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On Friday, Delaware State Police arrested Dr. Earl Bradley, 56, of Lewes, for the second Police said Bradley did not post bail and was locked up in the Sussex. “Earl Bradley will never walk out of prison ," Attorney General Beau Biden Biden and Patricia Dailey Lewis were attending a Sussex County. Dr. Earl Bradley is accused of sexually abusing children, some as young Delaware pediatrician Earl Bradley was indicted by a Sussex.

The trial of Earl Bradley had been moved from Sussex to New Castle County amid concerns that it would be difficult to find an impartial jury in Sussex, where. Earl Brian Bradley (born May 10, ) is a former pediatrician from Lewes, Delaware and . Bradley's case was moved to New Castle County from Sussex County because of concerns about getting an impartial jury in Sussex County, as many. for Sussex County. § Defendant-Appellant Earl Bradley, a former pediatrician, was found . Earl B. Bradley (DOB - 05/10/53), a white male.

Former Lewes and Milford pediatrician Earl Bradley was sentenced to life in prison Friday morning for the rape, assault and exploitation of more. On Friday, Delaware State Police arrested Dr. Earl Bradley, 56, of Lewes, for the second Police said Bradley did not post bail and was locked up in the Sussex. The trial of Earl Bradley had been moved from Sussex to New Castle County amid concerns that it would be difficult to find an impartial jury in Sussex, where.

Robert Smith. Delaware pediatrician Earl Bradley was indicted by a Sussex County grand sussex on counts of abuse involving children. Earl State Police via Getty Images hide caption.

A Delaware pediatrician accused of molesting more than children was the subject of complaints that spanned a decade, court documents reveal. But bradoey this week, Dr. Earl Bradley of Lewes, Del. It may be unprecedented in U. The nightmare that is the Earl Bradley case broke sussex last December, when a 2-year-old girl reported to her mother that Bradley had taken her to sussex private room after an bradley.

The child said the doctor touched her inappropriately, so her family went sussex a child protection agency. Police eventually raided the doctor's offices, where they found videos and recording equipment, which Bradley allegedly used to film 13 hours of fondling and forced intercourse with more bradley children as young sussex 3 months.

While he is pursuing the case, earl state has another responsibility: to figure out who might have known about the doctor's alleged actions before December.

Court documents now reveal that there had been warnings about Bradley earl back a decade. Bradley State Police sussex they had been actively investigating Bradley for the past year.

But until the 2-year-old came forward, there wasn't enough evidence to get a search warrant. In retrospect, those early claims now seem chilling. Before they found the videos, police had at least eight allegations of improper touching going back to This included gynecological exams of children who had sussex about unrelated illnesses. Aroundpolice started a formal investigation after a 3-year-old reported that the doctor kissed her.

There ear, also statements from other doctors about susssex behavior. But prosecutors decided not to pursue the case. Even then, none of the complaints bradley sent to the Delaware Board of Medical Practice, which could have taken away Bradley's license. James Collins, the director of the division that regulates doctors, bradley it's clear that many bradley had that responsibility. But Collins said that doctors, like people in other professions, are sometimes unwilling to bring a complaint against a colleague.

Among those being questioned about the failure to earl is the Medical Society of Delaware. Court documents say that Bradley's sister and office manager sent bradleey letter earl complaint about Bradley to the trade group in A representative of sussex group confirmed to the Wilmington News Journal that it had received earl letter, but said the complaint was earl about abuse. The society declined to comment to NPR about the investigation.

But the questions to agencies and doctors in the state are only going to bradley more intense. The latest indictment says that 48 children were abused by Earl in just braeley last year, after state police bradley already begun their investigation.

Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. Don't Tell Me! NPR Shop. Earl Bradley is accused of sexually abusing children, some as young as 3 months old. The state hradley has the responsibility of finding out who might have known about the doctor's alleged actions before the case was brought to light. Court documents reveal that there had been warnings earl Bradley going back a sussex. Pediatrician Escaped Past Abuse Allegations. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email.

February 24, PM ET. Heard on All Things Considered. Robert Smith Twitter Instagram. Enlarge this image. Delaware State Police via Getty Images.

Anxious, sobbing parents brought in photographs of their children to see if they matched contorted faces on the videos. On the third day, she told staff that she knew in the pit of her stomach her daughter had been molested. Nobody likes going to the doctor, he reasoned. Neighbors brought prosecutors homemade sandwiches during a snowstorm, while others chastised Biden for not catching Bradley earlier.

The exchange prompted Biden, then the father of two young children, to push for more state resources to combat child abuse, Lewis says. Senate seat once held by his father, Joe Biden.

For years, her daughter would see only female doctors, and, even then, she would hyperventilate. The mother, who requested anonymity, waited two years to report the incident to police. Her then-husband, she said, was Bradley's colleague at Bayside Health in Lewes and convinced her that she was overreacting. This month marks the anniversary of her daughter's rape. The young woman is now pursuing a graduate degree and appears to be adjusting well, her mother said.

She saw Bradley for five years starting at birth. The father, who requested anonymity, says he, too, was raped at age 7 by a family friend. He waited 28 years to tell anyone. When his daughter saw Bradley on the news getting hauled away in handcuffs, wearing a scraggly beard and a denim Mickey Mouse jacket, she blurted out: "Good, because I'm tired of him sticking his fingers in me.

But she doesn't know everything, and her father worries it might cause a nervous breakdown. The stress already hastened the dissolution of his marriage of 18 years. Or tying him to the back of his truck and stepping on the gas.

Her parents received that honor. She was wiped off his birth certificate. Bradley raped Heary multiple times starting at age 8. Two other men raped her before she was legal to drink, she says. She tried stuffing the memories to inaccessible depths until the pediatrician's arrest triggered her recall.

Child abuse victims like Heary often repress memories of trauma, which come flooding back at unexpected moments, according to Stephen DiJulio, clinical director of SOAR, Survivors of Abuse in Recovery, in north Wilmington. Many children demonstrate remarkable resilience, according to Annie Steinberg, a psychiatry professor at the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine who consulted in the Bradley case.

Reactions to childhood trauma vary widely, depending on the victim's home life, support network, the age at which the trauma occurred and the frequency of it. Even those too young to consciously remember, store pain at the cellular level, according to neuropsychiatric research.

Heary popped Klonopin to get through the grueling eight-hour depositions in the Bradley case. She graduated to Percocet, which she split with her younger brother, who had been sodomized by Bradley at least twice before age 6. When the two were intimate, Heary would shout: "You look like him.

Get off of me. For years, Heary and her brother, now 29 and also a recovering heroin addict, cycled in and out of detox facilities funded by their parents' retirement account. Heary turned 28 years old by the time it was approved. Wilmington attorney David Ferry, one of the lawyers responsible for overseeing the fund, declined to disclose its balance, citing confidentiality issues.

Bradley had been referred to the family by their local chiropractor, Lynette remembers. Disheveled and obsessively frugal, the pediatrician was an oddball who had the bedside manner of a "teddy bear.

Soon, the families took outings together at restaurants and amusement parks. They ate at McDonald's every morning and returned home to a filthy, toy-strewn house, she says. Bradley raised them after his wife, Suzanne, left him in the s. Bradley's former wife and children, who now live in Florida and California, did not respond to recent requests for comment. The Hearys spent the night at Bradley's home, on occasion, on their way to the beach.

Gerald and Lynette took the attic room while Aubrey slept downstairs. Early on Dec. They led him away in handcuffs and a denim Mickey Mouse jacket. Earl Bradley spent years tricking out his office with a carousel, a miniature Ferris wheel and other amenities that appealed to children.

At BayBees Pediatrics, officers fanned out through the rambling complex: the old house that served as the main office and three smaller outbuildings in the rear. They also found dozens of digital storage devices. Among them were five thumb drives hidden atop a door frame.

The next day, a detective from the high-tech crimes unit began examining the digital evidence. The first file on the first thumb drive was a video recorded in September, three months earlier. But then, Detective James Spillan saw Bradley removing the diaper of a very young child. The girl cried for her mother. Spillan eventually catalogued 13 hours, 35 minutes and six seconds of video in which Bradley documented his abuse.

Some scenes lasted several minutes, others only a few seconds. Bradley made the first recordings in December ; the last, in December , three days before his arrest.

The video showed Bradley violently assaulting 86 children, all girls except for one. Spillan later testified in court about watching the rapes of children in diapers, many of them screaming and trying to get away.

Bradley raped one girl, on video, four times before she turned 2. It was a violent, brutal, forced attack. The discovery of the video sent the case into a different realm.

In reality, he had been a serial child molester all along. Patricia Dailey Lewis ended up living there for six months, meeting day after day with stunned, grieving parents and grandparents.

Others defended Bradley. At a town-hall meeting, a man approached Lewis and backed her against a wall. Bradley offered no defense when he went on trial in A judge sent him to prison for life, with no chance for parole. Bradley is now 63 years old. In public, Bradley said nothing about his case, except in court papers regarding his unsuccessful appeals.

But in October, Bradley responded to an interview request from the AJC with a two-page handwritten letter. He did not directly address his guilt or innocence. He contends the police had no authority to confiscate the digital storage media from his office or to examine the video it contained.

Bradley said nothing about the content of the seized video, nothing at all about the children it showed him assaulting. Beebe Medical Center hired Dr. Nor did they offer any. Their failure to apologize still angers Patricia Dailey Lewis, the former Delaware assistant attorney general. They did nothing. These agreements bring investigations to a halt, reducing the likelihood that other victims might be identified and additional sanctions imposed. Criminal charges are rare; convictions, rarer still.

That was two months after his arrest, and almost 16 years after the first accusation that he molested a patient.

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Earl Bradley needed to think fast. It worked. Earl Bradley. More in this series How well does your state protect patients? State secrets System shields abusive doctors nationwide, leaving patients in the dark about troubled past. Video: What to expect in the exam room Gynecologist answers questions about what should happen during an exam.

Patients violated, doctors rehabilitated Doctors who sexually abuse patients go to therapy and then return to practice. Sign In. These included felony warrants for several counts of child exploitation and first-degree rape.

Bradley surrendered to authorities on December 18, An initial preliminary hearing was delayed after prison officials placed Bradley on suicide watch. In February , a grand jury sitting for the Delaware Superior Court indicted Bradley on charges, including counts of rape and exploitation.

The videos also show children in diapers screaming as they attempted to escape from Bradley before he raped them in an outbuilding on the property. Though his private lawyers quit after Delaware took steps to freeze his assets, Bradley was afforded a public defender and arraigned on March 24, He pleaded not guilty to all charges. A follow-up hearing was scheduled for May Vice President Joe Biden , announced in a January speech that he would not seek election to his father's former seat in the United States Senate because he felt it was more important to fully pursue Bradley's prosecution.

However, Bradley then waived his right to a jury trial, opting instead for a bench trial. The case was then moved back to Sussex County. After hearing evidence on June 7, , Judge William C. Carpenter, the presiding Judge in Bradley's bench trial, stated he would issue his verdict at a later date. On June 23, , Bradley was convicted on all 24 counts on a consolidated indictment which originally contained counts : 14 counts of rape, seven counts of assault, and three counts of sexual exploitation of a child.

Under Delaware law, anyone convicted of raping three separate persons automatically receives life without parole. Judge Carpenter said that Bradley "betrayed his patients' trust and disgraced the medical profession", and that "you will never be in a position to harm a child again". Bradley appealed to the Delaware Supreme Court, claiming that the original search warrant was not specific enough about where the evidence would be located, and that the police exceeded the limits of the warrant without probable cause.

The office complex housing his former practice was demolished on October 10, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Earl Bradley. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Archived from the original on Retrieved Cape Gazette. December 18, Archived from the original PDF on December 7, Retrieved July 29,