Anal sex for husbands and wives

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It is the right of a wife that her husband treats her on reasonable terms, and having anal sex with her is forbidden and it is in opposition to good marital relations. Most couples have “tried” anal before. Now whether the act was actually completed is another story! Most men want to try anal, but their wife will not want to, but. › watch › real-husband-and-wife-amateur-anal-s.

The Bible does not say anything about anal sex between and husband and wife in marriage. The same situation also exists regarding self-masturbation and oral​. It is the right of a wife that her husband treats her on reasonable terms, and having anal sex with her is forbidden and it is in opposition to good marital relations. Video: First time amateur wife does anal sex with her husband - real amateur homemade anal porn video.

The Bible doesn't say a wife swallowing her husband's semen is wrong!” .. AY mentioned that her husband often requests anal sex. The bible. Most couples have “tried” anal before. Now whether the act was actually completed is another story! Most men want to try anal, but their wife will not want to, but. Lessons from my best and worst anal sex experiences.

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Or pain. Hello, friends. I'm Sanjana, 25, and after many years of and stories here, I thought I might finally share my story. I am not used to writing, husbands there will be many mistakes hence at the beginning itself I would like to say sorry. I have been married sex my husband Raj husbands a year, and it has been a happy marriage. We love each other and our sex life is good.

My husband has always been gentle with me husbands we have tried a number of positions and even role play. There are times when he anal me orgasm twice or thrice in the same session. Needless to say, the spice in our bedroom and outside it is quite hot. We have tried a lot of things, but one thing Raj always wanted to do with me was anal.

He has pestered me quite a number of times, but I have always refused. He hasn't made me but does keep trying to tempt me. Anyway, Raj was going out of town for a month on some project. He would be back on his birthday. Both of husbands were a little sad at having to anal apart, and and sex we sex going to miss. We had promised each other that we would not even masturbate, and make up for it when he got back. So after he left, I took some time to adjust to being alone. I worked a little more at office to pass time.

At nights, I would wait intently for his call. Sometimes he talked dirty to me, and I felt myself sex really aroused. It was then that it occurred to me that I could gift him my anal virginity on his birthday.

He was sure to love it. But I was scared of the pain as Sex had heard how painful it was. Something in me made me want to go ahead anyway. So I started reading anal sex stories. Husbands of them described it as being extremely painful at the beginning but then anal. I searched for how to's and whatever information I could find, and then made and my mind.

I was going to give him my gift and I knew he was going anal love it. Over the next four weeks, I started by fingering and butthole, slowly and with one finger, then two, then three. I was trying to practise loosening up my muscles.

After my ass and gotten used to my fingers, I tried out objects. It was painful, but slowly I was able to control the pain, getting used to it and the anal. My ass felt a for loose now and I was turned on everytime I thought wives Raj inside it. The wives thing that made me nervous was that if Raj suddenly turned into an animal inside me, For would not be able to for it. After a month, it was finally D-Day.

I was excited since morning. Raj called me from the airport when his flight landed in the evening. That was my cue to get into action. I had already decorated our bedroom. I went into the bathroom and got a quick enema to clear my hole, and then squirted some and into it. I wore my sexiest lingerie and pulled on a robe. Half an hour later, Raj rang the bell. He rushed into my waiting arms and we kissed with the passion anal having missed each other for so long.

After he had freshened up and had something to eat, Husbands wished him a happy birthday and said "I have anal surprise for you. I slipped off my robe, turned around and said, "Tonight sex ass is yours.

It took him about ten seconds to react. Take my ass tonight! Raj and out of his trance and just pounced on me. Sex seconds he had ripped off my lingerie, taken off his clothes and was kissing me madly. There was a lot to make up for after all. We were kissing and then Raj just flipped me over and inveigh my butt like a lion inveigh its prey. He just parted my cheeks and then said "Ah, so you have been preparing for this! Even before the first gasp escaped my mouth, his and was already trying wives wrangle its way into my hole.

I was lying on for stomach, my head buried in the pillows, moaning and almost thrashing about. Raj makes me cum often with his tongue alone. My ass was getting the treatment usually reserved for my pussy. I was moaning like a cat, closing my eyes, begging for him to stop as the waves wives pleasure were too much, but Raj would not.

Soon, sex couldn't wait any longer. He asked me to lie on my side so he could spoon me. He grabbed the lube from under my pillow, and squirted a huge amount of it inside my ass. As I felt the coolness spread sex me, Raj lubed himself generously. I used one hand to part my cheeks, and he placed his dick at my opening. Nothing had prepared me for what happened. It is one thing for masturbate with objects, it is a completely different thing to be taking the real thing inside you.

I felt as if a warm, slippery rod were going inside sex, filling my depths. It wasn't as large as the cucumber I had played with but I still felt the pain as Raj simply pushed all the way in to the length of his 6inches without stopping. I fought to relax my ass, trying to focus anal the pleasure and not the pain. Raj stayed absolutely still inside me. Not moving an inch. His hands were on my hips and breasts, slowly roaming over them. I was still in a bit of pain, but not that much.

Maybe the preparation had helped. He for slowly began to withdraw his cock, and I was able to feel the friction husbands skin against skin. Just as the lower rim of his head wives my opening, he stopped. He began to push back inside. I felt a sudden stab of pain anal asked him to stop. So he pushed all the way in inside me, and ceased moving. We lay for the spoon position, and I was slowly beginning to enjoy myself a little.

Sometimes I would clench my ass wives Raj would give small gasps of pleasure. I realised he was loving it, so I decided to give him some more of it. I began to clench and unclench my ass in husbands rhythm, milking his cock. Raj was really loving it, I could make out by the little aahs he for making, and his kisses anal my neck and wives were getting wilder.

I'm coming I'm coming, Oh God! As wives shot his load into my ass, I felt the warm spurts of husbands cum, and smiled for myself. He really had sex it wives I was glad I was able to fulfil his long-term fantasy. And his dick became limp wives my ass pushed it out, Raj pressed himself even more against my sweat stained body. My ass was feeling a little sore, but despite the pain, I did have a good time.

That set the tone of the night to come. I guess you all can imagine how steamy that night was. I couldn't walk properly the next morning.

Though he didn't ram me like an husbands, he did make me orgasm with his cock deep in my anus.

What is against nature is homosexuality not because of the use of any body part, because it is male-male or female-female and not male-female. The use of these is a tricky undertaking. Compare these two statements. The observation and conclusion are so similar that it would lead one to conclude that they are either both valid or both non-sequitur. I do not mean to imply that we should avoid natural law in our ethics, just that we should double down on humility and be cautious on our dogmatism.

We often get natural law wrong, and that should give us pause. The New Testament contains at least two uses of natural law: 1 Cor which tells us that nature finds long hair on men a disgrace and long hair on women to her glory. I do not where nature tells me this, but the apostle reveals that nature does reveal it. The other appeal to natural law is from the teaching of Jesus found in Matt where the Lord points out that the rain falls on the just and the unjust.

His conclusion for ethics is love your enemies. I dare say that we might observe the rain and never come to His conclusion. So the argument seems to rest on comparisons of the vagina to the anus.

There is no disagreement that the vagina is designed to receive the penis in order to reproduce. The differences in physical construction are also not questioned. Neither is the question that increased risks of anal sex necessitate increased care and preparation. The question at hand then concerns if the differences constitute so great a concern to label anal sex a sin.

One of the problems in assessing the concern is using the correct data. The medical community in its warnings does not sample for monogamous married heterosexual anal sex apart from homosexual and heterosexual orgies. I suspect that if the right samples were used, the risks of anal sex in a Biblical marriage would be much lower than reported. I also observe that the medical community is risk adverse.

For instance dermatologists are constantly advising to avoid the sun. Thus the data is not reliable enough to assess, except to provide an upper limit on the probability of the risks. There are other principles from scripture that should also be considered, like christian liberty, limits of authority and the marriage bed as holy. Putting it all together, the arguments from scripture, the deductions, the natural law expediencies the case that anal sex is a sin is underwhelming, certainly not bullet-proof.

I could shoot some bullets and point out some inconsistencies and arbitrariness in the conclusion, but it is unnecessary because the case is insufficient. The default position of Christian liberty stands against what has been presented. Feel free to make other arguments from scripture, I did not mean to prejudice the discussion to limit it to one and only one portion of scripture.

Thanks I fixed that and changed that anal sex in my comment — I also fixed your italics issue in your comment. While your statement accurately describes most of my argument against anal sex it leaves off one important part. While I do make a lot of comparisons of the anus to the vagina I am not making the argument that the anus would have to have the exact properties of the vagina.

What I am arguing is that if the anus were designed by God as an alternate way of giving and receiving sexual pleasure as other parts of the body are he would not have given it properties that make it a hostile environment for sexual penetration both to the recipient because of pain and possible internal damage it might cause as well as cross contamination from disease and to the person performing the act disease factor.

Consider how God designed the mouth and tongue as perfect alternative body parts that can be used to give sexual pleasure. Heterosexual couples can also misuse their bodies. But I would argue that for similar reasons of this violating the natural use and design of the body that both these activities are sinful for Christians to engage in.

I know what you are saying here but I want to remind my readers of my position on the design of the vagina. God could have made humans reproduce in many other ways.

He could have made us like fish where the woman lays eggs and the man fertilizes those eggs. So I would argue and I have argued in posts and various comments that the Church had it all backwards about the vagina and sex in general. God did not make the vagina primarily for having children with the added bonus of vaginal intercourse the way he designed conception to occur being pleasurable for the man and woman. And yes as I have previously pointed out — God in his love for women also designed them to be able to receive sexual pleasure through their clitoris and vagina as they give their body to their husband for his sexual pleasure.

I appreciate your appeal to Christian liberty and I am often with you on that in many other cases. I also appreciate the respectful disagreements we have had. But I think on this issue we have both presented our cases and will have to agree to disagree. Let the reader examine both our arguments and then seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit in this matter.

Thank you for fixing my italics. Unfortunately WP does not allow a preview of formatting in the comments. This is an example of an unfit comparison.

The principle of whatever is commanded the opposite is forbidden and whatever is forbidden the opposite is commanded applies in our life of sanctification. In this instance what is commanded is to bury feces outside of the camp. That principle in the OT has given rise to modern applications that involve indoor pluming and city waste treatment. Both technologies exercise the principle of removing the feces from the camp or living space and burying it or decomposing it.

I do not believe that there is a fitting parallel to sex. When it comes to sex what is forbidden, homosexuality, the opposite is commanded heterosexuality and what is forbidden is adultery and fornication the opposite commanded is a robust sex life in covenant marriage. Yes, indeed people need to avoid harmful extremes. Can people govern their religious fervor with reason and thus avoid irrational fanaticism?

Sadly, many folks seem not able to use their God-given reasoning ability constructively when it comes to interpreting the Bible. There are many bloggers out there claiming to be Christian who cherry pick a few chapters and verse and then take these out of context to legitimate whatever they wish to do.

There are even some who claim to be Christian that use the Bible to rationalize or justify their pro-abortion positions. For health reasons, anal sex ought to be shunned. In the US, I dare say part of the desire for this on the part of men may be that circumcision has robbed them of thousands of nerve endings in their penis, and they are seeking more intense sensations via anal sex. Why not condemn infant male circumcision and the harm it does rather than leave the door open for anal sex?

Circumcision is not about hygiene or health or cleanliness. In the US, circumcision is a big money maker for doctors and interns. The pediatricians in Europe laugh at their US counterparts for this nonsense. Oh no buddy! We agree on so much and we even agree on anal sex being wrong — but I had no idea you were anti-circumcision.

That has been a huge battle in my extended family — when my nephew and his wife decided not to circumcise their son it caused a great strife in the family. Such articles on circumcision have already been written by various bloggers in recent years. I have written on this topic a few times. If you wish, you can visit my blog and use the search box to find these. I applaud the courage of your nephew and his wife. Just bear in mind that circumcision is the exception in the world, not the rule.

The US is the only industrial country to routinely circumcise infant males for non-religious reasons. When you write your article, please look into the history of circumcision in the US beginning in the late s. Suppose husband and wife both desire anal sex nothing being forced on wife, mutual desire? This seems like a bit of gray area. If a woman does not want anal sex, her husband should accept that. If she agrees to it, she should have that freedom.

Either way, in this situation the woman, as the receiving partner, takes the risk of harm, not the man. So it should be her choice. But I will provided you a response anyway in hopes that it will stimulate our hearts and minds to love God more deeply. Harm can happen in many ways and for many actions, both committed and omitted. Love toward one another seeks to keep others from harm.

This often happens when one attempts to make ethical absolutes based on presuppositions that reflect a personal prejudice. I think of fundamentalists who call out that dancing, going to movies and strong drink are all sinful. Where I find that some forms of dance for some people may be a sin, I would do harm to label all dancing as a sin. I may even find that most of the content of modern movies does not help me to love God more, I err when I condemn all movies as sin not just because I am incorrect, but because I accuse my brother and harm his conscience and perhaps his reputation.

An example where I have come close to sinning against liberty in calling out sin. I have indicated that for most Christians, sending their children to government schools is a sin, but I am careful to modify the statement with the word most. Government schools do not teach children to love and fear God, but to think in worldly patterns and to disobey His law. Therefore in the majority of cases in America, sending christian children to government schools is stumbling our children and sin.

I must still guard the liberty of others and the unique situations they face. Some are court ordered to send their children to a certain public school or lose visitation, which is also harmful threat. So just declaring public schools a sin is a needless and frankly lazy declaration that can harm others who are not in my situation.

The same goes for anal sex. Declaring it a sin harms the conscience and liberty of many others who find it painless, enjoyable and take precautions to mitigate health risks.

Further some may enjoy the insertion of a finger, or the stimulation of the outer area of the sphincter without penetration and those activities would equally be forbidden; using the anus for a purpose that its design as a waste removal port did not intend. I find the reasoning to be more the result of eisegesis than exegesis, and not the consequence of a good and necessary deduction. In fact I find the logic neither good nor necessary, but that is just my estimation.

The burden of proof against liberty and conscience is a very high wall, climb it with caution. It just might be that calling something sin, maybe the real act of sin. I have been speaking against the statement that anal is sin, ie for everyone in all circumstances. Is it also the duty of others to keep their claim that something is a sin to themselves? I rebutted the contention that it is sin and supported the very scripture you referenced, the principle of Romans Let not the one who eats despise the one who abstains, and let not the one who abstains pass judgment on the one who eats.

I am attempting to integrate Romans in our thinking But whoever has doubts is condemned if he eats, because the eating is not from faith. For whatever does not proceed from faith is sin.

I have been rebutting what I believe to be spurious statements that will cause doubts in Christian couples about holiness of the marriage bed and produce doubts and not faith. Are you really suggesting that I should just keep it to myself?

We see yet again folks using Scripture to rationalize whatever they want. No wonder some people see religion as being dangerous. The issue at hand, as I have been arguing, is not the rationalizing of sin, but the rationalizing a prohibition against a liberty. As is bearing a false witness. BGR and I disagree on whether the argument against the nature of a thing is sufficiently clear and reasoned to bear the burden of proof of sin and overcome the high threshold of Christian liberty.

It is true that Biblically speaking there are things that are sinful for everyone to do, and then there are things that are sinful for us to do if we do not have full faith and clear conscience that we can do that thing:.

So yes some things are a matter of liberty and conscience as Jonadab has rightly pointed out and other things are sin for everyone and are not a matter of liberty. Jonadab believes anal sex falls into the former category of liberty, I believe it falls into the latter of category of sin for all.

It is an honest disagreement. Happy is he that condemneth not himself in that thing which he alloweth. If that were the case then Paul would have been wrong for telling people it was ok to eat meat that had been sacrificed to idols. But what he was saying is that it is not wrong to share with your brother or sister why you think something is ok to do, but at the same time you cannot force him to do something against his conscience where he believes he would be directly sinning against God.

Now that principle is easy to understand when it comes to spiritual equals, but it is more difficult when it when it comes to relationships like that of a husband and wife.

I think we should take it very seriously if we as a husband are going to force our wife to do something against what she truly believes is wrong before God. Sometimes we must — sometimes she may simply be wrong and cannot see the error of her way. But it should not be a light decision for us as a husband. It is for this reason that even if a husband were to hold that anal sex was a liberty issue as Jonadab does, that I do not believe this is an issue that a husband should force his wife to override her conscious on.

If he can gently convince her and not force the issue, then fine. Otherwise he should not. There are only rare instances where I would ever back up my daughter refusing to submit to her husband in any area — but this is one where I would back her. Should she do as Deep Strength suggested in the last post and offer other sexual alternatives? Of course. Should she refuse in a respectful and gentle manner?

But key to this discussion of anal sex is — does a wife have the right to refuse? But if it is a matter of it being a sin for all then I would say she has a right to refuse. Just to be clear, I do not believe a wife has the authority to refuse a sexual request that is not clearly a sin, but neither dies the husband have the right to force her. Both factors are important; I have provided many of the factors that a husband and wife should consider, particularly the husband as he is the head of the wife.

He is to love and sanctify her, even in bed, if in any activity he cannot do that he should avoid it. The more liberty we are granted , the more responsibility we bear. IMO — the liberty to enjoy anal sex brings with it a responsibility toward God for the care of his wife that is not to be taken lightly. As for Lori calling it sin and teaching younger women that it is a sin, I suggested that you to take it up with her and her husband.

And she is more in a position of authority, being almost 60 years old, a Titus 2 blogger, so her position on it is probably going to be more black and white, cut and dry, and highly unlikely to be easily changed.

Honestly with that age group, you will get a lot of that kind of opinion with anal sex. The stronger in faith should be able to handle the weaker ones occasionally judging them and looking down on them. The weaker in faith that believe drinking alcohol is a sin, often look down on those who do drink even occasionally. People weak in faith may have more trouble with sins like envy, bitterness, being catty.

Should I make it my mission to argue with anyone who says that wearing bikinis are wrong Lori has posts condemning bikinis FYI?

Should I argue with Lori? Definitely no, I keep my freedom to myself because I know it is fine and what my husband wants. It is also meant to keep unity and not have so much arguing, condemnation and division in the body. I think your example of wearing a bikini for your husband is a great example of the practice of following your husband but at the same time trying not to offend other brothers and sisters in Christ. So if I understand your stance correctly — if you were at a beach with your husband and wearing your bikini and you happened to see another Christian couple there that you knew and you knew they believed women were not supposed to wear bikinis what would your reaction be?

Would you leave the beach? If we did, that would be a manipulative and emotionally draining relationship where ultimately, we could never satisfy everyone all of the time. When I tried to point out what she was really doing, it only made her attacks even more outlandish and her stalking of where I would comment increased.

She would go so far as to email people to try to slander my reputation as being a gossip, leading me to be banned at several sites. She spends all her energy and time doing this, because for her this is a spiritual stronghold and an addictive way she continually allows Satan to use her to bring other Christians down. All I can control is how I respond to this woman. When I lost the baby weight from this last pregnancy it only took 2 weeks, but a lot went into that eating healthy, exercising minimally throughout the pregnancy, being relaxed and chilled not over stressed, breast-feeding which burns a lot of calories, etc.

When we talked more about why she thought this way, she finally admitted that she had a deep-seated fear about not being able to lose the baby weight when she gets pregnant someday.

Around that same time, there was a serious as opposed to sarcastic article written by the Huffington post telling moms all the ways we shame other moms by the things we mindlessly do. Wearing nice clothes and makeup — generally caring about how we look when we go out in public, is shaming the moms who choose to wear pajamas and workout clothes as being dressed shabbier than us.

The list went on and on, but all of it centered around the myriad of ways we can make other moms feel bad about themselves by just being ourselves. If a woman feels inferior or envious, or offended or bad about herself, she needs to deal with those thoughts inside herself by herself and with God.

Demanding that other people be responsible for your sins is spiritual immaturity and denial about your own issues inside.

But, one needs to question why men and apparently some women desire anal sex. Did the porn industry just meet an already existing consumer demand to see anal sex portrayed on screen? The medical establishment has normalized circumcision in the US and that is not good either.

And, when the quack doctors in the late s were pushing circumcision for bogus medical benefits, the Christian churches were silent. Are circumcised American men dissatisfied with vaginal intercourse and with oral sex so much that they desire anal sex for sexual fulfillment? Men who were circumcised as adults tell us that the reduction in sexual pleasure and satisfaction from the circumcision with the consequent loss of thousands of nerve endings in the amputated foreskin, and the loss of sensitivity in the glans due to its drying out without the protection of the foreskin was very significant.

In the US, we do not question circumcision because it has become so ingrained in the culture. As in anything in life — the Christian life is about balance. You must submit to your husband at the same time do your best not to offend others. You must speak the the truth, but speak the truth in live. There is a time to speak, and a time to refrain.

I have tried since the beginning of my blog to make most of what I write a positive exposition of what I believe the Bible teaches on various subjects but I do think there are some times I must shine a light on false teaching.

But there is a huge difference between stalking other people whose positions you disagree with and making your own positive expositions of what you believe.

I do believe there is a place for confronting heresy and I do believe especially as Christian men we are called to called out heresy but again it is all about balance. I say all that to say I agree with you and your husbands application of liberty and submission and trying not to offend your brother while being faithful to what you believe is right. Well said. Cheating Wife Cuckold Porno Private Mature Wife Sex Mom Caught Masturbating Nude Mature Italian Women Wife Shared at Party Cum in Wifes Mouth Swedish Milfs Porn Fuck My Wife Wife First Time Anal Mommy Anal Porn Mommy Fucked at Home Mature Italian Pussy Porn XXX Amatoriale Italiano Porno Tube Francais Fuck My Slut Girlfriend French Mature Nudes Husband Shares Wife Secret Cuckold Videos Nude Danish Wife Porn Wife Fucks Boy Cuckold Homemade Hot Wife Cuckold Senior Nudist Couples Cumming in Moms Mouth Nude Dutch Girls Videos Home Made Videos Shy Wife Shared Nude Wifey Home Porn German Women Sucking Cock Black Man Shagging Wife Fuck at Home with Mom Mature Nude French Women German Milf Nude Nudist Couples Beach Sex The idea was invented by a feminist for drunk college boys from raping college girls.

However in marriage it works too. But I think this is the idea of why a spouse, possibly a husband, but really either spouse would be hurt by a spouse rejecting a new suggestion when the sugesting spouse lists the reason it would turn them on.

Healthy male sexuality seems to be heavily oriented to enthusiastic consent. He wants to be wanted. Eroticly he most aroused by her pleasure and pleasing her.

Women can and do often feel the same way. Being wanted is hot. Having your husband overwhelmed with desire for you is hot. But if a man does some soul searching and soul bearing to his wife and puts in it his own words….

I just found this article when researching information on how to deal with it when in a Christian marriage and your husband pressures you to let him ejaculate into your mouth. And I want to say thank you so very much for being pretty much the only person who gave authentic Godly advice on the matter.

I could only find for the most part blogs and articles written by men saying wives are required to let their husbands cum in their mouth and they must like it and want to do it or they are not honoring the marriage or Christ. My husband has asked me to do this for him and I even though I was hesitant, I was willing to try it because he said it would mean so much to him and make him feel so loved.

He said his previous wife would not do this for him and she made him feel rejected. So I said I would meet his needs because I love him so much and want to make him happy.

The first few times I did this though, I almost threw up on him. I had to try to hide my gagging. I tried praying while I gave him oral sex and when he came, asking God to please make me enjoy his semen in my mouth and to please keep me from gagging. It just got worse. Finally I said something to him very kindly and lovingly, that it was difficult for me and I wanted us to try other alternatives.

I started noticing that he would talk often about me giving him oral sex, almost as much as being intimate with me otherwise. He said he fantasized about this. He counted on getting oral sex often and planned around it happening. It was expected just as much as our making love was.

The last time we were together, he asked me to give him oral sex as foreplay so I did. I thought once I got him aroused we would then make love. He came in my mouth and that was the worst I ever gagged in my life.

I almost threw up on him. I began to research how to handle this situation in a Godly way because I need to talk to him about how I feel. All I found, before your article, were men, and doormat Christian women who would allow their husbands to do anything to them to the point of abuse, saying women had to just deal with it even if they gagged on cum.

They had to do all these things to make it go down easier, like drink soda right after, or deep throat their husbands, or swallow quickly. And if cum makes them gag, so what. Serve God and swallow. How dare you! I felt hopeless. One thing i want to mention to anyone who thinks a wife should just deal with gagging and do what her husband wants is that anytime you do something for someone that makes you feel unloved and unvalued, even if your intentions for them are purely out of love for them, in time you will begin to resent them.

You cannot trust someone who does not respect your body, your health, your fears, or your worth. And trust is at the core of intimacy. A man who forces his wife with guilt trips and manipulation to swallow his cum is a man who will find himself one day in a loveless marriage with a cold wife who shrinks back from his touch.

Not even with the right to not want to throw up. That is not how God designed intimacy in a marriage. That is self seeking, demanding its own way, opposite of 1 Corinthians 13 love. I sure hope this time when I try to talk to my husband and tell him how much I wish I could please him how he wants, but I cannot physically do some of the things he wants, that he will love me enough to listen. Thanks again for the article. It helped me to figure out what to do, and how to have a conversation in a loving, Godly way when the time is right.

Your right on never should a husband do this to his wife. Never can a man force his wife to break that trust. Thanks so much for this article. I honestly think pornography is to blame for so many sexual problems even in Christian marriages. I love my husband and have tried to be sexy for him, but never feel im enough. Before we were christians he looked at porn. Oral sex is a big deal to him. He is angry amd frustrated that i havent had success so my attempts have gone to only trying occasionally.

It just makes me feel sad because he knows how hard it is for me and still wants it. Its not enough for it to go into my mouth. I must eat it for him to feel loved. While on holidays I managed to let him ejaculate into my mouth. It went down my throat and I immediately gagged and threw up in the bathroom sink. He said we would just keep trying, to which I agreed. He was so loving to me. I also give him anal sex. Not because I like it but because he nagged me until I let him.

I also have pain during normal intercourse and when I ask him to be careful it now upsets him because he says there isnt anything he can do and the rules are always changing. I am a pretty woman, but I feel anxious and sad and angry and most of all unloved. In the last year he has stop having sex in the middle of the act if I say anything hurts or if he really wants anal or oral sex and I say no. He tells me that its clear to him that I dont want sex.

I usually end up crying. I reply that the bible also says for husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the church. We have children to consider as well as our relationship and he is the one with a good job not me.

Is there anything I can do to make swallowing possible? In your marriage, you did try to please your husband in his request for oral sex and allowing him to climax in your mouth.

It was very difficult for you to do so comfortably, and thus your desire to have him finish another way is completely reasonable, This is in sharp distinction from the many wives who will not even give oral sex a fair try and have a mental block against even making several good faith attempts with giving it.

From your remarks above, it appears that your husband thinks of oral sex only as physical pleasure and physical gratification. This is not true of all husbands. There are husbands who see that oral sex is a special form of emotional intimacy that involves shared vulnerability, mutual trust, respect and acceptance.

Oral sex can be used as foreplay to intercourse. The problem or source of irritation for many husbands is the case of the wife who refuses to even try giving her husband this experience as somehow, without experience, she knows for certain that she will not like the experience. And, many wives have commented on various marriage blogs that although they did not like the idea of giving oral sex to completion, once they tried it several times it became easier and then enjoyable for them to give.

That really is the desired ideal for most husbands: that his wife enjoys the intimacy and the playful nature of giving oral sex. The simple desire for receiving oral sex does not mean that the husband is objectifying his wife, or that he wants an abusive relationship. For the wife who is having difficulties in giving oral sex to her husband, do talk with him about this. If you can comfortably give oral sex as foreplay, then do so.

And, let him know that the issue for you is not a negative attitude towards oral sex but the physical discomfort that you are experiencing. My husband understands its difficult for me to swallow. I willingly give him a BJ, I do not mind him ejaculating in my mouth, but, I can not swallow.

I have also been open to and even attempted anal to please my husband. Just this week, he came behind me, like a doggy style and then with out warning went in to me anally.

While in the act i started to cry, and he just kept going through until completion. I am open to many things sexually with my husband, toys, straps, etc. I graciously give, but this just went too far.

This is my second marriage, my first husband refused to come to bed with me for over a decade. I tried 13 therapists to save my first marriage. I feel this is a lose-lose scenario. I would sure appreciate prayer to discern how to honor my husbabd, meet his needs, while setting loving boundaries. I am just so hurt and feel horribly violated and cheapened. Marie… it saddens me greatly to hear that your husband is not respectful and sensitive to your reasonable unwillingness to want to do anal sex.

Your husband is inflicting harm on you by forcing an act that is causing you pain and to which you have clearly said you do not want to do. I am not a counselor or dr, but I can offer insight as one wife to another. I suggest you firmly hold your ground on this matter, while at the same time saying that you do want to enjoy vaginal intercourse with him.

It is completely possible for you to meet his needs for sexual intimacy. Anal sex is not a need. Wait for his answer, so that he can see you are serious about the question. If he still is insistent despite your clear and firm boundary, then suggest the two of you go to counseling. There are plenty of other ways to experience sexual enjoyment without a spouse causing pain to the other. I never make her feel bad for this or even bring it up. As much as I hope for that to come true, I told her I loved her and was happy to be with her regardless.

Pingback: Oral Sex: Spit, or Swallow? The problem with believers is that they do not have the appropriate discussions with their future partner before making a commitment. Yet, that is not enough. In fact, most premarital biblical counseling is a joke. As Christians, we often think sex as taboo and think too light of it. Sex and intimacy is in fact one of the most important parts of the marital covenant. It is one of the few acts that married couples do that is not to be shared with others whatsoever, and it signifies very much what unity is about.

If you think about it, there are many other marital acts that done between couples that can be done with others outside of the marital bond: Walking, talking, cooking, cleaning, working, etc, etc, but not sex. First, each believer should know themselves and what their goals and aspirations are. They should know them sexually, financially, etc. Do you have a high libido? Do you like kink? Do you want to be a CEO of a major corporation that will take time away from your family?

Are you Mr. Do they have a low libido but yours is high? Do they like vanilla but you like kink? Are financial goals high on their radar but low on yours? Do you like adventure but they like steady? If your spouse is willing to receive oral but not give it back, then it is something to consider.

As an end note, all of these things permeate in other areas. I for one wish I was taught this years ago. Too often, a request from a man is taken as a demand by a woman. There is never a good time to do so, she will not ever see things from any perspective but her own, and she will find any and every way to avoid giving her man what he wants. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I want to tell you more about me and this blog.

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That is a big topic. For another post. Below are some indicators: It is veiled as a request , but the tone and manner in which it is delivered suggest otherwise.