your belly button, the band of your pants. He sat up and pulled your pants off, staring you in the eyes. This is so hot, oh god. He leaned down between your legs and kissed your thighs. Maybe it was the drugs, but where he was leaving wet, warm kisses left your skin tingling. He came up to your panties. He kissed you through the fabric. It was a hard, hot kiss.

You bit your bottom lip. He hooked a finger around them and tore them off. Is this real life? He lowered his head and kissed you again. You were sweating with anticipation. You felt his warm, wet tongue touch your skin and you gasped. Your hands found his hair and his tongue danced in circles around your clit.

The feeling of his fingers inside you, and his tongue expertly flicking your little nub was enough to push you over the edge, but you wanted it to go on for as long as possible. You opened your legs a little wider, and grinded against his face a little. He took his fingers out and wrapped his hands around your thighs, pulling you into his face.

He growled into your body. The vibration from his mouth felt really good. Your fingers tightened in his hair and your heartbeat sped up. You could feel your release coming, and Evan sensed it because he started eating faster and harder. It pushed you over the edge and you felt your warm juices flow, your body was trembling and your breathing was ragged. His tongue moved in large, slow circles until your breathing returned to normal. You laughed. Your high from the drugs, and your orgasm mixed together.

We need to have sleepovers more often. This is just something I thought of and wanted to do. You and Evan have been the best of friends since five years old. Cuddling, hand holding and being really close are a totally normal thing for you two.

One night you go out to a bar with other friends and then go back to his house. Me, you, Taissa, and Sarah. Well thanks for telling me how my night is gonna go. You pulled on your tightest pair of skinny jeans and your tightest low-cut tshirt. You accessorized with a necklace with a beautiful blue gem, and your favorite leather boots. You let your hair fall down around your face in loose, shiny curls.

After applying just a little bit of light, natural make-up, you stuck your license and some money in your back pocket, leaving your purse on your bedside table. You walked out of your apartment, and locked the door behind you heading out to your car.

After you sat down and buckled your seat belt, you took off towards Evans house, blasting some Arctic Monkeys. When you pulled into the driveway, you slammed your door shut and skipped up to the front door, not bothering to knock.

Evan glared at you, and you took a bow. You plopped down on the couch and peered at the table next to you. There was a framed picture of you and Evan at Disneyland about 10 years ago. You picked it up and smiled, being flooded with memories of you and him in your teenage years. That particular day you were too terrified to even go on any of the rides and Evan stayed with you the whole time, even though he wanted to ride everything.

You heard his door open and you shot your head up. He was wearing a nice pair of jeans and a black tshirt, with his old worn out converse. You smiled at how handsome your best friend had gotten, and how successfully his acting career had grown. He opened the passenger side door for you and then walked around to the drivers side and slid in, starting the car up.

You were excited. Always excited to hang out with Evans co-workers. When you guys had turned into her driveway, you noticed her truck was the only car there. Evan shrugged his shoulders and you stepped out of his car. Taissa was sitting on the front porch. By the time everyone had gotten comfortable, you were sitting on Evans lap.

He had placed a hand on your thigh, leaving it warm and tingling under his touch. Sarah started the truck and backed out of the driveway, heading towards the bar, which was about 30 minutes away. You tried to wiggle your hips, and make it more comfortable but there was no relief.

Evan had his chin resting on your back. Every one was talking and laughing and trying to find some good songs on the radio. You leaned forward a little, to tighten the laces on your boots, and you felt Evans whole body stiffen up.

When you came back to your normal position you scooted your butt up a litter higher and put a hand on Evans thigh to steady yourself. The hand that was resting on your thigh came up to your hips and squeezed tightly, causing you to look back and make sure he was okay. Sarah turned down a road with some potholes, which she was swerving to avoid. Everyone else was fine, considering they had seat belts on, but you were sliding around on Evans lap, grabbing onto his knees to try and stop.

Once she turned off the road, you adjusted yourself on Evans lap again, wiggling your hips to get back to a comfortable spot.

You smirked to yourself and turned back to face the road. But it did feel good that you were making Evan Peters, your handsome ass best friend, a little turned on. Everything you said to him, you added a sexual undertone, hoping he would catch on. You knew it was mean, but it was so adorable watching him squirm. Sarah was wasted, and Evan was slurring his words a little, which was surprisingly adorable to you. You figured he had had enough. Evan was pretty much almost normal again by the time you reached his house.

When he came back into the living room, the movie had already started and you were laying on couch, covered up by a blanket. He came up to you and laid behind, draping one arm over your waist. A million times you had done this, a million times you had cuddled and watched a movie, but for some reason this time was much different.

Your belly was doing flips, and you could feel his heart beating in his chest. You smiled to yourself and fake yawned, stretching your body against his, pushing your hips and ass into his sweatpants. Evan put a hand on your side, underneath the shirt he lent you. You looked up at him, and smiled. You turned your body to face him, and you pushed yourself up onto his body. Your noses were almost touching.

Is this better? He ran that hand up your side and under the shirt, laying it over your breast. You reached around and unclipped your strap, getting yourself free from the bra, you tossed it the ground. Evans hand was warm on the mound of skin. He ran a thumb over your nipple and you inhaled sharply. He kissed you. It was a quick kiss, but the way he invaded your mouth with his tongue, still rubbing your nipple with his thumb, was enough for you.

When he pulled back he also pulled his hand away, bringing it up to his mouth getting his forefinger wet with his mouth. He then put his hand back under the covers and into your sweat pants. You separated your legs for him, inviting him in, and he moved your underwear out of the way, parting the folds of skin, and finding something even more sensitive. He ran his entire hand over it. He moved it down, until the tip of his middle finger slipped inside of you and you gasped out loud, bringing your hand up his shoulder.

He pushed inside and rubbed your clit with his palm. One day you have to tutor Evan. What happens next? Not the studying part. Our school has the same system as every other high school has.

It seems to work in almost every high school. To be honest, it works only for those who are popular. The others suffer and try their best to survive. Me on the other hand. I get along with the popular ones. I sometimes do their assignments or homework. They pay me for it and they do it good. Yes, they still tend to pick on me from time to time, but not as hard as on the others. They know if they bully me or say anything bad to me.

This system has worked for me through out the high school years and still does. I still hate them. Most of them to be exact. I kinda like Evan Peters, we have the same biology class and he sits in front of me.

He has never asked me to do any of his work and he actually does it himself. He tries and whenever the others pick on someone he steps up and slightly tells them to stop. You get me? I stepped into my biology class which was the last period for this week and I was so exicted.

I can go home and just watch Netflix all weekend. Nothing else. I live alone by the way. I live in a pretty huge apartment. My parents are rich so they can afford it with no problems. As I stepped in I saw Mr. Blank and Evan slightly argue about something.

I sat down to my seat and got my notebook out on the table, but then I heard Mr. Blank say my name. He asked me to come up to his table. Is that okay with you two? He looked at me. He had beautiful brown eyes with a spark in them. I smiled and nodded. The bell rang. I got my stuff and walked over to my locker. As I closed it I heard someone yell my name.

I turn my head to see Evan running towards me. I heard him yell goodbye to me, but I just waved at him without turning around. I got home and started cleaning. I had a shower, put on a tiny amount of makeup to look presentable and some comphy clothes. As I was pouring myself a cup of coffee and swinging my hips to the beat of the music coming from my house speakers I heard a knock on the door. Take your shoes off and come on in. I peeked around the corner and saw him walking to the kitchen.

He smiled at me. It was a sweet smile. It was a different vibe in here. We were like old buddies or maybe even a couple. It sure felt like one for a minute. I nodded, took a mug and put on to the machine.

He giggled and took a sit. Do you want food? In here? I raised my eyebrow at him and he laughed. I grabbed some leftover lasange from the fridge. I made a chesture asking him if he wanted any and he nodded. I put it in the microwave. But can you put on some jazz? I handed him the plate with a fork and he thanked me. I swallowed my bite and responded. He nodded and smiled at me.

It was a different kind of smile. I have never seen one like that before. I can feel myself blush, but I brush it away. I look at him and he'slooking down to his plate eating.

Everything is so weird right now, but in a good way. I think I might like him. I knew I liked him before, but I was denying it to myself. I turn around and he looks me with a smirk I have never seen from him. I turn around and blush. I was taken aback. You have thought of me? Come on. I have everything ready for us in the living room.

He sat down next to me and I opened my notebook. That smile soon faded when I saw him sitting looking kinda dissappointed. A voice that was a little hurt. I looked at him in the eye and positioned myself to face him, my legs crossed. I always see you walking around the school with that adorable messy bun, laughing. Everyday I search for you at lunch and sit as close to you as possible. Have you really not noticed that? I was shocked. Now that I think of it I do see it. He comes closer to me, his face only a few inches away from mine.

I can feel his breath on my skin. I get goosepumps. He lifts my head up with his thumb and index finger. A lot. I smile at him. He smiles. My heart starts beating faster and faster. He leans in and his soft lips touch mine. He kisses me softly and I put my arms around his neck pulling him closer. He lays over me his hands on my waist. Our kiss turning into a heated makeout session really quick. I pull his hair slightly and the sexiest moan escapes his lips. I wrap my legs around his waist and pull him closer even more.

Our bodies now fully against each other. I can feel his hard member against my croach. He pulls away and looks at me with a smile. His lips red and a litlle swollen. He takes me to his arms and I wrap my legs around his waist supporting him. We finally make it to my bedroom kissing the whole. We both fell down to my bed and giggle. I kiss him, my hands in his hair.

He pulls away and looks at me slightly worried. I want you, Evan. He kisses me roughly. His tounge touches my lower lip softly asking for enterance and I gladdly give it to him. He starts kissing my neck and soon enough he finds my sweetspot and sucks on it making sure to leave a mark there. A loud moan escapes my lips. I get his shirt and pull it off revealing his toned muscles.

God, he is so fucking hot. He gets my shirt and pulls it off my body. Soon my pants and panties follow. He looks at me up and down and smirks to himself. He lays back on top of me and kisses my lips. He moves down slowly kissing every inch of my body. He soon starts sucking on one of my nipples massaging the other one with his strong arm.

So fucking good. Loud moans keep escaping my lips. I smile. I buckle on his belt wanting more of him. I want him inside of me now. As soos as possible. He stands up and takes of his pants with his boxers reavealing his boner.

He has a big and thick dick. I gulp at the sight of it. He sees it and smirks. He bumps himself a couple of times. I bite my lip, it is the sexiest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. He lays on top of me and positions himself to my enterence. He kisses me softly and then pushes in. I moan in pleasure his hard cock filling me up. He starts slowing moving hitting my g-spot every single time.

He adds more speed making me moan out even louder. Our moans and the sounds of our sweaty bodies slappying against each other. He went deeper and deeper with every thrust.

His thrusts became more sloppier as we were both so close to our climax. He put his thumb on my clit and start drawing circles on it. My legs shaking I arch my back and scream out his name from on top of my lungs. My pussy thightened around his cock and that sent him to his climax as well. He lays on top of me for a minute. Us both trying our best to catch our breaths.

He pulls out kisses my lips softly and then lays next to me. He pulls me close to him and kisses my forehead hugging me tight and not letting go. He smiles at me and kisses me. I smile and shake my head. He smiles his biggest and brightes smile to me and kisses me. I pull away and he raises his eyebrow at me.

I giggle. Originally posted by violate4always. Keep reading. Heres yet another fanfiction of James March haha hope you enjoy. So you went to the bar…….. You were sat at the bar of the Hotel Cortez, trying to pass the time, as you were condemned to spend an eternity in the Hotel, why not have a little fun? Besides, your husband James was nowhere to be found, he was probably creatively murdering someone again. Now, however, you were knocking back shots with Liz at the bar,. You took your coat off and hung it at the racks by the door just as Evan walked out.

You smiled at his sloppiness, noticing that he got mustard all over his shirt. You just laughed out loud at how stupid he sounded. You started to make yourself a sandwich when Evan came up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist. You turned your head back to smile at him, but his met your lips as he captured your lips in a sweet, everlasting kiss. He turned you around so you were facing him. He snaked his arms onto your waist and pulled you closer to him, applying more force into the kiss.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and tilted your head up, deepening it. He licked your bottom lip, requesting access to inside your mouth, which you graciously granted. He explored your mouth with expertise, making you want more.

You slowly started grinding against his hips, making him groan in pleasure. You smiled because you knew just what to do to turn him on. Your grinding kept getting gradually harder and longer, making him grind back to get more friction.

You kept your lips attached the whole time he was walking. Once you got in your shared bedroom, he put you down and closed the door behind him. You carefully lay on the bed, trying not to make a sound.

He grimly smiled and made his way towards you, unbuckling his belt at the same time. As he made his way in between your legs, you had managed to sit up and begin to take his shirt off. You took a short moment to just admire his toned stomach and chest and how hot he looked at that moment. He slowly tugged at the bottom of your shirt, signaling he wanted it off.

You quickly pulled it over your head and discarded it off the side of the bed. He reconnected your lips and you grabbed at his crotch, making him gasp. You giggled at how much control you had over him whenever you did that. He smirked at you and started kissing down your chest and hooking off your bra simultaneously. He started to kiss down the middle off your breasts, making his way down your stomach.

The way he kissed your body made the butterflies in your stomach flutter like crazy. You arched your back on the bed as he made his way to the waistline on your leggings. He pulled them down off your legs painfully slow. You groaned in annoyance because of how slow he was going, which only had him go even slower. When he finally fully discarded them, he threw them in the growing pile of clothes next to the bed.

He then proceeded to pull down the panties that matched your bra and swiftly introduced two fingers into you. You moaned in pleasure at the new sensation and he bit his lip, trying to contain his.

He thrust his fingers in and out, in and out, pulling you closer and closer to the edge, but right before you climaxed, he pulled his finger out. You whined at the loss of heat and friction, but you were soon relived again when he entered his member into you. You felt the knot in your stomach getting tighter by the second and you raked your nails down his back, letting him know how close you were.

Within seconds, you felt your orgasm hit you like a ton of bricks, letting your juices flow. You could tell Evan was about to climax by how sloppy his thrusts were, and, within seconds his hit too.

He pulls out of you and flops down next to you on the bed. You both look at each other, you are both breathless and still high from the sex.

I missed him so much, it hurt. All of the late night Skype calls, facetime, phone calls, and texts through out the day, were nothing compared to actually having him with me. Feeling his warmness, his fingers tickling my hand, his soft kisses, his wide smile.

I dressed up, putting on my nicest clothes, doing my hair, makeup, everything. I made sure the house was extra clean, then decided to make dinner. I was anxious, continuing to straighten out my skirt, and mess with my hair.

He was wearing his black peacoat that I loved, his scarf tucked in neatly. His facial hair had grown out a bit, and his curls were starting to re-appear from when it was cut all off, to play James March. He dropped his bags at the floor, and I ran to jump into his arms, him catching me, giggling. He smiled and bit his lip, then kissed me. Holding my face with one hand. As he let me down, I showed him that I had cooked for him, he smiled and looked so relieved.

As he took it off I looked at how toned his arms were starting to get. Focusing on every detail of him, Evan caught me staring, raising his eyes at me. He came up to me and kissed me on the forehead.

Thank you, for making dinner. I sat down on the couch and sighed deeply, turning on the TV to see what was on Netflix. Evan soon was out of the shower walking passed the stairs with only a towel on. I bit my lip as I hoped he would want to fool around since it had been so long.

We stared at each other, his serious gaze piercing through me. I leaned up and kissed him, running my fingers through his wet hair, feeling his tongue parting my lips, the taste of mint still in his mouth from brushing his teeth. His breathing grew heavier as he adjusted his position to right between my legs.

He pressed himself against me, leaving no space between our bodies. He held my face in his hands, caressing my skin with the tips of his fingers on my cheeks. He kissed down my chin, my jaw line, and down my neck. I exhaled sharply, as he gently bit my skin. He took no time as he pushed up my skirt, taking first one finger and pushing it inside me, then another.

He moved his thumb over my center, at the same time as he fingered me, his lips moving back to mine. A soft moan escaping my lips, while I bite his bottom lip. He pulled up my shirt, then his too. He laughed as he tried to pull himself out of his shorts. He unclipped my bra in a fast motion. He smiled, biting his lip. We were terrible together. He pressed his forehead against mine, positioning himself with my opening.

He held my face in his hands, thrusting himself inside of me. We both sighed, as he continued to thrust into me, first slowly, taking his time, looking into my eyes.

He reached down and held my hands, moving them above my head, then started to go harder, and faster. Hitting me in all the right places. He then moved around, putting me ontop of him. He looked up me, holding onto my hips, as I began to work my hips, he leaned his head back, moaning, his breath catching as I moved faster on him, his nails digging into my skin.

Pressing me further and further until I felt myself getting close. I could tell he was as well as he started to thrust up. He pulled me down, holding me there, thrusting up fast and faster as he held me close to him. He kissed me passionately, until we both finished nearly at the same time. He came deep inside me, sending me over the edge, feeling him finish.

He held me there for a moment just kissing me, still inside me for a long time. I laid my head on his chest, him running his fingers through my hair. We both got clothes back on soon after. He pulled a blanket over the both of us, turning on Netflix, just silently holding each other. I memorized every detail of his beautiful face. Staring up at him, as he looked perplexed bh the show we were watching. I loved kissing him, being with him, holding him. Loving him. It was… beyond anything that I could have imagined, and he was mine all mine.

I ran into the kitchen, to see him attempting to make pancakes. He turned around and pouted, holding a pan, with a black pancake in it. I made the pancakes as I knew that he liked them, with bananas in them. He was so perfect, no one would ever realize how god damn perfect, and how lucky I was.

Originally posted by evanpetersisbaeeee. HAII xx hope you enjoy this it was requested by saracons You lowered your body into the steamy tub, you had lit candles all over the place and filled it with bubble bath so it was a pretty blue colour. You lay back and tried to relax. You got in the tub knowing your boyfriend Jimmy will need a bit of loosening up after the show, he had been getting stressed and you wanted to do something for him.

Then in the sexiest tone possible you replied,. When he was completly naked you noticed he had a boner, which made you laugh. You gestured for him to get in, sitting up to give him room. He obeyed you and slid ontop of you. He adjusted so he was in a good position and started to kiss you, The kiss got more and more heated until it was a full on make out session, his tongue exploring your mouth.

His hand started tracing around your boobs, focusing on the nipple, you stroked his back in little circles, he loved it when you did that. You ran his fingers through your hair and bit his lip, just to see what would happen, his eyes widened and delved even deeper into the kiss.

To Jimmy your kisses were like a drug, he could never get enough. His hand slid down your body and started caressing your entrance, trying to tease you. He pulled away from the kiss to look at you, he loved to watch you at times like this. Your eyes were closed and you were gripping the side of the tub, your neck strained back.

His thumb started lightly circling your clit, making you moan out his name. A large grin grew on his face, occasionally whispering under his breath,. Your nails dag into his back, but Jimmy loved it. His smile growing even further. Jimmy kept pumping in and out until eventually you came, moaning loudly, your whole body tensing as you clung onto your boyfriend. He sat back so you were looking at each other from opposite ends of the tub he sighed and said,.

The two of you stumbled into the room, lips attached and arms flying. Anyways, you two had stopped in the foyer to dispose of shoes and jackets. As Evan struggled to get his jacket off, you cupped his face in your hands and kissed him hard and once again before scampering off into the bedroom. You turned around in his arms and wiggled out of your dress and undergarments and grabbed his hand.

You grinned a small smile and walked backward into the bathroom. Evan grinned in response and took a big step towards you, into your arms and locking lips once again. The two of you rocked side to side for a moment until he reached down and grabbed your soft thighs, rubbing circles on the inside. He walked forward and set you on counter and stripped the rest of his clothes off.

Just as you were about to cross your legs, he stepped in between them and kissed your shoulder and nuzzled your neck. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he carried you to the shower and turned on the warm water and kissed you properly.

He pinned you against the shower wall as he grinded his hips into yours. You could feel his length pressing against your heat and you ached so much to have he anticipation to be over.

You just wanted him to be hilt deep inside you, but, knowing Evan, he probably was going to make the moment last for as long as possible and to make it as gentle and sweet as possible.

He wove his fingers in your hair and pulled, exposing your throat to him. Quick as a cobra, he sucked and bit large splotches into your skin and worked his other hand into your heat. He circled your clit carefully with his thumb and allowed his other fingers slide up and down your slit. As you moaned into the steam, Evan lifted you by the waist and slid you onto his length, bouncing you up and down it a few times to get you adjusted to the size of it. As you grinded against him, he pinched your nipples harshly, forcing you to throw your head back and let out a long moan.

The two of you continued to bounce and rick until you felt the pressure building inside you. He came first inside you in a flurry and you came over him. As soon as the both of you came off your highs, you turned off the shower and wrapped yourselves in towels and got dressed in your underwear. Originally posted by lord-bat-jesus. It had been weeks since you found out Kyle was dead, he was your boyfriend, and the two of you were more in love than you had ever been before. Your eyes were puffy from crying so much, your heart aching.

Your friends had called you and left voicemails on your phone but you were too upset to face them, you just needed time to pick yourself back up again. You were lying on your sofa, wrapped in blankets when the doorbell rang, you lugged yourself over to the door, the blanket still draped over your shoulders like a shrug.

When you opened the door you were starstruck, you blinked twice, checking that what you saw was real, it was, it was Kyle. Tears clouded your eyes as you launched your arms around his neck and bringing him into a hug.

Your tears were making a wet patch on his t shirt he said,. You pulled back from the hug looking him in the eyes, your hands lightly resting on his chest.

You were still crying, unable to process what was happening. Kyle picked you up bridal style and kissed you all over your face. You stammered,. He placed you down on a sofa, secretly hating himself for how lightweight you had gotten.

He cupped your face in his hands and whispered. Can it be smutty and fluffy? Warnings: A lil bit of angst, smut, language, jealousy, guilt tripping, mentions and suggestion of fighting, mentions and suggestions of past violence. I also want to state that I am in no way disrespecting the wonderful Emma Roberts, I actually love her and Evan together.

The Oscars, what a high honor it was to be invited to something so extravagant. Having Evan on my arm, was always something for me to show off, how I managed to get my hands on someone so amazing, was beyond me. People snapped our pictures, and we hurried to the table we were seated at. I wore a sparkly, black, loose fishtail dress, that was backless, with a slit down my leg.

He wore a brand new suit with a bow tie, he always had a hard time dressing up, it made him feel awkward. I gave his hand a squeeze from under the table, he looked at me and huffed. His hand found my bare leg, from the slit in the dress, and he rested it there.

Oh, just a simple, show of affection immediately got me going. I put my hand over his, and held it there. He kissed the tip of my nose and drew his attention to what was going on, on stage. I paid attention to all the people who took this so seriously, some people not looking anything like themselves.

I thought it was so odd. I placed my hand on his thigh now, wanting to see if I could tease him, and how much trouble I could get in after this. He began to do it back, through the slit of dress, having an unfair advantage. His hands reaching all the way up, he teased the outside of my panties, while pretending to be paying attention to the stage, where Tom Hanks was giving some speech. I adjusted how I was sitting, making it easier for him to gain access to me.

I was disappointed and sighed loudly. He giggled, and looked back at me. He gently grabbed my neck and pulled me closer to his lips. Evan was always a private, pervert. So, both acted cool in the limo, the minute that we entered our hotel room though, he slammed the door and shoved me into the wall by the door. The smell of alcohol strong, on his breath. He smashed his lips into mine, moving his tongue through my mouth, fighting for dominance against mine.

His cold hands, sending goosebumps all over as he touched the skin on my back. He undid the zipper on the side of the dress, it fell to the ground at my heels. His hands hungerly exploring, my bare skin. I removed his tie, and slid his suit jacket off of him, leaving him in just the white button up shirt.

He placed his hands on my ass, then reaching behind my thighs.